Parrot Training Articles

  1. Macaws
    Discover how I got my start in parrot training by first taming my macaw to stop biting, and how you can too... it's easier than you think!
  2. Severe Macaw
    A great resource for information about the Severe Macaw, and how it's little size can really be a better fit for someone who really wants a Macaw, but doesn't want a bird that big.
  3. African Grey Parrot Arizona Breeder
    Directions on where and how to find the best African Grey Breeders in the state of Arizona... including contact information of the best Aviaries.
  4. Catalina Macaws In North Carolina
    This gorgeous blend of Scarlet Macaw and the Blue and gold macaw... and where to find the best breeders in North Carolina to get your hands on one.

    Grey Cockatiel Calls

    The cockatiel isn’t as impressive as a macaw, a parrot, or even a cockatoo. Its coloring is not as prominent as that of a Conure or a cardinal, but there is no doubt that your cockatiel will bring you years and years of companionship, love, and lots of entertainment.

    Umbrella Cockatoo Photos

    Have you ever seen umbrella cockatoos photos? These birds are incredibly beautiful and have an almost “unreal” look to them. Their crest is absolutely magnificent and the coloring varies.

    Training A Grey African Parrot

    Training a grey African parrot requires patience, understanding, knowledge, and a lot of discipline. As with any animal (or human being), if you teach something today and consider your job done, you’ll find that ... continued in article

    Quaker Parrot Facts

    If you’re looking for Quaker parrot facts, you can do a search under any of these names or titles...

    How Can I Stop My Amazon Parrot From Biting?

    A very common question, especially in families who have recently acquired a bird, and more specifically an amazon parrot, is how can I stop my amazon parrot biting? One reason why there is more...

    Amazon Parrot Sounds

    Ah, the sweet chirping of birds! How lovely they sound on an early morning with sweet, fresh dew on the ground… Wait a minute, are we talking about birds? Not all

    Sulpher Crested Cockatoo Prices

    Generally speaking, the cockatoo is a white bird that can range in size from 12 inches to about twenty seven inches in length and presents a beautiful crest that stands tall and seems to dance before your very eyes. Generally speaking…

    Flying Moluccan Cockatoo Pictures

    Cockatoos are birds of the parrot family that originated and still remain in the wild in Australia and its surrounding islands. These birds can be 12 to 13 inches long, in the case of the Goffin’s Cockatoo (the smallest in the cockatoo family), and up to twenty seven...

    Pictures Of Cockatiels In The Wild

    Have you ever seen pictures of cockatiels in the wild? What an incredible sight it is! Any animal in the wild is a true joy to see when they are happy and healthy and roaming freely as...

    Where To Find The Best Pictures Of Cockatoos In The Wild

    Cockatoos are gorgeous birds and great clowns who love to amuse you with their many antics. They have an erect crest that will dance before your very eyes and hypnotize



parrot training articles parrot training articles