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Cockatiel Recordings

"Where To Find Cockatiel Recordings"

Cockatiel recordings are a great tool to have if you want to teach your cockatiel certain words or sounds, or even other behaviors.

Cockatiel recordings are sold online and at pet stores. It used to be that you could only buy an audio cassette, but now you can get a CD with playback opportunities for plenty of repetition.

Some of the cockatiel recordings I found when doing several online searches were just cockatiel recordings or cockatiel recordings with other bird sounds intermixed.

Among the cockatiel recordings I was able to find, the ones that seemed most popular are:

v     Cockatiel Training CD by PET records.

v     The Complete Cockatiel Training CD and cassette

v     Feathered Phonics Volume 6 The Outback Edition

v     Feathered Phonics Volume 8 – Teach your Bird Español!

v     Time to Sing Bird CD – by Wordy Birdy

v     Time to Talk Bird CD – by Wordy Birdy

v     Make Your Bird a Star – by PET Records

v     Our Own Speech Training Report

All of these training type CD’s are based on repetition with phrases and songs of cockatiel recordings. They are sequential lessons that last about one hour and usually teach somewhere around 99 phrases (or at least it seems that that is the magic number).

The cockatiel recordings are phrases and vocal sounds. Some of the cockatiel recordings teach tunes or songs, but the cockatiel cannot learn as many words as say an African Gray Parrot. The methods in these CD’s should basically be used to encourage your cockatiel to whistle tunes and speak words. As a part of these cockatiel recordings, there are lessons for teaching, taming, feeding and caring tips for your bird.

Training a Cockatiel with these recordings are great for all of the training purposes mentioned above, but they are also great to keep your cockatiel entertained and offer a form of companionship when they are left alone for long periods of time like when you are at work. Birds get very lonely when left alone and I truly believe some birds can die from sadness or depression. Essentially, these birds are very social. Birds flock together, therefore it makes sense for them to want the company of another if you are not there to offer that type of companionship.

Cockatiel recordings are helpful to keep your cockatiel from feeling lonely, as are mirrors, and some of the feather or cozy pals sold at the stores. These provide the comfort of feeling they have company at all times. For more information on the correct cockatiel care check this out.

Rescuing or caring for wild birds is a sad and difficult task with few success stories in many cases. I have found that although I never allow my birds to be in contact with any other bird I bring home in fear of possible diseases and such, the wild bird seems to do better if he hears another bird in the house. Cockatiel recordings can also help in the recovery process of an injured or ill bird.

My cockatiels (a male and a female) are both very vocal, but my male is much more verbal. I once read that a cockatiel can say about 25 words and phrases – I can’t find the source right now – but that seems high. Sometimes we interpret certain sounds as words, but then again there is always a student who stands out in a class and it may easily be that your cockatiel is capable of becoming a star student!