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Learn How Hundreds Of People Who Own Parrot Related Websites ...

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Dear Parrot Website Owner,

If you own a parrot related website you are going to be quite happy to learn that you can start creating hundreds, even thousands of dollars in extra income a month by using one of my 5 simple marketing strategies specifically designed for parrot websites.  And I promise, you won't have to pay to try any of these strategies!

Here's How It Works

First:  Read all the details on this page, as they will give you a little more insight into what these powerful strategies are.

Second:  You will need to register by using the link at the bottom of this page, so I can send you a special recording I did explaining in detail how these 5 strategies can work for any type of parrot related website.

Third:  When you register for the special audio recording you will also be immediately applied for the marketing rights to my powerful line of parrot training products, that will finally give your website visitors solutions to their parrots behavior problems, tips on talking, and our just released course on how to flight train parrots.

This Special Audio Recording Will Reveal How To:

  • Get paid from visitors that will never buy from YOU, and turn them into promoters for your business.

  • A promotion technique that rakes in up to $6,784 in less than 36 hours, and can currently be done three months in a row

  • How I get 9.6% of my customers to buy another $100 in products by placing a second order within 13 minutes of their first order- This took 5 minutes to put in place

  • Then how to get another 5% to place a third order in less than 30 minutes

  • How to earn commission checks from companies that will answer your visitors parrot health questions.

  • How one of my students makes his $400 car payment just by using this banner ad strategy - Wait until you see this banner ad (and no, it isn't a bunch of fancy flash animation)

And You Can Do All This While You're Sitting At Home In Your Underwear!

Here's the secret: 

Every strategy that I will reveal to you, has to be put on autopilot.  You literally can't screw it up.  There is no human interaction, no sales person to close the deal, just good marketing methods.  You can use these methods to sell truckloads of your own material.  Just apply my techniques, sit back, and watch your wallet get fatter!

But to be honest, I have something better.  Not only am I revealing these strategies, but I will show you how to adapt these strategies to promote my line of training courses, where...

  • You'll never have to answer a customer support question for

  • You'll never have to ship out the order

  • Plus I pay you 50% commissions for doing it.  You end up making more off promoting my products than I do.  It's a big time win win situation.


The average website only sends me 30-60 visitors before they earn a commission. And my really successful partners only have to send 13-14 visitors to my site before they earn a commission.

Now of course I can't guarantee you'll get the same results, but I think its nice to know some statistics before you jump on board.

Plus My New 'Real Time' Resource Center Allows You To ...

  • Know Exactly how many visitors have clicked on your links to find out how much traffic you have sent to my website. These stats are updated instantly and show real time results.
  • Know as soon as you get a sale!  Our bullet proof tracking system, makes sure that even if a person that you promoted our product to 3 years ago, finally decided to purchase.  You will still earn that commission.  You will get your own personal login page to access all of your sales history, plus we will email you every time you have earned a commission. And your sales and commission totals will be updated automatically
  • Earn a commission after only one sale! You don't have to have a big website to join, even if your website has very little visitors, most websites are still able to make a couple hundred dollars. Their is no minimum quota you have to meet, or no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn.

How You Can Be Sure You Get Credit For ALL Sales

To be sure you get paid for all sales you refer, I use a powerful software program that makes it so that anyone who clicks on the tiny ads or text links you put on your website gets a 'tracking cookie' put on their computer. This 'tracking cookie' has the ability to remember exactly how they got to my website, and who's link they clicked on to get there.

I Use Google Adsense... But Your
Affiliate Program Literally Blows It Away!


I just wanted to write and tell you how great your affiliate program is working for me. I use Google adsense but your affiliate program literally blows it away!

I've used other affiliate programs, I've tried them all (PetSmart, PetCo, PetMeds, etc.),  through Commission Junction and Link Exchange but none of them even come close to producing the results I've seen from
I was hesitant to promote your site at first because the format is structured like a typical high pressure sales hype. However, after receiving one of your courses and reviewing the contents, I felt the material was very professional and is valuable to bird owners. I also realized that with your free 3-day course the buyers could buy your products with no risk (Not to mention your money back guarantee!).
 Thank for providing a great affiliate program!
 David Brough and Dr. Jungle


Hear From An Affiliate That Makes $3,000 A Month

Chet, I just wanted to let you know that your affiliate program that you have put together is simply the best I have ever seen and used.

I send you about 300 hits per day and this month I will net close to $3000... not bad for just 4 months of work! Thanks for offering this program to me. I appreciate it.

-Luc Stokes


You Don't Have To Handle Anything, My Staff Does All The Work

(this is hassle free income at it's finest)


While you can use these strategies to sell your own products and services, there is a lot more profit for you, to promote my training systems.

The powerful part of my system is that all you do is send me the traffic. You don't answer phones, answer email, package shipments, process refunds, or deal with anything at all. All you have to do is take 5 minutes to implement a strategy, and I will handle all the rest.

I take that back. You will have to do one other thing... Walk to the mailbox to pick up your checks! But that's it, I promise.

How Do You Get Paid?

We pay out commissions once a month on the 16th, or the following weekday if the 16th falls on a weekend. You get paid automatically and won't have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail, because we pay all of our affiliates via Papal. If you don't have a papal account, go to as you will need this account, and it is free to set up. Plus help you get paid a lot faster

How Do I get Started?

All you have to do to get started is simply fill out the form below, and we will automatically send you all the information you need to start making hassle free money in the next 5 minutes.


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