… But you should know:

We Used This SAME Feeding Program To STOP The Progression Of Disease In Our Flock...

... And Cure Our Birds Of A Variety Of
Health Issues In Just Over 30 Days – Leaving Our Avian Vet Completely Speechless!

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The Bird Tricks® Natural Feeding Program takes everything we learned about parrot nutrition and avian disease prevention and breaks it down into…

… A step-by-step feeding system that you can easily apply every single day without spending more than 15 minutes per day in your kitchen, preparing your bird’s meals.

It’s the SAME natural feeding program that we used to STOP the progression of disease and illness in our flock.

We eliminated fatty liver disease… kidney problems… Vitamin D3 deficiencies… Calcium deficiencies… Dry skin… and much more – in less than 30 days.

And that’s why we’re inviting you to…

Try It With Your Bird


Because while we can’t promise that it’s going to extend YOUR bird’s life, it only makes sense:

A diet that more closely mimic’s the nutritionally dense and seasonally balanced diet of a WILD parrot is going to give your bird a better chance of living a long and healthy life!

Plus - the Bird Tricks® Natural Feeding Program has been created to work for ALL species of parrots… Macaws, Greys, Galahs, Parakeets, Budgies, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Caiques, Love Birds, and more… With the only exception being those species that require truly specialized diets like the lory and lorikeet.

(So if you have multiple birds, even if you own multiple SPECIES – feeding this diet is easy, because the SAME seasonal feeding system can be applied to all!)

And it comes with everything pictured above including:


… All recipes are EASY to prepare.

Even the Seasonal Feeding System (as pictured to the right) should take you just one afternoon every 3 months to whip up and freeze a full THREE MONTHS worth of meals for your birds.

They're excellent for picky eaters – and a great way to wean your birds off their junk food habits!

Plus, all recipes have been thoroughly taste tested by our flock. So you can be assured that your birds are going to love these new dining experiences, too!

The Average Bird Owner Does NOT Understand
The Nutritional Requirements Of Their Birds…

Are YOU Killing Your Birds With Food?


We hate to say you’re killing your birds if you’re not feeding them like this, but it's probably true in too many cases.

We saw it firsthand with our own birds – we were KILLING THEM – and we were ALREADY feeding them what we thought was a healthy, fresh, mostly organic diet.

We cringe when we think about the condition of a bird who is living in 'the average home.'

Plus, we know firsthand how a bad diet can quickly spiral into a bird that is biting, plucking, screaming, and not listening – because just like people, when your bird eats a bad diet, it affects their mood and makes them feel sick and cranky, too!

So you need to make a decision:

Do you want to take the chance and risk sentencing your birds to an early death by ignoring advances in the science of bird nutrition? Or do you want to make sure they live long, healthy lives with you?

The decision should be easy…

But still, we’re hoping to make it EVEN EASIER for you to get started by offering the next 450 people who respond the unusual chance to try the Bird Tricks® Natural Feeding Program …

Which, we think you’ll agree, is pretty darn awesome!

Because if you’re thinking … there’s NO WAY my picky bird is going to eat these foods, it gives us the chance to prove you wrong, without you making a big financial commitment.

And yet you still enjoy the benefits we’ve come to associate with this natural feeding program, such as -

We obviously can’t promise or guarantee this will extend your bird’s life. No one can do that.

But we can tell you that it’s been proven that by doing something as simple as changing a parakeets diet from millet to pellets, you can extend its life from 2 or 3 years to 5 or 7 years.

So it only makes sense that by feeding your birds an EVEN MORE natural diet you increase the chances of him living even longer. Again, we’re not promising that!!! But really, it’s like people… We all know, a healthier diet improves your chances of living a longer life, free of disease and health problems.

Why wouldn’t it be the same for birds?

Comes With A One Year Money Back Guarantee!


We really just want you to try this.

Not just because it could potentially save you $1000s in vet bills down the road… And not just because your bird becomes more enjoyable to live with and train when he’s feeling better…. But because:

You really can’t put a price on the value of potentially adding years to your bird’s life!

And we can’t either. So we just want you to try it… and we want you to try it bad enough that we’re willing to let you try it for FREE – you just pay the shipping.

Plus, it even comes with a full ONE YEAR money back guarantee.

So there’s no risk in trying these recipes with YOUR birds today

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