Help! My Sun Conure Eats All My Shirts

Help! My Sun Conures Eats All My Shirts

 November 10th, 2010
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I got this question sent in from Reza and Bita Azimi, about how to get their Sun Conure to stop chewing up their shirts, and thought it would apply to enough people to post it here:

They wrote…

We have 6 parrots. 5 cockatiels (they are one family-parents and 3 kids), and 1 sun conure. It is understandable that our conure is a little lonely and maybe feels left out of that family. He literally glues himself onto us. We have no problem with that. However, lately (since 2 months ago) he has started a habit of chewing on all of our clothes. He is about 3 1/2 to 4 years old and we don’t think he is too bored. He gets tons of attention from us (he demands it!) and he has toys in and on his cage and he has lots of treats and music and TV, etc etc.

All of our birds have grown their wing feathers and freely fly around the house. That is why our conure is able to reach us and never leave our shirts. If we try to be without our tops, he will just slide down to the pants!!!

He will not play with any other “toys” that we provide for him away from his cage…. not interested.
We love to have him join us on our shoulders/fingers during our daily activities at home, but how can we stop him from his destructive chewing habit? We almost have no shirts left and will have to start buying monthly supplies of house shirts.

P.s. We are thinking of adopting him a female sun conure companion (which he may or may not get along with), but that is not going to be very soon.

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Or if you can show us a link on your website, we will appreciate that as well.


Reza and Bita Azimi

>My Thoughts:

First off, way to go on not clipping your bird’s wings. It gives them such a great outlet for all their extra pent up energy, and makes them so much easier to live with. I’ve noticed that after letting my birds do some flying around the house (the ones who can) they are so much more mellow once they get that energy burst out of their system.

But as for your question about chewing, I have two suggestions.

Suggestion #1) Force your bird to eat out of Food Finding Toys

We talk a LOT about Food Finding Toys in our Total Parrot Transformation Seminar DVD series, because it gives you a way to get your bird, even a bird who doesn’t play with toys, to get his God given “Foraging Fix” out of his system.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but one thing I’ve noticed with my birds after all these years is that they seem to live out every day in two mental states. They are either actively exploring or eating, or they are resting ie. roosting. And they tend to go into their resting states ONLY after they’ve had their flying, foraging and exploring fix for the day.

In the wild they tend to spend 6-8 hours a day looking for food, and the rest of the time just sitting there.

So when you ask me about how to fix your Sun Conure’s shirt chewing habit, the first thing that comes to mind is that he wouldn’t be eating your shirt if he’d already had his Foraging Fix.

Luckily, even though you say your bird doesn’t like to play with toys, Food Finding toys are a way to MAKE your bird play with toys WHILE giving him his “Foraging Fix”.

Here’s a post I did a while back on how you can use our Food Finding toys to do this with your own bird, it’s called: Taking A Knife To Your Bird Toys

Suggestion #2) If suggestion one doesn’t completely eliminate your birds shirt chewing habit, you should resort to my next favorite training technique: Giving Permission To Misbehave.

Giving your bird permission to misbehave is a training principle where we know the bird is going to do something we don’t want him to do, but instead of trying to stop him, we change his environment so that it doesn’t bother us to have him misbehaving.

In the case with shirt chewing, what I’ve done most recently, when raising two blue and gold macaws for a client of mine was to wear a devise that I could throw over my head that covered my shoulders (for pooping), and that also had little clips that I could hang toys off of.

Quickly throwing this little shawl over my head when I was with my blue and gold macaws, and hanging little bells and trinkets on it, gave the birds something to chew on for a good 30 minutes instead of me. (baby macaws love earlobes, and moles on my neck 😉 This worked perfectly for these baby blue and gold’s because they were still being hand fed and Foraging, or Food Finding toys were out of the option. So the only way I could satisfy their Foraging Fix was with this strategy. Plus, after just 20-30 minutes of letting them chew on the toys, they got their fix and would sit calmly for hours… it worked perfectly.

If you’d like more suggestions about how to use this Giving Permission To Misbehave Concept in other areas of your bird’s life, you should check out our Seminar DVD Series.

Hope this helps stop your Conure’s shirt chewing!

