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Cockatoos in the Wild Pictures

Cockatoos are gorgeous birds and great clowns who love to amuse you with their many antics. They have an erect crest that will dance before your very eyes and hypnotize you with its beauty. The dance may seem quite innocent, but that crest has been known to bow and insult a few onlookers. In some ways the crest of a cockatoo can be compared to the tail of a dog; it’s usually telling you something.

Most cockatoos are white, although with the seventeen species among the “Cacatua”, you are sure to encounter some gray, pink, black, and even (in the case of the Palm cockatoo – the largest of the species), a very beautiful and deep blue.

Cockatoos originated in Australia and can also be found in some of the islands surrounding Australia. Throughout Australia it can naturally make its home, but as nature demands, it tries to stay away from dry areas that don’t offer the type of climate or diet it requires. Grasslands and woodlands are its favorite places to be, but you may even see them in the cities, towns, in suburbs, or open farmlands.

Cockatoos are definitely social birds, and whether they choose to socialize with people, or stick to their “own kind”, they will flock. Cockatoos flock to humans, and flock in groups of one hundred cockatoos all at once! Highly intelligent, the cockatoo will split up into smaller groups to feed and forage, but meet up at night to sleep in the company of others.

This lovely bird is sought after and sold at very high prices when bred, yet it is also regarded as a royal pest among farmers who have had complete crops destroyed by the invasion of cockatoos by the hundreds. Licensed culling (killing of a limited portion of the population) is permitted in certain states in order to control the cockatoo problem.

In the wild, breeding season for the cockatoo is between July and December for birds in the South, and in February to July in the tropical North. The hen will usually lay three or four eggs and shares the responsibility of incubating the eggs, with her mate. Incubation takes approximately one month, and once the babies are born they remain with their parents until they are about 8 weeks old.

For those of us who have not been blessed with the opportunity of seeing these incredible birds in the wild, we have truly missed a breathtaking sight. A flock of cockatoos taking flight is probably as close to a flock of angels as we’ll ever get.

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