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What Reinforces A Parrot’s Behavior?

 August 25th, 2014
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Umbrella cockatoo

To reinforce a parrot’s behavior means to respond to something they do in a way that makes it beneficial enough for your parrot that it will be repeated. We do want to reinforce behaviors that we are training and we do so by offering treats for a job well done. But it is very easy to inadvertently reinforce behaviors that we don’t want such as biting or screaming. We have all been guilty of this at some time during our journey with our parrots.

You will often hear “ignore screaming …

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Taming Training and Tricks – Talk On Cue!

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2 Things That Should Be In Every Parrot’s Home

 August 17th, 2014
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Vet wrap comes in different widths and colors

Vet wrap comes in different widths and colors

There are items that we have mentioned over the years that you must not be without as a bird owner. Among them are the gram scale, the first aid kit and enough carriers to move all of your birds in an emergency.

Here are a 2 other things that you should not be without:



Cornstarch, also known as corn flour, is the powdery …

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Taming Training and Tricks – Stop Biting! Training Kit

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When Wild Birds Move Into Non-Traditional Habitat

 August 15th, 2014
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Two of my birds bathing under a sprinkler. (For those who are concerned about water conservation: I use tank water.)


One of my flock’s favourite ways to bathe is outside under a sprinkler. I set the sprinkler up on top of their aviaries and let the water fall down on them just like rain would. Everyone except for my macaw happily screams and shouts and plays under it. My eclectus gets as close to the sprinkler as possible as he prefers to …

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Discover How To Stop Your Bird’s Screaming!

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Why Do They Make It SO Hard To Adopt A Rescue Bird??

 August 10th, 2014
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Photo by Anna Sloan - Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico

Photo by Anna Sloan – Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico

Recently there has been some discussion on our Facebook page about parrot rescue and there were several commenters complaining about the vetting process that potential guardians must undergo before they are considered suitable to adopt. Others complained about the fees involved.

I understood their points of view. Why is there a charge for birds that the rescue got at no charge? Why would they …

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Train Your Parrot To Dunk A Basketball!

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The Unnatural Life Is Natural For A Captive Parrot

 August 7th, 2014
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Sarah Stull

Taking your parrot for a walk is great for him and you.


Let me put it right out there: Owning parrots isn’t natural. What else are we supposed to do with parrots who could never survive in the wild, other than place them in loving homes that strive to meet their unique needs? That’s the best place for these amazing animals.

We owners put a lot of time into caring for our babies, and sometimes this involves making choices that would be unnatural for a …

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Are Your Parrot Toys Killing Your Bird?

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Photo Contest August 2014 – “I Love You THIS Much!”

 August 3rd, 2014
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All of us here at keep our birds fully flighted. We know that flight not only promotes good health but also gives our birds the option of flying away from any situation they want to avoid instead having to confront it with biting. So this photo contest will give all the fully flighted birds the chance to show off their beautiful wings.

However, in order for your photo to qualify your bird has to be displaying FULLY FEATHERED and FULLY EXTENDED wings. So while the photo …

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Are You Unknowingly Poisoning Your Parrot?

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