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Do Parrots Need A Daily Routine?

 June 7th, 2015
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I was reading a thread on a parrot forum the other day that questioned if parrots have a need for routine. One of the posters took control of the discussion and went on to claim that it was very important to a parrot’s emotional health that you maintain a schedule and do things at the same time every day. She said this is what you need to do to keep your parrot feeling secure and comforted.

Most of the posters fell in line with …

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BTT: Outdoor Freeflight Training Parrots

 June 2nd, 2015
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We get so many questions regarding outdoor freeflight parrot training, we decided to finally answer all these questions in one video – while flying our camelot macaws Comet and Tusa in Bermuda!

Why do we even risk taking our birds outside just to watch them fly?

Why don’t we offer a DVD series teaching people how to do this with their birds?

How do we train the birds to do it?

What about predators?

Have we ever lost a bird?

And much more… plus, you get to have Comet and Tusa entertain you throughout this video with their antics.

For more freeflight …

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A Healthy Parrot Environment Needs Clean Perches

 May 25th, 2015
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As my cockatiels get older, they are spending more and more time on their flat perches. I still provide a variety of standard perches for them, but their tired, old feet always head back to the flat perches before too long.

Flat perches gain a lot of points for offering comfort to my cockatiels in their golden years, but lose points with their constant need for cleaning. The beauty of the design of a standard perch, taken from nature, is that droppings fall from …

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BTT: Your Go-To on Troubleshooting Clicker Training & Target Training Problems

 May 24th, 2015
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Told ya I wouldn’t be the screen capture this week!

This video was inspired by the loss of our best Spreecast video we had ever made, and we answered soooo many issues people were having regarding hurdles they couldn’t jump over with clicker training and target training. So here it is, to stay this time!

We answer things like:

1. What if your bird is too distracted to train?

2. What if your bird flies off when you want to train it?

3. What if your bird is afraid of the sound of the clicker?

4. What if your bird is …

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BTT: How to Discipline Your Pet Parrot

 May 19th, 2015
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Pretty sure my goal next week is that Dave is the screen capture picture…

Anyway! Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This week’s Tuesday video is on the topic of the best discipline to use for your parrot(s). We got asked a ton of stuff this week about how to get your bird to not destroy this, not do that, not be mean to this, not go over there, not get into that…

So we thought we’d conquer the area of discipline for parrots.

We were pretty much kicked out of the theater this week because of a new cast install but …

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3 Mistakes You Must Not Make With A Cockatoo

 May 17th, 2015
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Umbrella cockatoo

If you are the kind of person who has scoured the internet to learn everything available about your parrot, you have no doubt come across this word: “anthropomorphism”. It means to assign human traits to things that are not human, such as a parrot. An example of this would be the presumption that parrots fall in love like humans do based on the fact that they choose a mate for life.

Anthropomorphizing is a tool that many humans use to try to make sense of things that they don’t …

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