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45 Comments on “Help! My Sun Conures Eats All My Shirts”

Michelle Massey  11/11/2010 3:18 am

Hello, I was wondering what I should do with my Ring neck. He is a brilliant blue and VERY demanding. Would a partner help him? I am his 5th owner, and have had him almost a year now. He definately wants more and more of my attention which can be very disturbing when I have visitors. Will a partner for him help?

Donna  11/11/2010 3:50 am

My dad has a sun conure that loves to chew his shirt and buttons, He takes an old towel and puts it over each shoulder and that makes the bird happy and no more holes in his shirt. His bird is all so aloud to fly and like yours is right there on his shoulder. Its inexpensive and works, I guess you can sew thins on to the towel so they have toys to play with.

Ian  11/11/2010 5:19 am

More good ideas, thank you, terrific.

Samantha  11/11/2010 5:57 am

Hello, I have a 5 yr old sun conure (Sunny) who has the same problem, although when he starts chewing clothes he is always told “No” in a firm voice and he knows then he has to stop. I had issues with Sunny in August this year whereby he suddenly started screeching all the time – he is a noisy bird (as all sun conures are) but this was more than usual. It got to the point whereby I was very seriously contemplating re-homing Sunny – which I really didn’t want to do. So after putting him into a parrot boarding facility, which is a parrot sanctuary here in the UK, which he has stayed at many times before and he can screech his little heart out with hundreds of other birds, he did become somewhat subdued but that was only to give my husband and I a break from the noise (and our neighbours, of course!). Sunny was never really into toys – although I was at one time enrolled on Chet’s scheme for purchasing toys specifically for birds of Sunny’s size. So, at near breaking point with Sunny, I decided to try him with a foraging toy. I bought him a toy called “peck n play puzzle” where there was a square hole at the top and a smaller circular hole at the bottom. Sunny didn’t really take to the toy (surprise, surprise) as he didn’t want to be near it and screamed if he saw it, but after perseverence he now spends time with it and I know he does because I have to keep refilling it. I also took Chet’s advice and cut up a pinata (that Chet sent me) as Sunny would not play with it. I cut it up and put almond nuts into it (Sunny loves almonds) and he has started to chew that toy as well. Definitely hide treats around the cage and in toys. You will have to show him where you hide the treats but your bird will definitely get the hang of what you are doing and eventually you won’t have to show him but good luck with trying to hide the treats without your bird seeing!!!!!

Susan Dixon  11/11/2010 6:01 am

Thanks for another great tip, Chet. I also have little poopie capes that I wear. I sewed velcro on the front, however, so that I don’t have to put them over my head. I sew buttons and other things on them and let the birds chew on the capes all they want. Also, I bought a great bird necklace at a bird fair last spring. It is my birds’ favorite toy! A person could easily make one for themselves. Take a long piece of cord and string beads, bells and other little toys on it and tie it together! It also has lots of string and leather strips tied on it every few inches for chewing. My birds love it. Maybe one of the reasons they like it so much is because they can be one ME while they’re playing and chewing.

Daniel Pax  11/11/2010 6:55 am

I read your article with much attention. I have a macaw who do the same since years.
To avoid that your Conure is chewing your shirt, it’s simple: hang a shirt or something else in his cage; I garanty you, he shall stop to chew what you are wearing.
It’s NOT a habbit of boring, but yes activity, and this is a good sign, your bird is in very good condition.
Good luck.

Name (required)  11/11/2010 8:41 am

my bird macaw loves to chew on my clothes and blankets to it tries to undress me while she sits on me while we lay on the bed and tryes to take the blanket out of proportion do i make a cave in the bed fro her to climb into she loves it she also sticks her claws into her mouth and jerks her claw its so hillarious i dont understand what shes doing or why shes doing it

Eva  11/11/2010 9:30 am

Thanks! my sunconure seems to have this same problem! When he is out of the cage he always loves to meet new people that come into the room and my mom and my sisters all wear jewlrey and some of their shirts are fancy and he always chews on them and once he even pullled an earing out of her ear! so they dont really like to hang out with skeeter and me when we are together. Ive always been wondering about how to fix that. thanks guys!

