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Indian Ringneck Training

Training Your Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Indian Parrots On Branch LimbIf you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to train your Indian Ringneck parrot to, willingly step up onto your hand, stop his annoying screeching (that seems to be so common with Quaker Parrots), and never bite you again, then you should drop what you’re doing and read every word of this article.

The Indian Ring Neck parrot, also known as the Indian Ring Neck Parakeet, is quickly becoming one of the most popular breeds of parakeets owned and sold all over the world.

This is because the Indian Ring Neck parrot is remarkably easy to train and can make a great new addition to your family.

However as with any breed of parrot, they are known to be sweet for the first few years after buying them, and then go through a difficult ‘teenage years’ time in their life. At this time the Indian Ring Neck parrot is very hormonal and moody.

But with proper training before, during and after these hormonal times, an Indian RingNeck Parrot can remain a loving member of your family… As long as you’re training him!

But your in luck… because training an Indian Ringneck is easier than you would think!

So Here’s How To Start Training Your Indian Ring Neck parrot:

First you’ll want to click on this link and sign up for my free Indian Ring Neck Parrot Training Videos where you’ll learn how I took one of my clients parrots, that I’d never met, seen, or trained, and taught him how to do his first trick in three 15 minute training sessions! And how me training that parrot, transformed it’s behavior!

The reason that you want to train your Indian Ring Neck Parrot how to do tricks is simple, and I liken it to the story of Helen Keller; the woman who was born blind, deaf, and mute, and had no idea how to communicate to her family and friends, what was on her mind.

Your Indian Ringneck is like Helen Keller, in the sense that it has no idea how to communicate with you it’s needs wants and desires. But if you would spend some time teaching your Indian Ringneck Parrot how to learn behaviors ie. tricks…

… then teaching him other things, like to not bite you, step up nicely, or to stop screaming, become a MUCH easier part of your Indian RingNeck’s Training, and learning process.

All in all he’ll be much less frustrated with you, and when he gets frustrated in the future with you, on a behavior that you haven’t taught him to do yet, he’ll be more likely to willingly have you show him how to appropriately do the behavior, versus just biting you out of frustration.

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