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If you are looking for tips and tricks for training your Conure, you have come to the right place. At Bird Tricks we are dedicated to helping all sorts of Conures. Take action and change your Conures behavior for the better with our helpful “Tame and Train” techniques.  And no matter what type of Conure you own, whether it's a Sun Conure, Green Cheek Conure, Nanday Conure, or one of the dozens of other types of Conures out there I can guarantee you'll leave this website knowing more about what it takes to a train Conures correctly.


Conures are active, lively, and bold. They will clown around with their toys, screech in mock anger, and then beg for a scratch. Accomplished performers, Conures will lie on their backs and play dead or hang from a finger playfully.

You have an adorable bird that offers plenty of punch in a little package. At Bird Tricks we will help you to help your bird “soar to new heights” by developing his potential, within appropriate limits.

Imagine this, many Conures can learn a series of new tricks:

  • Climbs onto your finger, “bite-free.”
  • Curls up comfortably, snuggling his back into your palm
  • Greets you by giving an adorable one-legged wave
  • Brings you your keys

Our “Tame and Train” video teaches you how to train Conures by working with their natural instincts, to eliminate:

  • Biting, thrashing, and charging
  • Screeching
  • Feather plucking
  • Jealousy and “I’ll-only-love-one-person ” behavior
  • Mistakes you make that hinder your bird’s progress

Our program completely trains your bird and uses techniques that work on any species of conure. We work with untamed and untrained Conures and show you how to bring an end to behavioral problems.

Imagine how enjoyable your time will be when you spend it with a bird who steps eagerly onto your finger, willingly goes back into his cage, plays happily by himself, and performs captivating tricks that astonish guests. Imagine that your bird is trained to use designated spots, such as an open trash can or a litter box and not your shoulder!

Tap into the very best resource with our Parrot Training Course for Conures. We’ve bundled it all in easy A-Z steps for you. Our Parrot Training Package is designed for bird lovers who share their lives with Conures and who are serious about changing undesirable behavior in their companion birds. We offer a parrot training system that utilizes video, audio, and e-books.

Come to Bird Tricks for more information about bird behavior and training. At Bird Tricks we offer tips, tools, and training for problem-free parrot keeping.

We also offer e-mail and forum support and are eager to answer any questions you may have.

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