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Parrot Behavior

Understanding Parrot Behavior

Parrot Behavior training is as important for your bird as it is for any of your pets. A trained parrot will be a happier parrot. Plus, it will interact with family and friends in a nicer way thereby encouraging interaction on a regular basis.

Parrot Behavior

Without realizing it, you can modify parrot behavior if you are tired or impatient, so make sure you are well rested and calm before you begin any type of training. This will ensure a good and happy experience for both of you.

Here at Bird Tricks, we specialize in teaching you how to teach and tame your parrot. No longer will you have to wait months or even years hoping your parrot will outgrow the behavior you dislike so much.  We'll show you step by step processes how to change your parrots behavior in a positive direction.

We have spent a lot of resources and time researching and practicing with birds so you do not have to. Now you can use our convenient training video to assist you in learning what to do and what not to do when you are learning parrot behavior training.

Many times, the answer to behavior problems is a matter of your parrot trusting you or not. Here are some quick tips to help you become more trusted by your new pet.

  • Hand Treats - Without moving to quickly, offer your bird a treat in your hand. By doing this, you are building up a good rapport and also teaching your new pet to trust you. This will go a long way in changing any unwanted parrot behavior.
  • Step up Training - The very next action you will want to do is to teach your new bird to “step up” onto your hand when you say the words “step up.” When first beginning, gently press against your pet’s belly as you say “step up.” Keep repeating these words every so often and pressing gently against the belly until they step into your hand.

Another aspect of parrot behavior training is talking. This is a fun and easy way to enjoy your bird’s company and create a chatty pet at the same time. Start with a simple hello and work with that until your bird has succeeded at repeating it back to you.

Parrot behavior is such that it will only take a 19 minute session once per day for 2 short weeks before your new pet is able to change its unwanted behavior. For our Trust Training Video and more training tips, please sign up for our online newsletter.

Parrot Behavior