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Screaming Parrot
Driving You Crazy?

"Discover How New Training Techniques Can Finally Train Your Parrot To Entertain Himself Quietly...

... Even If Trying To Ignore The Screaming, Cramming It's Cage Full Of Fun Toys, & Giving Him More Attention Has Failed Miserably!"

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If your screaming bird is driving you crazy, and NOTHING you try seems to be working, then read below to learn how my new "Parrot Screaming Secrets Revealed" program can stop your bird's screaming once and for all.

In this new program you'll learn things like:

  • Why your bird HATES it when you talk on the phone... or anyone besides him... and how I fixed this problem with my own Macaw in 5 1/2 days.
  • Cures for the "Spoiled" bird, who CRAVES constant attention... and how to Un-Spoil him... even if a previous owner created his spoiled behavior.
  • Specific body language "clues" to help you diagnose the MAIN cause of your bird's screaming... (Hint: Just because your bird stops screaming when you give him attention does NOT mean that's what he's screaming for)
  • FINALLY... the cure to birds who scream the second they hear that garage door open when you come home from work... works even if your bird's home alone ALL day.
  • The "72 hour theory"... what it reveals... and why you can't stop screaming without it.
  • How to stop having to "Walk on Eggshells" because you're afraid your parrot will hear you get up in the morning, and start screaming for attention.
  • The "Morning & Evening" Screaming Curse -- and how one Lady broke this common bad habit for two of her Umbrella Cockatoos (Super good to know if you live in an apartment)
  • ... and the other technique that doesn't stop Morning screaming, but does delay it for another 3-4 hours... so at least it doesn't wake you up.
  • The two "Clues" you MUST look for that cure 80% of HORRIBLE screamers in less than a week... especially birds who scream whenever you leave their sight.
  • What NEVER to do when your parrot starts screaming... and the NON-Aggressive technique that get's him to stop in seconds... even if you aren't in the same room!
  • How to creatively use a STOP WATCH to train your bird to entertain himself for hours at a time.
  • What 3 things I put into my 'Bird Room' that cured my Cockatiels screaming in ONE day. (This ONLY works for attention-craving birds)
  • Why your bird would rather spend 5 minutes a day doing this ONE thing, than spend 30-60 minutes cuddling with you on the couch... giving YOU more free time.
  • Exactly how to use THREE specific kinds of toys in your bird's cage to mentally challenge your bird... keeping him quiet for 30-90 minutes... (Hint: You have to hang them creatively -- Not just like the other toys)
  • Why always giving your bird WOOD toys may actually make his screaming problem worse!
  • How to tire out your bird "Mentally" so he'd be happier sitting quietly in his cage for 2-3 hours vs. craving your constant attention.
  • My secret process for keeping "Territorial" screamers quiet. 
  • Why buying a second parrot to ENTERTAIN your first parrot could actually be making the screaming problem worse... and increase biting.
  • The universal signal ALL birds give 5 seconds before screaming... and a training process you can use during this 5 second window to ward it off.
  • Why looking for this one thing when your parrot does NOT scream... is REALLY the key to getting him to be quiet.
  • A little-known way to reverse a natural instinct some birds have for screaming when strangers or children come into the room.
  • What to do when your parrot WON'T stop screaming at strangers who come over to your home.
  • The accidental mistake you ARE making that actually CAUSED your parrot to start screaming in the first place.

... and much, much more.   I REALLY mean it... there's a LOT more.

Here's What You'll Receive...

All the 'stop screaming' strategies, and over 50 other strategies are all taught with easy to follow step-by-step directions in our new "Parrot Screaming Secrets Revealed" three Disc Course which sells for $97.

The course includes 2 jam packed DVD's and one Audio CD seminar, plus I'm backing it up with...


My 100% Money-back Guarantee:

"If This Program Can't Reduce Your Bird's Screaming By 95% Over The Next 90 Days... Send It Back!

Here's How To Order...

Option #1: Pay By Credit Card Online Right Now...

Option #2:




Call toll-free at 1-877-314-7066 (10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific Time Zone) to get the discounted price with the free bonuses mentioned above. Please note that if you get sent to voicemail it's because we're very busy this time of year and I only have one staff member available to take your calls, so leave a message and we'll call you back. :-)

Option #3: To Order Via Mail...

Send check or money order with your email address to:

Womach Brother Productions
6848 N Government Way
Unit #114 PMB 32
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815-7799


And remember, everything is backed up by my iron-clad, 3-month, 100% risk-free "test drive" guarantee. If you don't like it, or your bird doesn't completely stop screaming, just return it and I'll issue a prompt refund.

To your success with a quieter parrot,
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Chet Womach, Author
Bird Training And Taming Tricks
Parrot Training Expert!

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