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Macaw Training Facts

How To Earn The Trust & Love
Of Your Macaw

A Macaw is in my opinion the easiest parrot to train and get to love you.  Macaws are well tempered parrots, that even if mistreated, or even neglected, can be quickly trained to be a loving well adjusted Macaw again.

But if left untrained, a Macaw can be the loudest screamer of the parrot family, and can wield an extremely aggressive beak and bite VERY hard.  That's why I've developed a Macaw training system that I created from working with tons of different species of Macaws.

In my Macaw training system here's what you'll get access to:

  • LIVE video demo of me taming our wild, biting Macaw, "Tiko." (See how I handle "Tiko" as he lunges at me, screaming and biting -- and how I lovingly calm him down... until I can pet him with my BARE HANDS 5 minutes later!)
  • How to STOP your Macaw's screaming by teaching it to WAVE for your attention! You'll be amazed how quickly you can transform this annoying habit into a cute trick that will delight your friends!
  • How to take a Macaw that's NEVER been handled and tame it until it ENJOYS being touched on every part of its body -- in as little as 15 minutes!
  • How to make sure your NEW baby Macaw doesn't start biting!

And yes our Macaw training techniques do work, just read some letters sent to us by a few of our raving fans!

In just one week, this badly abused and VICIOUS bird has become the BEST PET in the world...

... I can hardly believe it, thank you!"

Before she got my program, Gail was SCARED of her big Macaw, "Lester"...

She'd rescued Lester from an abusive home -- he was vicious, biting, and drawing blood!

Amazingly, within just ONE WEEK of using my program, her entire family could touch him, scratch him, and play with him.

She calls him, "The best pet in the entire world."

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to Gail's phone message...

Green Wing Macaw -- Rehabilitated Feather Plucker

Click to hear Gail's amazing story!

Our Macaw Training System will eliminate the high costs normally associated with obtaining the information needed to modify a Macaws behavior. We offer 3 training guides that will have your Macaw performing tricks and interacting peaceably with others.

Training Macaws using our Audio Guides tap into insights from professional parrot trainers and cover everything from food rewards to getting your macaw to step onto your hand. Our e-books address screaming, biting, potty-training, and suitable environments as well.  Then our videos let you watch step by step how we trained our blue and gold Tiko taking him from an aggressive biting macaw to a loveable bird who now performs over 20 tricks.