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What Is Parrot Training?

When you hear the term ‘parrot training’ many people think professional parrot trainers are needed, or that large amounts of their time are going to now be devoted to fixing behavior problems with their bird – after all, it took YEARS to create these bad habits in your bird, why wouldn’t it take even longer to overcome them? Parrot training doesn’t have to be hard, or even complicated or take a large amount of your time. In fact, if you dedicate 5 minutes a day training your bird, you will notice a huge transformation in your bird’s behavior.

Unlike dogs who can handle repetition after repetition, birds need short training sessions that don’t go over 5 minutes long. Otherwise they can get bored, end the session themselves by walking or flying away or begin to associate the

interaction negatively and not want to repeat it again. That’s why it really takes no time at all from you to build a better bond with your bird, and overcome any biting, screaming, plucking or even hormonal behavior your bird might be currently showing you.

What We Believe

At, we are all about sharing our experiences; both the good and the bad so you know what works and what doesn’t and WHY.

There’s a lot of bad parrot training advice out there – many times you will hear to stop a screaming parrot to cover their cage and put them in the dark, or spray them with a water bottle. Forms of punishment like these don’t work with parrots, they literally don’t understand punishment and so in turn, in the long run, it ruins your relationship with your bird and can lead to serious side effects like plucking and self mutilation in your parrot – these things can quickly become addictive to your bird and very hard to overcome later.

That’s why at we teach you the basics first; the basics for a healthy foundation of creating the best relationship possible between you and your parrot. This foundation is made up of the necessities that must be implemented before you can even begin training. One of these, for example, is a healthy diet. A bird that is eating nuts and seeds as its entire diet won’t accept those foods for rewards when training so it’s super important to get that bird healthy and eating right before you begin training. Sometimes diet is all that is the real problem with the bird and once it’s eating right, it’s feeling right and behavior problems stop instantly. We’ve noticed this a ton even with parrots switching from a non-natural colored pellet to our 100% natural life enhancing parrot pellets available at, joined with a natural, FRESH diet like this one;

We share all the tips and tricks we use to keep our own birds happy, healthy and physically and mentally stimulated. If we don’t do it ourselves, we don’t recommend it to you to do, either. Plus, you can keep up with our flock over at

The type of parrot training we do with our own birds allows us to free fly our parrots outdoors and have them come back to us by choice – and although we aren’t saying you need to take parrot training to that same level, the type of training we do (and teach) is meant to create a strong bond between parrot and owner and is built on communication. Parrot training is really just another way of saying ‘understanding your parrot’ or ‘bridging the gap of communication with your bird’. It helps the two of you understand what the other wants. When you can see that your bird doesn’t want to be pet on the head before ever getting your hand within biting-reach, you will be much better off. And when your bird understands how to give you signals for what it does want, it will become more willing to interact based on the sure fact that it’s going to have a good time being with you.

Our mission at

Will always be to help the masses of parrot owners who are on the brink of giving up on their birds. We support our local parrot rescues and not just financially, but by offering parrot training products that give fast, effective results in a non-time consuming way. These training courses are meant to save the thousands of birds that may otherwise end up in a bird rescue by teaching their owners that it really isn’t that hard and that there is hope, and that the journey is worth it!

Not only do we offer our online video courses and books, but we also do in-home consults for those people that are just in a rut and need that one on one help. was born when Chet and Dave Womach, two brothers, realized how mean and unhappy their parents’ ‘trophy pet’ birds were. Through training and a lot of trial and error, and catching it all on video in the process was created as Chet and Dave wanted to share with the world that you don’t have to have letters after your name or have a fancy degree in science to understand the science of parrot training and behavior. Joining them now is the team made up of professionals on diet, nutrition, health, training, behavior shaping and modification and everything bird-related there is!

So share, explore and enjoy your way around and getting to know our family of both professionals and feathered friends alike! You’ll learn something new every day from our blog at