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How to Prepare Yourself for Rescue Work

 November 20th, 2014
Posted By:
Sarah Stull
Birds' Arrival 244

Senegal Parrot waving “hello.”


If you dream of opening your own parrot rescue or sanctuary (and let’s be honest, it crosses the minds of a lot of us once we’ve seen how birds suffer in the wrong environments!), the most important step of all is to get yourself ready. Many owners find that they are not suited mentally, physically, or emotionally.

What is the difference, first of all, between a parrot rescue and a parrot sanctuary? A rescue typically rehabilitates an …

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Taming Training and Tricks – Talk On Cue!

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A Day In The Life Of A Parrot Rescue Worker

 November 16th, 2014
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Ever volunteered at a parrot rescue centre? Want to? Well, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like, this is how my days there usually go.

Fridays are our busiest day of the week, it is called “clean up Friday” after all. Now I usually arrive around 7am, Dee (owner of Brainy Birds) and I sit down for some morning tea before heading into the craziness! First things first, take all the birds in the “big bird room” (the room where most of our big birds sleep) out of their cages so that some of our dedicated volunteers can start cleaning …

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Taming Training and Tricks – Stop Biting! Training Kit

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Upside Down Birds! – Photo Contest November 2014

 November 15th, 2014
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Birds, because they have wings, have a special relationship with gravity. They don’t have to live with a fear of falling so we often find them in many precarious positions. Active birds spend a lot of time upside down – some even sleep that way! Our contest this month is all about the fearless upside down bird!

The Rules

The photos may show your bird hanging from an object or a person. There are only two rules qualifying the photos for this contest:

  1. Photos MUST NOT show birds in dangerous situations (such as hanging …

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Discover How To Stop Your Bird’s Screaming!

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Controlling Seasonal Bird Noise

 November 13th, 2014
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Male King Parrot. He nests close to my house and is constantly talking to my Eclectus from this tree. (Pepi taught him to talk by yelling “Hello” over and over when he was nesting here a few years ago).


When the warmer months come, there is one difficult part about living where your pet birds also live wild. That problem? Noise!


Every year, as spring arrives – the increase in wild bird visitors to my place is significant. Sometimes they come as a flock and …

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Train Your Parrot To Dunk A Basketball!

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Should I Increase The Humidity For My Sub-tropical Parrot Species?

 November 9th, 2014
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Blue and gold macaw

Blue and gold macaw

Q – I have a blue and gold macaw which comes from the rainforest in South America. Since it is very humid there, how much should I raise the humidity in my bird room?

- Norman H., Missoula, MO

A – This is a great question and the answer is surprisingly simple. It goes hand in hand with a very commonly asked question: “how warm should I keep my bird room?”

These questions arise based on our understanding of the climate our parrots …

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Are Your Parrot Toys Killing Your Bird?

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Five Quick Tips for Handling Animals with “Group” Mentality

 November 6th, 2014
Posted By:
Sarah Stull

Macaw flock at the Island Parrot Sanctuary


Evolutionarily speaking, gathering in numbers is advantageous for everyone. Predators don’t know who to munch first unless their prey is noticeable, and thus, the fittest animals survive while the weak and sick get eaten. Parrots, dogs, and horses all find security in their groups, and tend to not like being separated from them.

I work on a farm with 1,500lb horses who all have the capacity to kill me – even though they are all wonderful animals. As …

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Are You Unknowingly Poisoning Your Parrot?

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