Becky  11/11/2010 10:15 am

Great advice. Thanks!! My Quaker loves to nibble on moles and ear lobes…makes me nuts…these tips are just what I needed. I’m working on creating “jewelry” (beads and little bells on a string) that I can wear to distract my bird from nibbling at my earrings, watch, and necklaces. Hopefully all these ideas will help.

Tammy  11/11/2010 10:54 am

Our Hahn’s Macaw did the same thing until we took my hubby’s old work shirts (her favorite person) and found a place to hang one for her (on a wooden hanger, from a normal over the door hook, so it’s portable). It’s ‘her’ t-shirt and she happily works on chewing it, then takes a nap in the sleeve. She loves her shirt- you should hear the happy noises that come out of it. When it gets too holey, we toss it and give her another. Since he’s a welder, he goes through lots and lots, each with little holes ready for her to expand. She seems to especially like the areas where the T is stiffer from printing and attacks those first. She still tries to nibble on our shirts but is told no and if she doesn’t behave she goes in her cage. She knows now and behaves almost all of the time. All of our birds are flighted and it seems to help their mental state sooo much!

Vavoom  11/11/2010 10:59 am

I thought it was just MY problem! My Sun Conure “Pippin” does the same thing. He will litterally chew me out of my t-shirt in one evening if I let him! I adopted him a couple years ago (at 2 yrs old) & he’s always chewed on cage covers I put over his cage at nighttime so I started hanging a towel over (at least one side) first so he has something that he’s allowed to destroy – like the “permission to misbehave technique” I guess, rather than him chewing my good cage covers to smithereens, but now he’s resorted to chewing clothes off my back too! The odd thing is I took the shirt off the other night after he nearly chewed off me & hung it on his cage & he hasn’t touched it since so I guess if it’s not ON ME he doesn’t want it anymore! Same shirt he was obsessed with for 2 days but doesn’t want anything to do with once it’s not on me! lol

FYI – my birds get tons of attention. When I’m not at work – they are out of their cages & they’re my best friends! They have ‘almost’ full flight… I clip their wings just enough so they can still fly around the house from perch to perch, or person to person, so they still feel that freedom, but if something happens that they escape I could probably still catch up with them! I’d prefer they are full flighted but we had a near loss and it’s my worst fear now and since I have children, family, friends & other pets coming in & out all the time I can’t control everything that goes on every minute, so if I want my birds to be FREE as much as possible, I feel this is the best option for us.

OK back to my point… I work full-time outside the home so I get home from work & change into ‘bird clothes’ before I get them out & when too many parts of ME are hanging out of the shirt I just throw it away! Oh ya, since I work full-time I was worried about Pippin being lonely & bored so last year I got him a companion, a Blue Crown Conure named “Gizmo” who is only a year old, but they get along great, thank God! Gizmo is destructive too, but more like a puppy… everything goes in his mouth & he wants to chew up everything, throw it all around & just make messes! He also seems interested in everything right now – wood, toys, paper, various body parts, etc. Pippin on the other hand, doesn’t care much for toys. He has a couple favorites & they both have a bells on them & are boucy, so he hangs on them, bounces, & rings the bell. Other toys he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with or else he’s deathly afraid of them! Last time I tried foraging he wouldn’t even look for the food. I’m going to try the 2nd suggestion mentioned – thats a great idea because my boys want to be on me ALL THE TIME!!!

Thanks!! I read the info/blogs & watch all the videos you send but it’s not often that something applies to us & Conures, but this really nailed it because we are going through the exact same thing! Its so nice when you can totally relate to other people & know you’re not alone! So if anyone comes up with more suggestions for this Sun Conure chewing thing – be sure to pass it on! And I sure hope to read more about CONURES on here in the future!
Thanks again!!!!!

Jill  11/11/2010 11:02 am

My Golden-Capped Conure (a close relative to the Sun Conure) does the same thing. I wear an old sweatshirt that I don’t mind her chewing and pooping on. When I got rid of the last sweatshirt when it got to be all threads, she started biting me–I don’t know if she was mad at me or some other reason. But she’s okay now, spending time on my shoulder chewing a “new” old sweatshirt. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) she will only come to me, so no one else in the family has to worry about what they are wearing. As with the other readers’ comments, my conure love almonds so I’ll have to try using those to encourage foraging.

