[Video] Our New DVD

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[Video] Our New DVD

 June 13th, 2013
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I’m excited to announce that this upcoming Tuesday, the 18th, we are releasing our new DVD, The Freedom Of Flight.

For a little taste of what’s inside, check out this trailer… I think you’ll agree, this is some of our most beautiful work yet.

Working with birds in this way, in their natural element is nothing short of amazing.

We hope this new DVD can help share a piece of that wonder with you.

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3 Comments on “[Video] Our New DVD”

Inessa Gold  06/14/2013 7:50 am


Richard Bowen  06/14/2013 12:47 pm

It promises to be a wonderful journey…..can’t wait to see it full length.


robert goetz  06/18/2013 5:08 am

like 2 get dvd on this! i perfer m af gray 2 b abele 2 fly & come back! he has flighted a few times but i had 2 get him out of trees, he always comes 2 m then, but would like it if i can get him 2 return on command. have trained dogs 2 sihgt & sound think i can btrain a bird 2 respond with some help