Be careful 'who' hears what you say from now on, because...

"Who Else Wants To Know Why Everything You've Ever Heard About Teaching Your Parrot To Talk, Is So Off Base That You Might As Well Wrap His Beak Shut With Duct Tape?"

"Also works to teach big or smaller species, older birds or birds with difficult personalities, and even teaches tough, stubborn, 'Non-Talkers' to speak clearly, sing beautifully and whistle a happy tune.

"Using this 'Real Speech' system for only 15 minutes a day, teaches your parrot how to speak more words, phrases and songs than you can ever imagine. Even species that can't talk whistle your favorite tunes.

"Here's why...

Dear Parrot Lover,

If you think your parrot is already a good talker, think again. This "Teach Your Parrot How To Talk" dynamic, 'Real Speech' program is not just some regular, run-of-the-mill package. As a matter of fact...

Each and every CD in this unique program contains intensifying speech training techniques that are so advanced, most people, including most professional trainers, don't even know they exist.

No matter how old your parrot is, no matter his temperament, I guarantee you'll soon find these strategies so powerful that they blast through resistance giving you a "star" companion in very little time.

Saying dozens if not hundreds of words, singing songs and whistling tunes, all using methods he'll love... And in only 15 minutes a day. (Caution: Longer sessions can prove frustrating for your bird.)

We even spill our guts and reveal underground speech training methods so effective at turning your feathered friend into a talkative companion, we ask that you never reveal them to anyone.

Here's Just A Little
Taste Of All You Get...


The right time of day to take advantage of his natural instincts to talk, making your job effortless...


How to use audio tapes and CDs that develop your champion into a "public speaker" (yes, there is a proper way)...


Discover the exact length of time you should let your parrot listen to recordings (too much can be counterproductive)...


Tell within seconds which words your parrot will always resist saying — crucial for saving your time by picking the words he wants to say! (Not too many bird trainers know this)...

I Absolutely Guarantee Your Bird Will Talk — Or I'll Personally Give You Your Money Back, 100%!

(I'll Come Back To My Risk-Free Guarantee A Little Later.)

But that's not all...


Know if mom's voice or dad's voice will get your parrot to talk, or if it really makes a difference (chances are, it can)...


Why it's your style of talking that makes all the difference in your bird's training — you even get audio examples you can actually hear, so there's no guesswork involved...


Why using one simple, readily available training aid speeds up learning by over 200% (yes, more than double)...


This one, very particular training method alone is so effective, many birds learn words in just days, not weeks...


How to set up a parrot speech training "classroom" — don't worry, you don't have to rearrange your home, and you don't need anything out of the ordinary... It's really easy to do...


What 76% of all parrot owners surveyed do wrong that actually teaches their parrot not to talk when you're nearby — find out how to easily avoid this stumbling block...


Here's the best age to start training your bird...

And so much more. Lots more!

Just to show you that I'm not kidding around, let me make you this promise. If you can find a better program that teaches your bird to talk, sing or whistle, better or faster — anywhere on the planet...

... I'll Double Your Money Back. That's 200%!

But wait, there's even more.


Tap into this deep psychological driving force behind your parrot's motivation to sing, and he'll look forward to lesson after lesson (that's right, he'll almost beg you to teach him)...


Wow! Here's a perfect example... I just took a small break from writing this, and walked through the kitchen. My cockatiel is singing the theme song to "Winnie the Pooh."

He learned after only 2 days of training him
with our system. It can work for your parrot, with tons of different song styles. You get the CD showing you how you can easily do it, too...


This very simple tactic, which uses a common household item almost everyone has to train your bird for you — automatically (you won't believe it when you learn this one)...


Amazing Relationship Dynamics in speech training, so your bird almost demands to be taught...


We show you a super-effective, advanced technique so that your parrot actually wants to speak, making your job easy...


This arsenal of tools blasts you past any resistance your bird has to training, so you can train him faster in much shorter sessions...


Know reliable methods to calm your bird and prepare him for 'class', so he's attentive and pleasant to train...