Jean and Daniel  11/11/2010 12:46 pm

I have four conures and I don’t have the problem of them chewing on my clothes.
when they started it as babies i use the word “stop” and a quick shooing off of my shoulder
(they have full flying ability) seems to have done the trick. But boy they are noisy!
they know when I’ve had it because I walk up to the cage and say STOP and usually
I’m angry by then. they don’t like it when I deliver that angry sharp STOP. And they will stop.
They love to hear me sing and that will keep them quiet or I put on soft music that my TV
offers.I thought my one was lonely so I gave him a companion.that just doubles the trouble.
they had two trouble times four. But I still love them (I think)

Jo Ann Coutrakis  11/11/2010 12:58 pm

i have a pearly concure that has always bitten when you put you finger up to have him get on, He has started screaming when people come over and also when I am in the kitchen. He is out of his cage a lot and when he get down from his ladder to get on the floor he bits our toes. This is a nasty little bird, I don’t want to get rid of him because we have gotten attached to him, but we cannot stand this load screeching he does. Can some please help with some suggestions.

Jo Ann

Susan  11/11/2010 1:17 pm

I, also, am so happy to hear that it’s not just Kiwi (a Meyers parrot) that loves to put holes in clothes! He doesn’t really chew on them, just makes holes all over. I would love to let him fly freely, but this little guy has so much testerone in him, that the minute he is flighted enough to fly up he is intollerably aggressive with me. I’ve tried it twice. He keeps the first one or 2 flight feathers so he remains handsome. He has tons of energy (rarely “roosts”). He enjoys one bird toy, has 3 puppy toys that he attacks and bashes as if he were a puppy, empty Ensure bottles that he attacks and bashes (and they are 2x his size!), but his favorite is a roll of paper towels that he shreds from the inside out. He actually will go into the middle when he has made it wide enough, so he can shred to the bottom. The problem is that he always wants to be in the bathroom, where there is a small playpen and a huge mirror. I wish I could let him enjoy the towels when I’m not home, but there is no acceptable room in his cage. I, too, worry that he is bored when I’m not home, although he is in front of a window and I leave the TV on. How can I tell?? I really worry. Can someone help relieve my guilt?

Jeff martin  11/11/2010 1:28 pm

I will let you know if this works for our Cherry pie Conure

Shelley  11/11/2010 2:53 pm

I was wondering with the outdoor aviaries…how do you stop them from getting feather mites?
I was told they get them from outside or exposure to another bird with them.

Kathi and Precious  11/11/2010 3:04 pm

My Jenday Conure started chewing holes in my t-shirts on his 2nd birthday. I have gotten foraging food toys and mesh bags..he doesn’t seem to care about them unless it has only sunflower seeds inside?. Still as soon as he can he chomps material between his beak and viola another hole!! Also he wlll drop right down into my shirt and chew my pants with little or no notice. I feel like I can’t have him on me anymore

ALLAN  11/11/2010 3:22 pm


Beatrice campisi  11/11/2010 3:23 pm

I have a hahan macaw mimi 5 years old, he is picking at him self he went to the vet so we put a coller on him, he has to wear it for 2 weeks, if that dosent work I don’t know what to do.I can’t aford to take him back to vet. Im trying a sale him but have to get him fixed first.need help. thanks Bea

Debbie  11/11/2010 4:56 pm

Dear Reza & Bita,

I truly understand what you are going through. I too have a Sun Conure that did the same thing. I have special shirts that I wear when I let my Sun Conure out of it’s cage. He was very bad about chewing my shirts to shreads. He has learned the word “stop”, so when I tell him to “stop” he does. I don’t yell “stop”. I politely tell him to stop. If I yell “stop” he goes on a defensive mode. (He will bite when he’s in that mode). Sun Conures are very smart and easy to train because all they want is your undivided attention and love. They will do anything for your love.

He’s also trained to use a perch for “pooping” when he’s out of the cage.

I’m surpised your bird do not bury it’s self under your shirts. They are extreme buriers.

Try pulling and letting go your shirt when the bird starts to chew, then tell it to “stop” everytime it trys to chew. Eventually it will get the message “don’t chew”..

Remember don’t yell. It becomes afraid very quickly.

I hope it works for you too.

