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"Would You Like Us To Send You Our Just Released 'Elite Parrot Training System' To Your Door Too, For Only $4 More?"

NOTE: If you are not interested in adding our elite parrot training system to your order, that will teach you 12 advanced parrot trick training routines, then simply click on the button at the bottom of this page to reserve your copy of our basic parrot training package.

We just released our elite parrot training system and are offering it only to our customers who have bought our first video.

The package includes 2 extra videos covering 12 complete lessons on advanced parrot training, containing thought-provoking methods on how to teach your parrot routines, not just simple tricks, but combinations routines that contain 3-4 tricks.

Plus we dedicate a completely separate video to how to use a clicker to train your parrot 300% faster.

Here's some of what's included in this Elite Parrot Training System:

  • Full sequence training for a complete piggy bank routine
  • Includes how to peek into the piggy bank
  • Drop Quarters in the Piggy Bank
  • Get your parrot to tell you if there's any money in the bank
  • How to loop rings over pegs
  • How to get your parrot to learn to distinguish different colors and how to put red rings on red pegs, white on white pegs and blue rings on blue pegs
  • We show you how to train your bird to be patriotic on the fourth of July (This trick only takes 2 days to learn)
  • The Basketball Routine
  • Go to sleep on cue
  • How to cuddle
  • Train the Kiss
  • Do the big eagle or the "Stick 'em Up"
  • How to use a clicker training device to speed up training by 300%

Free To Review For 30 Days ... You Just Pay The $4 Postage To Get It To Your Door!

At the end of the 30 day review period:

  1. You can just send it back if you're not absolutely blown away with the info that we provided, and be charged nothing further ...


  1. You can keep the videos and automatically be billed in 30 days a severely discounted price of $77 (a fraction of the regular $129 retail value!)

You Are Under No Obligation, We're Not Going To Play Any Games Or Pull Any "Funny Stuff"!

Clicking the first link below will let you order video one at $47.77 and add $4 for the 30 day trial offer of our Elite Parrot Training System, which you can return before 30 days to not be charged the cost of $77.

Clicking the second link below will let you order our basic parrot training kit, "without" the upgrade for the extra videos.


Click Here To Reserve A Parrot Training Package With The "Elite Parrot Training" Video Upgrade


Click Here to Reserve A Copy Of Our Parrot Training Course Without The "Elite Parrot Training Upgrade"

'Elite' Bonus: If you upgrade to our 'Elite' parrot training course...
I'll throw in  the special report titled, "Stop Your Birds Screeching, Screaming & Other Annoying Vocals" which is a $24.99 value.  It will be sent along with your ELITE order as well.

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