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Nanday Conure:

Is Your Nanday Conure's
behavior driving you crazy?

Your Nanday Conure is a wonderful and extremely intelligent bird.  They exhibit fantastic behaviors like mimicking sounds, learning words, and they are tremendously capable of learning tricks.  ConureHowever, what you may have also noticed from your Nanday is that they can be extremely noisy birds with a screeching behavior that can send you running from your home.  They can also be prone to biting.  Neither behavior is acceptable but both can be modified to bring back the Nanday that you know and love.  These issues are covered at length in our training package

Reducing Screeching Behavior in your Nanday Conure.

Nanday Conures screech for many reasons.  They may be happy to see you.  They may be looking for a mate.  They may also be screeching to manipulate you into a behavior.  For example, does your Nanday screech when you place him back in his cage?  Does he screech when you walk out of the room or away from his cage?  If so, you must ignore the screech.  Returning to the cage or back into the room only serves to reinforce his behavior. 

Make sure that your Nanday’s screeching behavior isn’t caused by boredom, lack of nutrition, too small of a cage or any other environmental issue.  Remember that your Nanday is an incredibly social and animated parrot, occasional screeching may simply be his way of communicating with you.  However, the screeching behavior can be modified with appropriate training.

Eliminating Biting Behavior with your Nanday Conure.

Biting behaviors among Nanday Conures are generally an act of boredom, aggression, or merely an overzealous hello.  Nandays are social birds that thrive on interacting with their family.  A beaking greeting may be simply that and your Nanday Conure may not know that he’s putting too much pressure on your skin.  However, a bite can be just that, a bite and that behavior must be eliminated before it escalates into a very aggressive bird. 

The first step to eliminating biting behavior is to determine why it is happening.  Is your bird beaking or is he biting?  When does he bite, when you take him out of the cage?  Does he bite when you’re playing?  These types of bites may be overzealous beaking.  Do not react to the bite by yelling, hitting, or jerking your hand away.  These actions tend to reinforce the behavior by creating frightened and aggressive birds. 

The Answer Eliminating Biting And Screeching Behaviors.

Trick training is by far the best way to eliminate undesirable Nanday Conure behaviors.  As you know, they are exceptionally intelligent birds and when you engage them in trick training you accomplish several things.

Trick Train Your Nanday Conure:

  • Keeps their minds and bodies active
  • Shows aggressive Nandays that you’re the boss
  • Gives shy or timid Nanday Conures a sense of structure that they can trust and rely on
  • Creates a bond of trust with your Conure

Trick training is best done under the guidance of an expert.  An expert will be able to give you step by step instructions that are easy for you and your bird to follow.  An expert will be able to anticipate potential training problems.  An expert who understands that you’re training to eliminate biting or screeching will address those problems specifically with the tricks that you train.  An expert eliminates the possibility of training mistakes which can lead to further behavior problems. 

The experts at Birdtricks.com understand exactly what you’re going through.  They have developed a trick training program that eliminates Nanday Conure biting and screeching behaviors for good.  Follow the birdtricks.com program and you’ll not only have the calmest Nanday Conure on the block, you’ll be putting on shows with the tricks that this amazing conure can learn!