Yawning Parrots Photo Contest

Yawning Parrots Photo Contest

 June 4th, 2013
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Yawning african grey parrot

This month’s photo contest theme is YAWNING PARROTS! These photos should be pretty funny. Just snap a picture of your bird mid-yawn!

Our sponsor this month is Derek Levine. He paints custom ornaments of parrots, here is some of his work and a sneak peek at what our 3 winners will receive:

Custom ornament from Derek

Custom ornament painting

Prize for this contest (only custom)

Custom prize

The winners will be chosen by:

1. The photo with the most likes in our contest album.

2. One winner will be chosen by BirdTricks.com.

3. One winner will be chosen by our sponsor.

The Rules:

1. Submit your photo to our facebook timeline and wait for it to be added to our contest album, then spread the word to accumulate likes!

2. Not sure how to use facebook? Click here.

3. Submit your picture by June 22nd at 10AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). The earlier you submit your picture, the more likes you have the ability to receive for a longer amount of time!

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