The 6 critical but easy-to-stop mistakes that can spoil any training session, so you avoid frustration and disappointment...


Quickly command any bird's attention in any training situation to get mind-blowing results — super-fast...


Beat the odds against progress by knowing and properly reading your bird's body language...


Identify overlooked, little known training opportunities that multiply your effectiveness, and how to take advantage of them...


And 6 need-to-know factors that determine your training success (don't start training without knowing about these!).

Nothing Like This "Real Speech"
System Has Ever Been Offered Before.

I put this training system together because of the boatloads of email I was receiving, everyday. My subscribers were pleading with me to give them tips on teaching their parrots to talk. (I'm sure you do, too.)

I spent more hours than I would like to count, answering all sorts of parrot-talking questions. I was getting sort of whiney about all the effort I was putting into these emails. My wife told me I better do something about it before I drove her crazy. So I did.

2 years ago I went on a mission to produce and deliver THE premier product in the marketplace, or anywhere. This ultimate system covers each and every aspect and angle of quick and easy "Real Speech" training.

I left no stone unturned for you and hold nothing back from you, so you'll never, ever have to buy another product of this sort again. Really, nothing that I know of, that's this comprehensive has ever been offered before.

The more I looked into putting package together, the more excited I got and that's when I really went to work. I went out and scoured the whole west coast and found a parrot trainer that specializes in teaching parrots to talk.

I knew that if I could get this guy to spill his guts on all the tips and tricks under their belt, that I would literally have people banging on my front door to get a hold of my training course.

This parrot trainer is a true, old school pro. I'm convinced he's a parrot training genius, and at the same time he's the most "ornery" 80-year-old man you could ever meet in your life. (You gotta get the system to find out!)

I Literally Grilled Him And Gave Him The "3rd Degree!"

I spent hour after grueling hour with him, prying every tip, trick and technique out of him that I could. After I was done I felt beat up and battered. But it was worth it, because...

... I walked away with pages and pages of phenomenal notes, chocked full of the most powerful, seasoned and effective tips that easily slashes the time it takes to speech train your bird in HALF.

I tried and tested every golden nugget he gave me against every other course on the market I could find. Nothing comes close. If it does, so help me, I want you to ask for your money back — no questions asked.

Your bird will love this! But I didn't stop there. I tested, honed and refined this system into an easy-to-use-for-the-average-person, kit. You'll love it, too.

Instead of your parrot babbling a jumble of unrelated words, he'll actually make sense. I wanted it to sound as though you are having a "real," one-on-one conversation with your bird. Hence, "Real Speech."

In other words, I created a system that shows you step-by-step, exact detailed instructions on how to get your bird's answer to match with any question or statement you ever say. Not only does your bird make sense, but you also get to hear your bird speak clearly.

Your friends won't laugh — they'll be shocked and amazed at your ability to "talk" with your parrot. Here's just a little example...

If your name is Jim and your wife's name is Sue, your parrot can now tell you apart and call you by name. You'll hear, "Hi Jim" when you walk into the room, and "Hi Sue" when Sue walks into the room.

But don't take my word for it, listen to what others are saying...

"His Bird Learned 8 New Words In
2 Months
and he's only 13 years old..."

My parrot, Piper, did not talk at all before I ordered your course. He seldom made guttural or random sounds outside of screeching when people arrived or walked past our house.

I am only 13 and my Mom helped me order your course hoping that it would really work.

When it arrived in the mail I sat down and watched it and immediately tried the techniques.

Since I started teaching him he has learned to say the following: I love you good night, good bye, good boy, Piper, Step up, Hello Brandon, No Bite, Knock it off .

He has learned to say "hello" on cue, when I simply wave my hand towards him and he raises his foot [while saying hello] at the same time.

He says [also] "I love you" when I cross my arms on my chest as if in a hug.

He will say "good bye", when I extend my arm out to the side, although this is the newest one he is learning and he still needs voice commands to go with it. He says "good night" when you turn the light out at night too.

