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Conure and Playstand

Conures are beautiful birds, but as with most birds itís best to keep them entertained to keep boredom and destruction down.

A Conure and playstand work well together for long hours of unending entertainment. This basically means if you have a cage, consider a larger cage even though the Conure is not exactly a big bird, so that your bird will have a larger area to sleep and eat in, but this larger space will also serve as the base for a playstand.

Your Conure and playstand will spend many hours of the day sitting on the top of that big cage you carefully chose for him, and the cage will have horizontal bars that will allow your Conure to climb and move around to his little heartís delight.

The playstand can be purchased or it can also be home made. Sometimes it is best to make them once you get to know your bird very well. Your bird will let you know what he needs and wants for his birdie playground equipment.

Your Conure and playstand will be spending most of the days hours together and the needs of your Conure and his safety will have to be met.  When looking for a playstand or if you decide you are going to make one, keep in mind that your Conure and playstand must be compatible. In other words the size of the perches and the toys and ropes must be designed for a bird this size.

The perches should be at least three quarters to an inch in diameter Ė the basic idea is for the birdís claws not to reach around entirely or to get caught. 

Your Conure and playstand should also be equipped with plenty of toys. Conures are very playful birds and as with most birds, can become very bored. Boredom leads to much destructive and unwanted behavior. If your Conure and playstand are to be durable, consider ropes and wooden balls. Many Conures prefer hanging toys that have a rocking motion, this increases the playability of these toys.

Always keep in mind that ďdurabilityĒ when discussing a Conure and playstand, does not mean forever. Your Conure will quckly manage to chew up any toys to make available for him, but the other side of it is if you donít get toys, they will find something else they can put their sharp little beaks into!

Conures like bells and noise making toys. Your Conure and playstand need well chosen toys. The bells canít be too big or too small as with any other toy. They have to be able to play with them, but you should not have to worry about them choking on these toys. 

I have seen playstandís made with wood, while I have also seen some creative home made or store bought PVC (the real name is polyvinyl chloride, but only a chemist would know it by that name!) contraptions. The thinner PVC piping works, however the wood stands and perches seem to work best for your Conure and playstand. Another option is covering your PVC, or even your wooden perches with sandpaper, which give your bird much better traction and keep the nails a little trimmer.

Essentially, if buying or making a play area for your bird, think safety and think fun Ė also think of your furniture and know that it is best to keep your bird occupied and happy as much as you can.

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