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About Us

We are not your typical parrot trainers, that’s for sure. We are performers, we are entertainers, we are magicians! Well, Dave is the magician and Jamieleigh the assistant but we both train our parrots equally. We have a flock of nine birds (eight of which are parrots).

Our parrot training background is this; Dave has always been a magician since the age of 13 when he got his first paid show. He started with doves, and then got the idea to add a macaw to his dove act. His parents always had parrots as “trophy pets” where they were housed behind glass walls to look at but not to interact with. When Dave and his brother decided to train their first pet parrot, Tiko, who was over 20 years old and very aggressive, they found through training this parrot a simple card trick it became nice and actually wanted human interaction. This was the “Ah Ha!” moment that began BirdTricks.com and sparked the ideas of many of our parrot training products found in our online store.

Through training our own birds for our performances, we’ve been hired to train parrots for celebrities, theme parks, dinner theaters and the average bird owner encountering the most common behavioral problems with their pet parrots. Since parrots are the third most popular pet in the world, yet the number one most rehomed, our goal here at BirdTricks.com has become to help people train themselves (we all assume the birds are the ones needing the training, right?) so that no one is forced to give up on their pet parrots.

Our parrot training courses show live footage of real pet parrots being trained as they learn EVERYTHING for the very first time. You learn by watching; how to help parrots overcome fears, step up without biting, and how to teach them to be thrilled to spend time with you. You will also see what common mistakes we as “owners” make and how to work through them.On stage, Dave goes by the stage name of David DaVinci and you can find out more about his background, resume, our tour schedule (we would love to see you at an upcoming show!) and more at his website here.

Questions about us? Comments? Concerns? Tell us! We are happy to answer and try to remain very active and reachable through our YouTube channel by answering common questions about any problems you’re having with your bird (or us, for that matter!) you can email us directly at info@birdtricks.com or contact us through any of our social media outlets.