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Cockatiel Sound Files

"Looking For Cockatiel Sound Files...
We've Got Them For You Below"

If you are looking for some cockatiel sound files, most of the ones you can find on the web are those posted on cockatiel, nature, or bird websites. The majority of the postings are done by proud mommies and daddies of cockatiels.

The cockatiel sound files usually will have a brief explanation of what you will hear before sending you to a link where you can actually listen to the cockatiel sound files.

The good thing about these brief explanations is that they tell you a little about the bird, the mom and dad, and what the bird is actually supposed to be saying.

There are times when you can identify what the bird is saying, and other times when you must guess, but if the mom or dad tells you that Squeaky said I love you mommy I wouldn’t argue with them, you know how parents can get when you question their child’s talents and abilities!

 Some sites sell their cockatiels sound files for a fee, the same way as they sell the photos of these fun loving birds, but other sites will provide cockatiel sound files for the sole reason of showing off, educating, sharing, and did I say showing off?

You can find some cockatiel sound files in After you go to their site,, just go to their search engine and it will take you to the cockatiel sound files of a gray cockatiel. You can also go to another site where proud parents show off their cockatiel sound files for their own enjoyment and that of other bir lovers and web listeners.

One fun site is Tail Feathers they offer advice and opportunities to chat.  In this site I found a cockatiel mom and her baby “Poke” and they are both laughing and saying short phrases.

It’s actually a lot of fun to look up these cockatiel sound files to see what people think their birds are saying – I’m not saying the bird isn’t actually saying these things – but sometimes it’s hard to understand what the bird is actually doing or saying in the cockatiel sound files, unless it is done professionally and the sound is very clear.

The amusing part (when listening to the cockatiel sound files) and the silly things humans do to get their birds to speak, is asking yourself if the term “bird brain” was born from observation of the bird’s human moms and dads, and not the bird itself, because we all know that birds are actually very, very smart!

If you are creating cockatiel sound files, you can record directly into your computer if you have a microphone and recording device (most computers nowadays come equipped with the software to do this). Another way is getting one with a video camera, or a video clip with your digital camera.  After you do this, it’s your turn to make web users pay close attention to your cockatiel sound files and try to figure out what your very gifted cockatiel is actually saying! Check this out for information on cockatiel care.