I doubted that the course would work so easily, but it did and even a 13 year old can do it.

—Nathan Strauss
Blue and Gold Macaw, 18 months old

"... She Talks Only After A Few Days!"

"The bird talking course is awesome! I have a 5 month old cockatoo that's already saying 'hello' and 'uh-oh' (when she drops something), after only a few days!

"But what is more important is the quality time we spend together learning is greatly enjoyed by both of us. What fun we are having! Thank you for your excellent, practical, and easy to follow directions."

— Pat Uncapher

"It only took 4 or 5 [training] sessions,
after receiving your CD['s], to
teach him how to say Pretty Boy..."


Because I am a severely disabled, and don't have the ability to talk, my cockaiel 'Danny' couldn't talk at all before I got your course.

But It only took 4 or 5 [training] session after receiving your CD['s] to teach him how to say "Pretty Boy"

And I've even taught him to say "who are you?" now too!


— Lynette Hawke


"I LOVED the lessons about teaching my African Gray Congo to talk. She's not quite a year old yet, but I feel there are hints that will help me prepare her for talking. Especially the 'clicker and treat' section. Thank You so MUCH!!!"

— Dorothy Heimendinger
 Osage, Iowa

"Now My Bird Says Apple When
He Wants Some Fruit!"


When [my parrot] Zazu came home at 6 months old I was told by the pet store that he probably will start talking around one year old. My son Shane (7) was not willing to wait for that!

Before Zazu came home, Shane & I watched your video and listened to the CD, me a couple of times, Shane over and over! Shane picked up pointers from your training CD very quickly and as soon as Zazu came home Shane began.

I taught Zazu how to wave following your CD and Shane would say Hello at the same time. Zazu started lifting his foot and saying Hello in two days! My son & I were estatic!! The parrot who was not [supposed] to talk before one year old was speaking at 6 months!

The next word was even more exciting. Shane's 2 year old golden lab [Tonka] would be inside playing with Shane as Zazu sat on his tree in our living room. Shane would call 'Tonka', Tonka come here and so on. Exactly 5 days later Tonka was at the patio door looking in and Zazu said Tonka, Tonka as clear as anything. I am amazed!!

Right away I praised Zazu and the rest is history. Now when Zazu can not see Tonka he will call out for Tonka until the dog comes wagging her tail.

Since ordering your course I played the word 'apple' for 10 min. in the morning for a week (5 days) and I explained to Shane only give him a piece of the apple when he says apple. It [also] worked! Zazu asks for apple when he wants some fruit!! I was told that parrots only imitate people but boy are they wrong!!

I am really impressed with your course. You show a genuine interest in both your birds and clients!! You and your course have taught me so much about parrots that even the pet store where Zazu came from could not. Having your training course before Zazu came into our lives helped me start out on the right foot with our parrot and avoid many problems!

—Yasmin & Shane Aikman


"... She Talks Only After A Few Days!"

"The bird talking course is awesome! I have a 5 month old cockatoo that's already saying 'hello' and 'uh-oh' (when she drops something), after only a few days!


"But what is more important is the quality time we spend together learning is greatly enjoyed by both of us. What fun we are having! Thank you for your excellent, practical, and easy to follow directions."

— Pat Uncapher

"I LOVED the lessons about teaching my African Gray Congo to talk. She's not quite a year old yet, but I feel there are hints that will help me prepare her for talking. Especially the 'clicker and treat' section. Thank You so MUCH!!!"

— Dorothy Heimendinger
192 Main Osage, Iowa 50461


And those stories are from people who got my Old system, before...

We Discovered That Recordings Of Real Birds
Was The Best Way To Teach Parrots To Talk!


This technique is so powerful, that a few weeks ago, I released a special-report to my subscribers describing the amazing results parrot's have gotten from this discovery.

But before I tell you about this strategy, first a story...

