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Performing Parrots

Amazing Performing Parrots

Would you like your bird to become a Performing Parrot? Teaching Your Bird tricks can be a great way to entertain your family and friends, but they can do more. By teaching bird tricks, you are also showing your pet how to behave better, which many parrots and cockatiels are in need of.

Bird Tricks

Chances are, however, if you have tried to show your pet how to better behave, he or she did not get the lesson. Many pet owners have this problem, and it is not because of a lack of caring on your part. The simple truth is you need to know how to accomplish the instruction, and that is where our “Tame and Train” system of instruction can help tremendously.

With Bird Tricks proven system of instruction, you can have performing parrots that will:

  • Get onto your hand without biting you!
  • Play fetch with you, where it goes after an item and brings it back to you.
  • Lay on its back, where it lays down as if asleep.
  • Shake its head Yes or No on a secret signal from you.
  • Many others as well!

When you use our “Tame and Train” system, you will not be watching actors imitating skills with already tamed parrots or cockatiels. The Performing parrots we use for training are animals that are in need of this training, these are not stunt animals. What you see is real and the instructions you see and learn are real and powerful and they work.

Performing Parrot Tiko Picking a Card

Best of all, as you watch the training that is presented, you will learn step-by-step the techniques you need to know in order to train your own pet. There is no guess work involved. Everything you need to know is presented to you in clear, easy-to-understand language that you can then use to train your own pet.

With our “Tame and Train” system of instruction, you can do all of this in as little as a couple of weeks! Each daily training session you spend with your pet is around twenty minutes in length.

Our Customers In Action:

Maurice Baum of has taught his parrots how to do a wide variety of tricks and now even has a bird show that they entertain thousands of people a year with.  Here are some of the tricks his birds know how to perform:

  • Ring toss
    Card tricks
    Raise's American flay and salutes
    Rides scooter
    Rides roller blades
    Rides tricycle
    Speaks on command
    Pushes shopping cart
    Picks up toys in yard and puts in bird house

Here is a video of his birds playing basketball!