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Attention: If you've been plagued with a small evil parrot and are wondering if he'll ever let you handle him... then listen to this...

"If Someone Forced Me ,To Get A Wild,

Cage Ridden Parakeet To Perform Live

On A Princess Cruise Ship's Stage

In 7 Days...Would You Like To See

Video Footage Of How I'd Pull It Off?"

Play This Video To See What
Little Parrots Are Capable Of!


From:  Chet Womach

Tuesday, 2:34am


Dear Parakeet Lover,


Yes It's True, My brother, a 22 year old performer for princess cruise lines, was forced to get his parakeet ready for a performance with only 7 days notice!


So if you'd like to follow along as my brother shows you exactly how he got his parakeet to stop biting, willingly come out of his cage, and perform an amazing trick routine on a live Princes Cruise Ship in only 7 days, I think this letter will really open your eyes for what your bird is capable of.

When my brother told me this, I knew we had to get a camera to him as fast as possible, because hundreds of my subscribers have been begging me to come out with a parakeet training product for months, and I knew if my brother could pull this off, you would crawl on hands and knees over broken glass to get a hold of this footage.

So if you're dying to know how to take your wild, crazy, parakeet and turn him into an obedient friend for life, here's some of what you'll discover in this Hot new video series.


  • How to get your parakeet to willingly hop out of his cage when he sees you, because he's so excited to play
  • Step-by-step videos that show you how to stop little birds from biting
  • Amazing trick training routines that your friends will by floored by
  • An extra 45 minute video geared towards how to get your parakeet to live longer and healthier (Trust Me, with how nice your new parakeet will be, you'll want him to live a longer happier life)

Success Stories from cockatiel, parakeet and other

small bird owners...


"...This Worked Wonders For My 'Tiel"

I wasn't sure when I got your videos if they'd work for me and my cockatiel, but after the first 30 minutes of training him with these new videos,

I can definitely say this has worked wonders for my 'Tiel. I had no idea he was even capable of doing tricks like these.



loved your first Video and all my friends and customers are loving it to!..."


I have several people with smaller birds and they are going to be so happy you came out with this.

I have several rescue birds that never liked to be touched and with your techniques I am now getting to pet them. I love it!!! I will soon be trying the easy tricks. I think this video will be great!!!



"I recommend it NOT only for owners
of parakeets, but for those who have
parrots as well."

Wow! I only have larger parrots, but your video has me excited about smaller birds now too. I had a parakeet when I was very little, but maybe it's time to try one again.

It not only shows how to train parakeets and smaller birds, but there's a ton of great tips on care, cages, travel, diet, what to look for when getting a parakeet, and more.

And the training part is fascinating to watch! And so easy. Less than an hour to train a parakeet to jump through a ring! And you started with completely untrained birds. Great

I recommend it NOT only for owners of parakeets, but for those who have larger parrots as well. I learned a lot.

Jim Nelson


I could go on, and on, with dozens of stories just like these but let's get back to some of the things you're going to learn from this course. 
Here's Are 6 Powerful Tricks And Routines Your Bird Will Perform After Just 7 Days Of Training Using These Powerful Techniques
  • Train Your Bird To Stand On A Perch And Jump Through A Hoop On Your Signal On His First Day Of Training

    In this section of the video you'll learn how to cure your birds fear of the hoop, what to do when your bird doesn't get the behavior correct, and how to convince your parakeet that it's fun to jump through the hoop.

  • Train Your Parakeets To Stand On Your Finger And Lean WAY Out To Give You A Kiss

    Ok.  You can read from a bunch of crappy books out there how to teach this trick.  You stick a piece of food in your mouth, and the parakeet goes to eat it.  HOWEVER, what I'm going to teach you is how to get the parakeet to kiss you WITHOUT any food in your mouth.  And how to give him a silent cue that gets him to do it every time.

  • How To Have Your Bird Spin In Circles At The Wiggle Of Your Finger

    You get to see how we train this, while my brother takes his parakeet into a lounge, forcing the parakeet to be distracted.  This way you'll learn how to get your parakeet used to performing in front of other people.

  • How To Teach Any Parakeet To Climb Those Ladders you See At Pet Stores, And Not Just Sit On the Them

    You get to watch as my brother trains his parakeet to climb a ladder in only 5 minutes.  Hint: It has to do with what order you train each of these tricks in.

  • Teach Your parakeet To Climb Straight up a piece of rope!

    I promise you, I didn't even know how this was possible, until my brother had his parakeet do this right in front of my face.  You'll discover how creative we got to get the parakeet to think climbing a long rope was a good idea. Works on larger birds too!

  • Plus How To Tie Each Trick Together So Your Parakeet Will Do Them As A Routine

    And this package wouldn't be complete without step-by-step instructions on how tie all of these tricks together into an amazing routine that you can show to your family and friends.  I promise you it will blow them away.

And all that's just on one of the videos! 

On the second video you'll discover stuff like this...


If You're Looking To Buy A Parakeet,
Cockatiel Or Other Small Parrot...