If you've been a subscriber of mine for long, you know that I've recently gotten married.  I obviously own several birds, including a cockatiel by the name of "Magoo" who says a handful of words very clearly, and loves to show off for Sally (my wife).

Sally got such a kick out of my birds, that before we got married, she wanted to have a bird of her own, so she got a cute little female parakeet.  She's a bit of a hodge-podge w/ all sorts of jumbled up colors, but a sweet-heart none the less.

Well... before Sally and I got married, her parakeet hadn't learned how to talk, and since we didn't live together I hadn't put any time into speech training this little guy errr... girl.

But when Sally moved into my house when we got married, she brought the parakeet with her to live in the cage next to my cockatiel.  And then an amazing thing happened...

Within 30 days, without any training at all, my wife's parakeet had learned every word that my cockatiel knew how to say, and said them as clear as a bell!

Which brings me to the powerful discovery...

Your bird will learn how to talk 10 times faster, if he hears the words being spoken by another parrot!  I'm not sure what causes this phenomenon.  Probably something to do with inter-flock communication theory.  But all I know is it works, and it works well!

So as I brainstormed a way to duplicate this method, and make it available to everyone.  I tried to recreate the same situation on a CD of other recorded birds, just like my bird would be exposed to if those same recorded birds were actually in the same room!

Think about it...  A bird that says a word, wouldn’t just continue to repeat itself, it would repeat the word a few times at random throughout the day.  And that seemed to be enough to have success when it came from a real bird. 

So because I didn’t have a CD player that would play a CD all day long and only say the word 5-6 times at random.  I set the CD player to play the recordings once a minute for 5 minutes.  And no more!

Baam!  Within 3 days, my bird was singing the theme song to whiny the pooh!  It was a huge victory, and it was then I knew I was onto something that would take the pet parrot world by storm.  Something that truly everyone would love.

This posed a huge problem that only a few people in the word could capitalize on.  How in the world would you get enough recordings of real birds talking to put together enough CD’s to help people?

And this is when the light really came on for me… Because I had released the first edition of my “Teach Your Parrot To Talk On Cue” course over 2 years ago, and sold it to over 1,300 people. I had already personally trained hundreds and hundreds of parrots to talk!

So I called up these students, who had put my techniques to use, and asked for some recordings of their birds, and I got flooded with audio samples from tons of birds

And boy did they send me some cool recordings!

But I didn’t just want the recordings, I wanted to make sure I went the extra mile, and started experimenting with the best way to structure these words onto a CD, to maximize how quickly this method could teach parrots to say new words.

And I arrived, after a lot of trial and error, at the most effective combination of word volume, time delay between words, and clarity that you could imagine.

And because these are birds that say these words, it’s a way to recreate the same concept of birds learning the language of the flock.  The fact is, that parrot’s learn new words 10 times easier when it’s spoken from a parrot.

That’s why I’ve decided to finally release a second version of my
"Teach Your Parrot To Talk System" that contains these added powerful audio CD's of real parrots talking, along with our brand new training DVD.

And just in case you're thinking "Yeah right Chet... will these recordings really work for my bird?", I thought I'd share 2 pieces feedback I got from my subscribers, when I told them about this strategy.

These were 2 subscribers, that had already used other real birds to train their birds, and were letting me know I was right on in my teachings.  I'll let you read them for yourself:

We have 13 adult birds at the moment, plus a continuous number of Lovebird babies.  These birds are mostly birds that needed a home or were passed on to us as rescue cases in extremely poor condition and unmanageable.....

The information about teaching your parrot to talk is so very correct. We keep all the birds together in the kitchen dining area (our aviary). Our African Gray is our star teacher for the other birds. We didn't plan it, but it was wonderful to find it happens so naturally and effortlessly. They are such a joy.

—Dan Pearce

I know how true it is that birds learn best from other birds. I recently got a budgie but was unable to teach it how to talk. I had a friend going to Guam and I took care of her budgie for a week. Within this week my budgie picked up most of the other budgie's small vocabulary.

—Jonathan Faerber

So it's not just me who realizes this is a...

