Bird Cages For Sale

Bird Cages For Sale

 February 2nd, 2013
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Gray Powder Coated Corner Cage - $400 w/ 2 perches & dishes

Dave and I have made our goal this year to get out of Florida. We are ready to move closer to family and head to the northwest. With that, comes decisions on what to take with us. We’ve decided to sell all our indoor bird cages. We’re in the process of planning out what our new cage set up will be once we move and have decided on all outdoor-style aviaries in their replacement but won’t be looking to replace them until we’ve moved (good ‘ol shipping costs!)

Corner cage $400

Cage #1 for sale – $400 – Corner Cage

So we are offering to sell the following indoor cages (all used). The first being the one pictured above. It’s a large corner cage in powder coated gray tones. It comes with 4 feeder dishes (two on each side but one feeder is not useable). We will also include the main perch/dowel in the cage that goes the length of the cage. No grates!

Corner cage $400

Front latch

Cage #2 For Sale – $100 – Small Parrot CageĀ 

Small bird cage $100

This cage comes with top and bottom trays, grates and 3 bowls plus one perch (as pictured). Powder coated gray, on wheels.

$100 small bird cage
Toucan not included šŸ˜‰

Cage #3 For Sale – $3,000 – Hybrid Cage

Here is the website photo of this cage (the ultimate, which is what we bought, valued at $6,500)

Hybrid Cage by Original price: $6,500. Our price: $3,000.

For all dimensions and info on this cage click here.

This cage comes with 4 friendly feeders (dishes not included but feeding systems are included), long perches that go the length of the cage and perches by feeders. Background, grate, slide out tray, top part with two full spectrum lightings appliances and bulbs. Also comes with a lock and key to lock the front doors shut.

Hybrid Bird Cage $3,000 - Ultimate Package

This cage has amazing storage space below to hide not too pretty food storage containers, extra toys, first aid kits, etc.

Cage #4 For Sale – $900 – Hybrid smaller cageĀ Hybrid Cage - $900

For the info on this cage, click here. It was also purchased with the ultimate package.

It comes with 4 friendly feeders (pictured here without dishes in them, won’t include dishes), 2 long perches, 2 feeding dish perches, 2 full spectrum lights and bulbs, beautiful background, storage space underneath, on wheels, grate, slide out changing tray, lock and key.

Another view

Full spectrum lighting at the top of the cage

Grate area with sliding tray and included perch

Background shown with holes for a variety of perches

Lock and key

Friendly feeders (two on each side)

If you’re in Florida, you are welcome to come and pick up the cage so that shipping costs aren’t a concern.Ā However if you are interested in shipping that’s no problem as long as you make and pay for the shipping arrangements. Keep in mind these larger cages are HEAVY and require more than one person to move. They can all be taken apart or moved as is. I recommend you take apart the cages for easier transport. The cages can break into 3 separate larger pieces for easier assembly later (top part with lights, middle part with main cage area, and bottom part with storage).

If interested in purchasing one of these cages, email us at

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Jon  04/02/2013 8:58 am

Now those are some cool looking bird cages that gives them plenty of room and make for a great display!