Parrot Training Articles

  1. Where To Find Information On The Indigo Macaw

    An article I wrote giving you some information on the Indigo Macaw.  It's short but a good place to start if you're unfamiliar with this particular breed of Macaw.

  2. The Care And Breeding Of The Scarlet Macaw

    If you are looking for information on the breeding of Scarlet Macaws, and how to care for them from the standpoint of a breeder, this article has some good basic information.

  3. Where To Find Cool Looking Sun Conure Clip Art Easily

    I know it can be frustrating trying to find your favorite clip art for different breeds of parrots, so I put together a little article to help point you in the right direction.

  4. Training African Grey Parrots To Obey You

    The African Grey is a breed of parrot that is prone to becoming overly shy and reclusive if not trained properly, so this article contains a few quick tips of things you'll want to train your Grey to do.

  5. Where To Find Cockatiel Recordings

    A list of resources, tools, and training aids, with recordings of the beautiful sounding cockatiel.

  6. Conure And Playstand

    You'll save yourself a ton of time, and effort in keeping your little Conure happy, when considering these quick tips for purchasing the right playstand for your Conure.

  7. Cockatiel Sound Clips

    Lots of my customers want to see cockatiel sound clips, to help teach their cockatiels how to talk better... so here's a video of my cockatiel singing a song I think you'll recognize

  8. Where To Find African Grey Parrots Living In The UK

    Lots of my customers live in the UK, and it can be hard to find a good breeder over there, so maybe this article can help point you in the right direction.

  9. 10 Tips For Not Owning A Grey That's Afraid Of His Own Shadow

    African Grey parrots are very prone to becoming afraid of ALL new people and things that enter into their environment.  So I co-authored this article, with Kim Bear discussing how to work with you African Grey, and overcome his fears.

  10. What It Takes To Train Conures To Obey You

    Informative article talks about specific types of training principals you need to be aware of when training Conures.

  11. Quick Tips For Picking Out Sun Conures

    If you're reading this page wondering how you can either keep your sweet little Sun Conure from ever biting you, or you already have a Sun Conure, and he's biting you like crazy...

  12. How To Train Indian Ring Neck Parrots

    If you've ever wondered if there was a way to train your Indian Ringneck parrot to, willingly step up onto your hand, stop his annoying screeching (that seems to be so common with Quaker Parrots), and never bite you again...

  13. Training Macaws To Always Be Nice

    Was the owner of a terrible, no good, very bad macaw, that loved to bite and scream at me every chance he got... Sound familiar?  I got so fed up with my macaws biting and screaming that I...

  14. Amazing Facts About The African Grey Parrot

    African Grey Parrots are an wonderful breed of bird, that have amazing abilities to not just learn how to talk, but to actually understand what they are saying! Yep!  It's true.  African Grey's can be taught to answer questions, like...

  15. Training The Cute And Loveable Quaker Parrot

    If you've ever wondered if there was a way to train your Quaker parrot to, willingly step up onto your hand, stop his annoying screeching (that seems to be so common with Quaker Parrots), and never bite you again, then you should...

  16. When Parrots Are For Sale--3 Red Flag's To Watch For

    As I spend more and more time consulting, researching and coming up with solutions to help people fix their parrotís behavior problems, Iíve come to realize that several problems could have been avoided by simply making a better buying decision when...

  17. African Grey Breeders Texas
    Directions on where and how to find the best African Grey Breeders in Texas.


  18. African Grey Parrot and CITES Permit

    What you need to watch out for with African Grey Parrots and CITES Permits.  I've personally ran into a lot of trouble with the Hassles CITES has created, especially when we try to take the parrots in our show overseas to perform on stage with us.  Hopefully this will help you out a little bit.


  19. African Grey Parrot Training

    Everything you need to know about training your African Grey parrot!


  20. Blue Gold Macaw Facts

    Some quick facts about my favorite species of parrot in the whole world... the Blue & Gold Macaw!  This is the same breed of parrot I own, and mine can perform 20 tricks, and talk VERY clearly.


  21. Camelot Macaw Breeders

    This amazing breed of 'Hybrid' macaw is talked about in depth, and lists different breeders that have these Camelot Macaw's available.


  22. Care And Breeding Of The Scarlet Macaw

    Facts and tidbits about the breeding of Scarlet Macaws.  Plus tips for training them, to stop biting, and be loving friends for life.


  23. Cockatiel Sound Files
    If you're looking for where to find lots of great Cockatiel Sound Files, this article posts several links that will help you find tons of sound files of Cockatiels.


  24. Congo African Grey Texas
    Two great places to purchase a Congo African Grey in the state of texas, including aviaries, and contact information for the breeders.


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