Fully Tested & Proven System To Speech Train
Your Parrot Just Like You've Always Wanted...

Bottom line, I absolutely refuse to sell a 2nd-class training system that's too complex for the average novice to follow.

So, to make sure that it's easy to use, I decided to try out the same system you're getting on my 15 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. He only knew about 5 words when we started and was not a good talker.

Boy! Did that change fast.

I took everything I had just learned from that old pro, and my own knowledge and experience about teaching parrots, to talk. And I went to work.

So I picked a completely new phrase that my bird had never said before,
"I Love You," and set out to see if I could get him to say this phrase every time I asked him "do you like me?" The results?

It worked! The whole process from start to finish only took about 10 days. Plus I never spent more than 15 minutes a day training him to talk.

 Can you imagine how many phrases your bird will say?

Accept Nothing Less Than The Very Best

Warning! Do NOT buy any other "parrot speech training" course unless it meets these 3 specific criteria...

  1. Criteria #1: First, if it doesn't come with all the genuine, professional quality tools you need, then you'll still have to buy more materials before you can even start your training. So you pay more in the end!

    This is the last system, book, CD, DVD you will ever need — all the materials come packed in this one, comprehensive system, and you can get started instantly using our computer-based training.
  2. Criteria #2: Demand a system that teaches your parrot how to speak clearly and on cue. A parrot that just babbles half words, compared to a parrot that talks in context, are 2 completely different things. You'll see how everything works together in this simple system.

    And you'll enjoy seeing your bird become much more social than he is now, hearing the laughs and admiring comments from friends and family.
  3. Criteria #3: I didn't believe this could be done in a million years... Tools to actually teach your parrot to actually express emotions, wants and desires with words. That's not the point of this course.

    However, you need the basics, because everything just flows from there. After that, it's a cinch! That's the key to easy , "Real Speech" training, and to cutting your training time in half.
  4. Criteria #4: Don't even think about a speech training system that doesn't use the power of other parrots' voices!  The bottom line ... if you took 2 birds, with equal talking potential, and trained one with your voice, and the other by letting him listen to real parrots talking...

    The bird trained with your voice, would finally learn his first word, while the parrot trained by other parrot's voices would be working on word 10!

Ultimately, You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth!

In order to come up with the same amount of "Parrot Speech Training Expertise" that is crammed, jammed and packed into this training system...

... You would have had to spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars trying to get a hold of high quality recordings from real talking parrots...

... Just take a look at how much it cost me to create this system.  First I spent months surveying bird owners to find only the most clever, and interesting bird phrases.  I had to spend thousands of dollars on 'high-quality' microphones and recording equipment, and then ship them back and forth over the entire country for people to be able to get clear recordings of their birds. (that's one heck of a Fed-Ex bill)

And if that wasn't enough, I had to wade through hundreds of hours of audio recordings of birds, edit them out, cut out background noises, static, and hissing... All to create the clearest, most unique training CD's the parrot world has ever and will ever see.  We're talking thousands of man hours, and a personal investment of over $16,891.00 to bring these to the market.

And that doesn't even begin to account for the thousand dollar phone bills I racked up, talking to clients over seas and paying those long-distance charges, to beg them to record their parrots, and walk them through setting up the audio equipment to get the clearest recordings.

But don't get me started, because those are just the costs for producing the audio CD's of this course, and doesn't begin to account for all the time spent driving to interview the most clever parrot trainers in the world, to learn just one more thing to add to this course that could help your parrot talk better...

...Then laboring at the computer as I compiled those interview notes into the most comprehensive speech training manual that exists, which led to the decision to shoot a brand new DVD course where we filmed 'live' speech training sessions, so you can see specific techniques and how to apply them to your bird, from the comfort of your couch.

Then... Just in case you thought all that effort still wasn't enough... I went one step further, and actually tested these tools on my birds to make sure they worked... And that they'd work for all species, even budgies!

