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Parrot Biting

How To Stop Parrot Biting Once & For All!
Plus Build A Loving Bond With Your Bird

Here at we have helped thousand of bird owners stop their parrot's biting.  We can help you take your bird from being impossible to handle all the way to a gentle and happy bird who is excited to jump onto your hand like Bondi in the video below.

So lets talk about Parrot Biting and get to the task of fixing it! Rest assured that it is also one of the easiest behaviors to solve once you have some resources with which to work.

Why Is My Parrot Biting Me?

One of the first things you can do to stop a parrot from biting is to think back and remember what you both were doing right before he bit you.

Maybe your parrot is simply trying to communicate something to you. It's important to understand your birds body language as this is often an indicator that he is going to bite.

Also, think about what the parrot was doing right before he started biting. If you were both playing, you may have gotten your parrot too excited and he or she bit out of excitement. In this case, you can alter your mode of play.
Parrot Biting

By really analyzing what your parrot was doing right before the bite occurred you should be able to reverse engineer the cause of the bite.  Once you have figured out the most likely cause of the bite you should be ready to take the next step in stopping your parrots biting.

First Step To Stop Bird Biting

To stop a parrot from biting you need to make sure you are not having a loud reaction when the biting is taking place. If it hurts, you need to release yourself gently and go into another room to deal with the pain or anger the incident may have caused. Otherwise, your negative actions could actually be reinforcing the biting.

Bird get easily excited when you yell or scream and they don't know you're doing this out of pain or frustration so by reacting to the bite you can actually be unintentionally  rewarding them for biting you which will of course lead to more biting.

It is very important to not take your parrot biting personally. Be sure to remain calm and unattached in order to detect what is provoking this behavior so you can end it once and for all. Also parrots are very empathetic and you don’t want your new bird to over react to your nervousness. So be calm and patient with your bird.

Chet Stopped This Parrot BitingAnother quick tip to stop the parrot biting is to make sure you use the “up” command whenever you go to take your bird out of its cage. If your parrot does not respond to the “up” command, it may just be that it wants to be left alone to eat, sleep, or play. Respect these times and you will have a much happier relationship with your parrot.

One Other Consideration When It Comes To Bird Biting

Sometimes parrot biting is actually what is known as “beaking.” This is when your parrot is feeling with its beak. When this is happening, if you pull back too fast this behavior can quickly turn into your parrot biting. Keep in mind that your parrot will sometimes use his beak to help him balance when stepping up onto your hand and you should not withdraw your hand when he does this.

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