What to Put in a New Bird’s Cage

What to Put in a New Bird’s Cage

 February 25th, 2009
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What do I put in my cockateils cage?

I just bought him/her (to young to find out sex) and I need to know what to put in the cage for him/her to be happy.


Your cockatiel needs a variety of toys, but not just any toys, a mix of shreddable and food finding parrot toys. This will keep him from getting easily bored and plucking or over preening. The difference between the two are that shreddables are toys that he can completely destroy which is fun for birds. Food finding toys are ones you can put his treats and pellets inside for him to find. This is something they do in the wild that keeps them busy throughout the entire day – it also helps them learn in the future for when you begin to train him to step up and talk, or anything else you may want to teach your new cockatiel. He will catch on much faster if he is already used to figuring out how to get to his food on a daily basis.

Other than toys, cockatiels need an array of perches with different textures, diameters and more. You can get ones he can chew on such as cuttlebone/calcium perches, sandy ones for his nails and regular wooden ones. You don’t want too much of one or the other as this can cause foot sores and arthritis.?

Rope perches and boings are great for smaller birds, too. In the video above you can see my parakeet’s travel cage has many of them, at least 2 boings. One is white and one is yellow. They are twisty, curvy rope type perches that swirl.

The best way to keep fresh water in your bird’s cage is to use a water bottle and it makes it great for traveling with your bird in the future too (spilling water in a travel cage isn’t that great to live in). You’ll also want to find out if your cockatiel prefers to bathe on his own in a dish inside his cage or if he’s a fan of misting… there are many ways for a bird to bathe so once your determine his preference you can provide him with that accordingly.

Once your cockatiel’s cage looks good enough that you are excited about it, it’s ready for him!

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