Helping A Bird To Settle At Night

 July 31st, 2014
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Cockatiels are notoriously easy to disturb at night. How’s this for a messy beak? This one likes pomegranate!


Normally if I hear a bird crashing around in its cage after falling off a perch at night, I’m going to think of a few possible causes:

  1. Something has disturbed the bird.
  2. The bird is having a night fright.
  3. There is something medically wrong.


Well sometimes things just happen and something will disturb your birds at night. Personally, I minimize that risk by covering my birds’ aviaries at …

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Taming Training and Tricks – Talk On Cue!

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So You Want To Start A Parrot Rescue?

 July 27th, 2014
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"Honky", a new arrival at the Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue Of New Mexico - photo by Anna Sloan

“Honky”, a new arrival at the Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue Of New Mexico .

We are a bunch of big ol’ softies, aren’t we? Not everyone can be reduced to tears by a touching meme that describes a bird in bad circumstances. Not everyone cares as deeply as we do.

For the human that loves parrots, understands their health and diet needs and can find the fragile balance between too little …

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Taming Training and Tricks – Stop Biting! Training Kit

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Should Parrots Be Classroom Pets?

 July 25th, 2014
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Sarah Stull



I feel that even small parrots – such as budgies and parrotlets – should be left out of the classroom.

Best and Worst Pets for Kids in the Classroom

Reminiscing on the classroom pets of my past, I’ve come to realise that perhaps some were not suited to the hectic learning environments of a school. As an adult, I’m able to think about what creatures I can to expose kids to without stressing out the animal. One of my biggest goals in opening a parrot sanctuary …

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Discover How To Stop Your Bird’s Screaming!

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Psittacosis Explained

 July 17th, 2014
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This budgie is suffering from psittacosis and an incorrect wing clip. Note the poor posture, the discharge around his cere and that he is sitting fluffed. He also has a tail bob.


Recently there has been a spike in concern about Psittacosis as news has spread that Petsmart in the US have removed birds for sale from 500 stores after 16 birds (so far) have tested positive to the disease. For many, it’s the first time they’ve even heard of the disease and understandably …

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Train Your Parrot To Dunk A Basketball!

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Taming a Pet Shop Bird

 July 10th, 2014
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Sarah Stull

Cockatiel sitting out of reach on a curtain rod.


Purchasing our cockatiel brought a number of immediate challenges that we – as new owners – were not prepared for! I want to share some of the things we did to earn our parrot’s trust. Mishka was phobic as well as shy in personality.

  1. Time. A lot of people don’t like this answer. I didn’t either, to be perfectly honest! But it’s true. Time. Let your bird see that you aren’t scary, aren’t a threat. Read …

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Are Your Parrot Toys Killing Your Bird?

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Wet Birds Photo Contest

 July 6th, 2014
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Rosebreasted cockatoo/galah

Rosebreasted cockatoo/galah

Since birds love bath time, and look so cute in the shower, the theme this month is Wet Birds! And by wet, we mean W-E-T, WET!

Upload your picture of your soaking wet bird to the comments section of the photo album for this contest. Or you can go to the “photos” tab on our Facebook page, click on “albums” and then select the album for this contest.  This works better than posting them to our timeline because sometimes photos can …

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