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Should You Change Your Parrot’s Name?

 October 23rd, 2014
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Sarah Stull

Senegal Parrot “Mavi”


Can you change your pet parrot’s name – yes; should you change it – my opinion – no, not under ordinary circumstances.

If you haven’t yet watched the Cornell Lab of Ornithology video entitled “How a Parrot Learns its Name in the Wild,” you should definitely take the time to look it up. There is a growing amount of research into the science of parrots’ names, which is pretty cool.

Personally, I won’t change my birds’ names. Whatever they come with is there …

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Zaza, the Senegal Parrot

 October 19th, 2014
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Senegal parrot, Zaza.

Senegal parrot, Zaza.

I still remember browsing through ads online when I found Zaza’s ad. Just a simple “tame parrot for sale (asking $$$) with cage”. Nothing special. Now usually I send them an email on behalf of Brainy Birds and offer to assist them with finding their birds a new home. Sometimes they prefer to have the birds come live at the rescue. Which happened to be the case with this one. I sent all the information to Dee (founder of Read the rest or post a comment »

Taming Training and Tricks – Stop Biting! Training Kit

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Gaining The Trust Of A Bird That Permanently Needs Medication

 October 16th, 2014
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Charlie the galah. His previous owner took him to the vet to get his darkened nostrils checked out but no cause was found. We now know that Charlie’s liver was causing vomiting that was mild enough not to be noticed. A discharge from his nostrils were a part of that.


I’ve found myself in the worst place to be when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with a bird. My Galah, Charlie, came to me from a decent home but had a rescue …

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BirdTricks Halloween 2014 Photo Contest

 October 12th, 2014
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Linus gets in the “spirit” of Halloween

Halloween is a time of year when humans love to do themselves up in the image of someone, or something, and publicly flaunt their creativity. Birds, however, are not really into the whole costume concept. Some will tolerate being “dressed up”, but most birds do not like it, so we don’t want to promote you doing that for any reason – even for fun.
So, how do we include our birds in the Halloween festivities without making them uncomfortable?

The Contest Details

I think the best …

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Visuals Help Us Learn To Work With Parrots

 October 5th, 2014
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Learning to train an Alexndrine parakeet by example

For years, going to the vet when my bird was sick was a completely stressful experience. Before I started to have an understanding of avian illnesses, and LONG before I found an avian vet (before I even knew they existed), the experience would leave me dazed and confused. This is not a good feeling when your bird is sick and in need.

Often a vet would take the time to eloquently explain the nature of the illnes and I would nod at him feeling certain …

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Are Your Parrot Toys Killing Your Bird?

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Raising A Wild Baby Raven Right

 October 2nd, 2014
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Wild Galah, springtime, Melbourne, Australia.


Spring has sprung here in the Southern Hemisphere. In most bird homes, this means an influx of hormones and seasonal behaviours  but surprisingly that’s not a problem I seem to be having this season with my own pet flock. Instead, spring seems to be making itself felt in the wildlife rescue part of my life. Gale force winds and bird’s nests don’t tend to get along! We’ve had our share of them with the change in season.


Last year, …

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