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After filling out the above form you will receive free parrot training videos and email newsletters on a weekly basis. If you ever wish to stop receiving our parrot training tips, simply view our Privacy Policy for instructions on how to ask us to no longer contact you. cannot guarantee that by simply watching our free videos that your bird will instantly stop biting, as this depends on too many outside circumstances beyond our control, including time you are willing to commit and your ability to apply what you learn, and the unique and possibly unpredictable characteristics of your parrot.

Parrot Training Tips To Get Your Parrot To Love You... Even If It’s Mean As Hell!

Are you AFRAID of your parrot? does your pet bird viciously bite you? Does it attack anyone who comes near its cage? does it scream for hours at a time -- making you crazy?

My name is Chet Womach, and 5 years ago, I owned 2 wild, untrained parrots, "Tiko" and "Linus." I had tried just about every parrot training book and video I could find... but NOTHING was working! Every book and video just repeated the SAME "junk" tips and "fluff" training information! So I decided to experiment with my own training techniques...

.. And guess what?! The results I got were spectacular!

Within 20 minutes, my flapping, screaming, biting Macaw was "stepping up", and had quit biting. Motivated by the quick results I achieved, I didn't stop there; instead I grabbed the nearest video camera, and started experimenting with my new parrot training techniques on dozens of different parrots, gradually learning powerful, and now proven techniques to overcome behavior problems. Problems like...

How To Stop Your Bird From Biting You, Even If It Wildly Thrashes And Charges At You When You're 5 Feet Away From The Cage!

Simple solution many of my clients use that gets stubborn birds to step in as little as 3 easy minutes.

How To Find Reflex Points In Your Parrot And Safely Use Them To Train Advanced Behaviors

Receive our blueprint to drastically reduce your parrot's biting.

How did I get such amazing results so fast? Well, I don't have the space here to explain exactly how my parrot taming system works... But if you'd like to develop a loving relationship with your parrots (so your bird is actually happy to be with you)...

Parrot Training Success Stories...

Read AMAZING Stories Of Members Who've Fixed Their Parrots' Bad Behavior

Would you like to hear from others who've used my parrot training program to fix their <b>parrots</b> behavior problems? We've compiled a list of just a few of our customers parrot training success stories.

So take a few minutes, read through all the remarkable parrot training success stories we've helped people achieve with their pet parrots... and listen to what others think.

Click MORE to see how others transformed their parrots behavior in only a few days...

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