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About Us

Creators of the world’s best selling parrot training course Chet and Dave Womach specialize in helping people learn how to bond with their birds through watching LIVE training with untamed and untrained parrots.

Chet and Dave decided to develop what has now become the internet’s best selling course on training parrots from one philosophy: Let people watch us try multiple parrot taming techniques on untrained parrots. Let them see what works and what doesn’t, and let them watch as we overcome every challenge a bird throws at us!

This philosophy of letting people watch us make mistakes, and seeing both the correct and incorrect ways to react, has flown in the face of so-called experts and exposed why many popular parrot training methods don’t work. And, revealed several new and powerful techniques that parrot owners like you can use to see results in days – even minutes!

We’ve created a website providing information and training tips for all pet parrots including how to stop screaming, stop biting, teach your parrot how to talk and train your bird to do tricks (plus much more!) to help enhance their lives in captivity by creating a stimulating environment that also creates a bond between companion parrot and person. We host live seminars, sell our own product line of 100% natural made parrot toys delivered to your door monthly and even offer our Life Enhancing Organic parrot food that comes with a free video of our special birdie bread muffin recipe to get your bird to eat this amazingly healthy food and fresh food as well.

Our goal  is to help thousands to millions of people create lasting emotional bonds with their parrots, and help them overcome their parrots emotional problems so that no family has to give up on their bird.

Since developing our courses, toys, seminars and much much more, we’ve trained parrots for David Copperfield,
performed for celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Jennifer Garner, Ray Loitta and Shaq – headlined on 5 Ringling Brothers shows with our trained parrots, and performed with them in more than 20 countries.

Our parrot training courses show live footage of real parrots being trained as they learn EVERYTHING for the very first time. You learn by watching; how to help parrots overcome fears, step up without biting, and how to teach them to be thrilled to spend time with you.

Here at BirdTricks.com we’re very excited to offer an outdoor freeflight course where we teach you personally with one on one coaching how to build a relationship so strong that you can literally take your parrot outside safely to fly and have it come back to you. To learn more about this special course, visit the Freestyle Flyer’s Club and email us directly at info@birdtricks.com.