Or Just Recently Bought One, Here's Another 25 Tips & Tricks You'll Discover

  1. Low cost cage customization tips for when you're forced to travel with your bird.

  2. Signs to look for when buying a parakeet to know if he'll be tame, playful and healthy.

  3. How to pick out parakeets from the pet store that will be attentive to training

  4. How to tell male parakeets from female parakeets

  5. How to pick out the best talkers, or most quiet, or easiest to train birds when buying one for the first time

  6. Which sex of parakeet is more aggressive

  7. How to hand feed parakeets

  8. Common hand feeding mistakes resulting in pneumonia

  9. Common mistakes that can burn your parakeets crop

  10. Which brand of formula to use - Not using this type of formula could starve your parakeet

  11. Best type of cage for hand feeding

  12. How to promote healthy perching habits

  13. What not to do with your water dish, that could drown your parakeet

  14. Which side of the beak to feed from, if you get this wrong you'll suffocate your bird and drown them

  15. The ultimate debate, feed your parakeet pellets or seed we show you which is better

  16. When to start weaning your parakeet off of his formula

  17. How to wean your parakeet onto healthy foods from the start, if you mess this up, he'll never eat healthy for his whole life

  18. Cage Placement and how it effects your parakeets temperament

  19. What's the candle test and how it could save your parakeets life

  20. What age you start training your parakeet (it doesn't have to be very old)

  21. How to trick your parakeets into loving treats

  22. Getting your parakeet used to your hands

  23. How to tame multiple birds at the same time

  24. How to set up a safe training diet

  25. How to clip your parakeet's wings so you won't have to pay your vet to do it.



Plus! My Brother Holds Your Hand And
Reveals Exactly How He Transformed His

Wild Parakeet, In Less Than One Week!

That's right.  Every section of this video shows my brother working against time to train his parakeet, who was totally wild, and didn't know any tricks, how to be ready to perform in my brothers magic act on a Princess Cruise Ship's stage. 

You couldn't wish for a better situation for us to film a video for you in. You get to see us at our best, applying everything we know, in a race against time.  And in my opinion, produced one hell of a trick trained  parakeet.

You truly won't find anything else like this footage out there.  It simply doesn't exist.

My Brother Performing On
Princess Cruise Lines Main Stage


Enough Talk Chet,

Show Me What I'm Going To Get!

The first thing you'll get are these 2 awesome videos that outline my brothers 7 day adventure that reveal exactly how he transformed a wild parakeet into a professionally trick trained bird. 

They contain 93 minutes of the fastest, most applicable training techniques for small birds like parakeets, Quakers, lovebirds and cockatiels that you've ever seen.

Plus You'll Also Receive Our

23 Page, 7 Day Action Guide

(Complete With Illustrations)

This guide starts from the beginning and shows you how to raise small birds like parakeets from the time they still need hand feeding, all the way to maturity.  So if you're just getting started in the world of owning small parrots, you won't need to look any further than right here.

We hand you this 7 day action plan that you can print out, and have with you during each training session to help guide you towards training your parakeet to do everything I've talked about in during the next 7 days.

All In All You Get $97 of Parrot Training Value

Remember, you'll be getting 2 videos with 93 minutes of combined footage.  And if you've ever bought one of my videos, you know I don't normally sell a video for less than $47.77 and in the rare instance I EVER bundle them up like this, I charge at least $77.  And my devoted fans continue to buy them up like hotcakes, 'cuz they know I come out with training tips that work.

And when you think about how I'm providing a 7 day action plan to hold your hand and show you exactly what to do, just like if I was standing over your shoulder, couldn't we fairly say that the 7 day guide alone would easily be worth another $20? 

So I think I can very realistically say... based on everything else I've EVER sold, that I could charge $97 for this course and it would fly off the shelves.  Hell... last time I offered this discount I sold 556 copies in one week!

But since I'm re-releasing this course, I wanted to make it an unbelievable bargain, and have decided to drop the price by over 55%... which means you can get your hands on these videos for only $37.77

... Here's My No-Hard-Feelings,
No-Hassle Three Full Months Guarantee.

If you don't agree that this is the most impactful, eye-opening, inspiring video you could dream ever dream of...

... and that your parakeet, cockatiel or other small parrot do not completely change their behavior.

All you have to do is simply send it back and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot.

Now let me make this brain dead simple for you... study this course, learn how these strategies work, and watch your bird change magically right before your eyes. 

And if for some crazy reason, these techniques don't work on your bird... send it back within 90 days and I'll refund your money on the spot.  It's as simple as that! They'll be No harm done.  No hard feelings.  And we'll part as friends.

The truth is, this course is all about how to make a Very Real, And very fast change in your parakeet in 7 days, not 365 days.  So to be blunt, if you don't notice a change after 90 days, you never even watched these videos.

My 3 full month guarantee is designed to let you implement my step-by-step system quickly.  If you follow the simple instructions in my system you'll notice dramatic changes in your parrot this week.

If you don't notice a drastic change in how affectionate he becomes... then I don't want your money, I WANT you to ask for a full refund.

I think that's only fair.  I don't ever want to sell a product to someone that's not getting 100 times+ the value for what they paid me.

So go ahead!  Secure your copy immediately...

Yes, Chet!  I'm Ready To Transform My
Parakeet's Behavior With Your Help!

Please Rush Me The Entire

"Parakeet/Cockatiel Training System"

As Fast As Humanly Possible!

I'd be an utter fool to miss out on this fantastic deal. And I know I can pay $37.77 for the entire Cockatiel Training System today before this severely discounted price is bumped back up to $97

Once my order is processed via your online secure form, my package will be rushed to me via Priority Mail and I will receive it in 5-7 days (I should expect it a little longer if I'm outside the U.S.). 

I also understand that the 7 day action guide will be delivered via downloadable e-book immediately after my purchase is complete.


"How To Train Your Parakeet / Cockatiel In 7 Days"
We Do Send DVD's now. :-)




To Your Success With A Happier Parrot,


Chet Womach

Bird Taming And Training Tricks

P.S. I didn't make a big mention of it, but I also wanted to remind you that I will be emailing you a 30 minute parrot behavior consultation coupon with the same specialist I turn to when I need question about my bird answered, so you'll only be a phone call away from help if you happen to need some.


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