Where’s Polly? Photo Contest

Where’s Polly? Photo Contest

 January 4th, 2013
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Can you spot the military macaw in the above picture… where’s Polly? is our theme this month for our monthly photo contest on our facebook!

Our sponsor this month is the one and only toy line we carry… PLANET PLEASURES! Yayyyy! Thank you PP for sponsoring this month’s contest and offering 3 custom prize packs of toys as our prizes! If you haven’t checked out our 100% naturally made parrot toy program, check it out here.

As for the winners, there will be a SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE bird winner. Each prize will be customly picked out for the size of your bird. When you win, please email info@birdtricks.com and we will give you the details for getting your bird’s custom prize package!

The winners will be determined by the amount of SHARES their picture gets. The pictures with the most shares (not likes, SHARES) will win. We will be looking for the most shares out of the large birds, medium birds and small sized birds.

Submit your photo for this contest on our facebook page by posting it to our timeline. If you don’t know how, click here.

The idea of the where’s Polly? theme is that your bird playing among toys and is hard to see because he or she is sooo into playing with a toy bundle. A toy bundle is a bunch of toys bundled or grouped together to form one big fun toy. Like in the picture above. Planet Pleasures natural toys are great for creating bundles.

And if your picture gets enough shares, you will receive a batch of toys from Planet Pleasures for your bird.

Submit your picture by January 23rd at 10AM EST (Eastern Standard Time). Winners will be announced shortly after. Again if you are a winner, please email us at info@birdtricks.com for your prize information.

One note: This contest is only open to USA residents. The reason being that most often times these natural toys get denied at international customs so we decided not to take the risk of the prize not making it into other countries. If you would still like to submit your photo, you may donate the toys to a USA based bird rescue or another USA based bird owner of your choosing.

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