Good Luck.

judy  11/11/2010 5:39 pm

All the advice is appreciated! However, the question regarding the bird picking at it’s beak, mine does too, he does it to get food stuck in the upper part of his beak.

Ellen & Birdie  11/11/2010 6:55 pm

My seven year old Amazon has taken to chewing up my baseboards in the last year or so. Then she moved to the edges of my 105 year old wood floor and I really got upset. Nothing in her life changed; she seemed to just suddenly discover this entertaining opportunity one day. Thanks for the reminder of food foraging toys. I’ll have to try that. I just recently bought her own pair of flip flops that are mostly destroyed (after destroying several of mine.) I think that has helped a little. Her wings are clipped after I (a friend actually) lost her once in the city of Chicago in the middle of the winter. Miraculously I got her back in three days and will never chance it again. Thanks!

Forest  11/11/2010 8:04 pm

I’ve owned a Sun Conure and I’ve known other Sun Conure owners. EVERY Sun Conure I know of chews holes in your shirt. Mine started the habit at just 7 or 8 months. She was such a light touch I didn’t ever catch her at it. But all my T-shirts had holes.

Rudy  11/11/2010 8:55 pm

My Quaker Billy has lived on my shoulder for about ten years. I have always taken the chewing as a show of affection. It is a grooming activity, straightening my plumage by untangling the fibers. He also picks at my ears and hands in the same way that he cleans his feet. He is somewhat attached to familiar bird shirts, winter coats, work coveralls, ski suits, etc. He just loves going skiing!

There are ways to manage the clothing damage. Keep some clothes just for the bird. If its already damaged he can’t do much harm. Polyester will stand a lot of chewing. Cotton will be gone on an hour. Ironing or sewing on patches or liners can be good if you are handy at that. Also you can get bird shirts at a thrift shop and wear them for your bird.

Reza and Bita Azimi  11/11/2010 11:37 pm

Thanks Chet. As always full of info!
I think that we will try both suggestions and in particular suggestion #2. I tried it already and it works. While laying on the couch, I covered my self with a sheet. Immediately, he tried to dive under it and go for the shirt. But I pulled the sheet up higher and he then came back to the sheet and chewed on it and left happily after 1/2 hour to go eat a snack!

Natalie  11/12/2010 12:13 am

hi, ok i’ve tried the towel with trinkits and bells but my quaker parrot attacks it. she gets really defenseive and screams really loud. she still nibles and bites my shirts, neck ears and jewelry. Whenever i take her out of her cage to sit on my shoulder i make sure to not wear earings or necklaces. I also put up my hair cause she tugs and pulls on it. what should i do now?

Rita Mondus  11/12/2010 1:41 pm

I have the same poblem with my 20 year old Blue and Gold. She will distroy anything she finds of mine. I gave her myrobe after she chew it anyway and that became heer baby. she tucks in every were. There is not alot leaft of it but it does save on other things. She had her own.

Robin Ladicani  11/12/2010 1:42 pm

My macaw eats her poop. Just started this. Why does anyone know?

Judy  11/12/2010 7:22 pm

My lovebird used to climb inside my shirt & chew holes in it. I finally figured out that she was wanting a nesting box & nesting materials. Even though she has no mate she still has nesting instincts. I provided her with both & no more shirt chewing.

Debbie  11/12/2010 7:58 pm

Chet would like your birds to chew on their chew toys and not shirts, sheets, pillows, pants, etc. etc. etc.

He’s an expert. I have tried everything he has suggested and everything he said works!

My Sun Conure says his “name”, “mommy”, “George”, “Bye”, “Hello”. He dances when I say ‘dance’ (bobs his head) to the music. He also plays “peek-a-boo”. He loves to ‘rough house’. I can do anything to him because he trust in me.

You must build a trust with your bird, but you also have to let them know who’s the boss.

Happy training.

mommyruth  11/12/2010 10:04 pm

I too have a wonderful Sun Conure named Skittles. He chews and does it well . I have not tried the foraging toys yet.. Think I will try.

I have special shirts that I wear with Him. He loves my bras too. and yes he is a snuggler. He spends a lot of time in my shirt snuggling and coos like a baby. I love it !

I think of myself as a moving tree… and he hangs from all the branches . He is the happiest with me playing ,on my shoulder or hanging from me. We have enjoyed a good nap together too.