So Think about it. Just the time you save is worth many times the cost of the course. There's nothing else like it. But if you're not sure and you don't believe me, then don't. Rather, give it a try and let me take all the risk for you with my...

You Can't Lose With My 3-Month, Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

Reserve a copy of this system and try just a few of the strategies. If your parrot doesn't amaze you with how quickly and easily it can learn to talk, I don't want to keep your money. It's that simple.

If you're not completely satisfied with the system for any reason at all, simply contact me.

I'll promptly and cheerfully issue you a refund.

I stand completely behind this product and I know that if you just try a couple of the strategies you'll have your parrot talking up a storm! That's my personal promise to you.

Plus, don't forget my...

Double-Your-Money-Back "I Dare You To Find Something Better Than This" Promise!

As I said earlier, if you happen to stumble across another parrot speech training system you bought and find that's better than mine, then let me know and please send it back, and I'll DOUBLE your money back. That's how confident I am.

In Summary, Here's What You Get With The
Ultimate Course On Teaching Your Parrot To Talk:

This complete, start-to-finish system is jam-packed with easy-to-apply information... Information anyone — whether you're seasoned bird training expert or a total novice — to teach your parrot to talk in as little as 48 hours (some clients have even reported that their bird's learned new words in as little as 5 minutes).

With less than 15 minutes a day, you can have your bird singing, whistling and speaking to you clearly in full sentences.

But if you're already training your bird to speak, or if you're simply having a tough time doing so, this system will chop your training time in half.

Now, let's take a look at what the entire system consists of...



"Taming Training & Tricks Vol. 7 Talking On Cue"
DVD Speech Training Strategies 'filmed live'


Here's a small taste of what you'll discover from this DVD's speech strategy sessions...

  • Clear up your birds, guttural, & unclear words and so he'll say them with more clarity.

  • Live examples where we show you the '3 second test' that you can use to see if your bird is interested in learning a new word, within 3 seconds... versus wasting your time on words he couldn't care less about.

  • How get  your parrot to focus on learning only one word at a time, so he doesn't get confused.

  • How to get your bird to talk MORE when you enter into the room, versus waiting for you to leave before talking

  • How trick training can be used, in combination with speech training, to get your parrot to learn new words up to 300% quicker!

  • and much, much, more...


"My 'Real' Parrot Voices Training System"
Special 3-CD Audio Pack

Your bird will finally be able to learn the way Mother Nature Intended — from other 'Real' birds!  a remarkable value at $147

These CD's are preprogrammed for optimum training.  We've done all the experimenting for you on our own birds, and have seen amazing results.  All you have to do, is play the CD's to your parrot, and walk away. 

And because of the way we programmed them, he'll never get bored, and will start to learn words, sentences and phrases 10 times faster than any method that's previously existed.

Think about it... It's even better than listening to 'Real' birds talk, because you'll get optimum frequency for faster learning, without over repetition.



"How To Get Your Parrot To Say Anything You Want, Whenever You Want" Manual

We'll rush you this power packed manual — really, it's a super value at $47 — and it's included with your system.

This powerful manual contains training lesson plans, my invaluable notes from that 80-year-old parrot training pro, and tips answering every question you could even begin to imagine asking about how to teach your parrot to talk.


Bonus Chapter To "How To Get Your Parrot To Say Anything You Want, Whenever You Want"

The new surprise gift chapter that expands on the manual, and it's a super value at $11 — also included with your system.

Discover the little-known secret that motivates every bird to talk. This is key to fast and easy training. It'll save you hours of frustration and actually make it fun for both of you.


Your Step-By-Step "Exactly How I Trained My Bird To Talk On Cue" Audio Training Course

This audio course is a cool $39 value, also included.

You'll immediately get a top-secret web address where I keep proprietary audio files. There's nothing to download — nothing at all technical you need to do. Just click the "play" buttons.

Plus we'll send you the CD recordings in the mail as well...

I don't care what kind of computer you own or how old it is, you just click the buttons and hear instant, clear audio. (All you really need is a computer and a set of working speakers!)

I'll guide you through the training, step-by-step, so you can get started right away. If there's anything you want to hear over, just click, "rewind", then click "play", again. Listen as many times as you like, whenever you like, at your own pace.

I'll hold your hand and walk you through everything you need to know, including how to get your parrot motivated to talk, how to train your parrot to speak in a clear voice, and much, much more.

I reveal every tip and trick that I learned when teaching my parrot how to talk on cue. If I had to only offer one product on this whole web page, it would be this one. It is a true must have training guide for every parrot owner.


"Turn Your Parrot's Annoying Screams For Your Attention Into Cute Songs, Words or Behaviors Within A Matter Of Days" Special Report

This special report is a "must-have" for any parrot owner. And it's also a nice $15 value, included with your system.

If your parrot is a screamer, or if it constantly screams for you the instant you step out of sight begging for your attention, then imagine teaching your parrot to fluff up his feathers when he wants your attention, instead of screaming.

In fact, we even teach you how to get your parrot to sing a favorite song when he wants your attention. Wouldn't that be nice? Heck, remember what peace and quiet was like?


"How Can I Get My Bird To Love Me" 2nd Ebook

You need to read this ebook if you ever feel your bird is hateful or mean. It's a super value at $47.77 — included.

One of the most important things in getting your parrot to talk to you, and like talking to you is to have your parrot really love you. That's why we included this bonus, downloadable book.

When you start applying the principles in this book, you will not only see a more happier parrot, but he will become more and more likely to talk sooner, more often, and in a clearer voice.


For A Grand Total Value Of $403.77!

If You Respond Right Away, You Get Everything
Listed Above For Our Low, Introductory Price...

Now, I could easily sell the entire "deluxe" system for $300-500. That's how much it normally costs to have your bird professionally trained.

(In fact, I charge my clients that much, and sometimes more, when I'm hired to train birds individually.)

And that doesn't take into account the amount of time, aggravation and money you would spend trying to learn it all and doing it yourself.

Look at it this way: can you put a price tag on your peace of mind? Can you justify the time and cost it would require for you to scour, search, try and test every "speech training" strategy out there only to find 1-2 (or none!) that work?

So since we recently introduced this package, I want to "clear out" my first batch by offering the deluxe system for $199.95 $97 for a limited time!

Why $97? Because the normal price Will Be $199.95. And I know $200 is a little steep for some people. But after our initial introductory phase (probably in a few weeks or so), I'm going to raise it back to $199.95. So you better hurry!

All in all you get over 12 parrot, "Real Speech" training tools with the deluxe speech training system for only $97. It's a steal at that price!

When you break that down, that means you're paying less than $13.86 for each and every component in this high-quality "Real Speech" training system.

For your convenience, we'll ship out the entire 12 pieces of this course to your doorstep, plus make our 'talking on cue' CD available through web audio, so you can get started right away. You don't have to wait for it in the mail! So do it now...

Order the "Deluxe" Package Securely Online.

Still A Little Too Much? Why Not Get The "Basic" Package, Then, For Less?

If $97 is still a little steep for you, I understand. Problem is, I can't give any more special discounts or price breaks. The time and cost I personally invested in this program and putting it together is well worth the price tag.

But to make things fair for you, let me offer you a more "trimmed down" version. That way, I can reduce your price and make it more affordable for you.

Right now, you can have our basic speech training package where we'll lower our costs by  delivery our "Speech Training" manual and "Talking On Cue" audio seminar as a special digital download, instead of mailing them to your home, $97 $57 for a limited time!

But you must act right away.

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  3. Component #3: The new additional chapter to "How To Get Your Parrot To Say Anything You Want, Whenever You Want," a $11 super value.
  4. Component #4: "How To Turn Your Parrot's Annoying Screams For Your Attention, Into Cute Songs, Words or Behaviors Within Days" special report, which is a nice $15 value.
  5. Component #5-7: "My 'Real' Parrot Voices Training System"
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here's the first load that barely
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