I have learned too ….don”t yell at him cuz he just get louder…lol

Enjoy your sun (or other birds) they love you and you mean the world to them.

Steve  11/13/2010 4:48 am

Here’s the answer to this problem. I have a sun conure. It ate holes in all of my shirts. He is very spoiled and spends almost all of his time free to do as he wishes. He spends most of his time on my shoulder or inside of my shirt all day every day. Previous to building his “tent nest” he chewed my shirts. After making his “tent nest” he no longer chews my shirts at all. Here’s how I built the “tent nest” (he LOVES it). I took a shallow cardboard box and put a 12″ square pillow in it on one side at the front of the box leaving a tunnel on the other side and a cubby hole at the back. On the other side of the pillow and at the back of the box (where there is a cubby hole) I put torn up rags. I then put a pillow case around the whole thing, box and pillow, to make a tent with an opening. He chews only the rags in the box now and stopped chewing my shirts completely. He spends countless hours in there to chew the rags and to sleep. I had to put a cutting board in the bottom of the box because he was starting to chew through. A plastic box would be an improvement.

Cindy  11/13/2010 6:54 am

My Sun conure used to chew my clothes to shreds. I ended up with one T-shirt (in his favorite color) that he was “allowed” to chew on, but he still had “accidents” with other clothes occasionally.
He also loved to play on the bed and burrow under the covers, but then he’d chew holes in the sheets too.
After going through a number sheets, I finally bought towels in his favorite color and built him a padded tent. I then placed it under the covers on the bed and tucked the covers around it. He absolutely “loved’ that. Now he got to burrow and chew!!! (and my sheets were safe). He loved it so much he started to ask for it. He then learned “no chew” for clothes, and “chew” when he needed a fix in his tent. He hasn’t chewed my clothes, or sheets, in years.
Now about the screeching… Mine used to screech a lot because he wanted to be on my
shoulder “all” the time. I put a bell in his cage and trained him to ring it. Then every time he rang the bell, I’d pick him up immediately. If he screeched, he got ignored. He quickly learned to ring his bell for attention instead of screeching and he is now a very pleasant bird. A pleasant “ding” is far better than the screeching.
I just try to figure out what it is that he likes and change the context of it so that he can still have what he wants, but in a way that doesn’t drive me crazy. We’re all happier!

Anita Gregory  11/13/2010 2:02 pm

My Sun Conure Tiki had the same t-shirt chewing problem when he reached age 4. We would wear only Tiki T shirts at home that he was allowed to destroy, but we started running out of shirts! I bought Tiki a bird tent, about a foot square on the bottom with a dome top and put it on top of his cage. I put one of the shredder shirts in it, and now he happily shreds away in his tent and leaves our shirts alone. We’re once again safe to wear whatever we like because Tiki has his own shredding outpost on top of his cage. He’s remained sweet and cuddly throughout the whole process. It worked like a charm. 🙂

Angela  11/13/2010 7:30 pm

GREAT idea to sew toys on your “poncho”….I will soon have denim shirts that jingle jangle jingle…lol. And wow….does “foraging” ever work…it’s been a HUGE help in keeping my sun conure occupied, happier and calmer!!

stephanie  11/14/2010 11:11 pm

my cockatiel has a VERY annoying habit it not chewing on clothes but it is very annoying!
so during the day his water is always clean, but when ever i wake up in the morning theres a least 10 poops in his water!
is there something i can do!
p.s. my cage did not come with a covering for the food and water an i would rather still get to use the water bowl he has now


Daisy Chester  11/15/2010 7:29 pm

peanut likes ear lobs ….but i finally got a food foreging ball and he loves it….i put peanuts and hazel nuts and walnuts inside it and he fights to get them out……Daisy

shaik  11/21/2010 9:53 pm

is there a FREE lesson to train a Lovebird not to be scared when a person is appraoching it .

joey  12/24/2010 4:06 pm

my sun conure does the same 😉 just go up to him and give him a kiss and be thankful you have each other

joey  12/24/2010 10:22 pm

just give him a big kiss and be thankful

peter palombi  02/12/2012 4:25 pm

my bird does that too but shes a rainbow lori

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