poison_sign for parrot toys The Dirty Little Secret of the
Fast-Growing Bird Toy Industry
Has Now Been Revealed...

“Your Parrot Toys May Be KILLING Your Bird... And You Don't Even Know It!”

Discover The Hidden Dangers In Those Innocent-Looking Bird Toys You’re Purchasing From Your Local Pet Stores...

... And Find Out How You May Be Slowly, Unknowingly, KILLING Your Bird With Those Loving Gifts You're Giving Him!

An Urgent Letter From Chet Womach
Parrot Behavior Specialist and Concerned Bird Owner

Tuesday, 10:43 a.m.

Dear Parrot Lover,

I urge you to read the following page carefully...

... Because what I'm about to share with you could literally save your bird's life.

Your bird's toys -- the very SAME toys you buy him as little gifts during your regular trips to the local pet store -- may be slowly killing him... poisoning him to death... and you have absolutely NO IDEA!

You see, every year, the popularity of parrots increases in the U.S...

In fact, experts now believe that more than 15% of U.S. households keep pet birds.

And with this rise in demand for parrots, there has been an explosion of bird toy manufacturers who are eager to make a quick buck off loving pet owners, but who have ZERO practical knowledge of what it takes to keep your birds safe and healthy.

And do they care...? It's hard to say...

Greedy Bird Toy Manufacturers Don't Care
Whether Your Bird Lives Or Dies.

In the last year alone, you've probably seen the news stories of tainted pet food imported out of China killing dogs and cats, because it used "melamine fillers" to fake higher levels of protein!

Or, how about the recalls of toys made in China because they used lead paint! Poisonous to children!

So it can't surprise you all that much to hear that bird toys have now been affected by a lack of quality control and standards, too!

Here's what you need to know to keep your bird safe...

Your Bird's Toys May Be Polluted With
Dangerous Toxins and Poisons!

Just because you're buying toys from a reputable local pet store does NOT mean they're safe for your bird.

First off, stores that carry a wide range of pet supplies don't have the time or energy to research the safety and quality of every product they carry.

If they did, wouldn't SOMEBODY have uncovered the melamine issue in the pet foods earlier, before so many dearly loved family pets had to die??? One report I saw said there were over 60 MILLION recalls from that problem alone!

And second, you and I both know that parrots are highly sensitive creatures, with a mile long list of "common" toxins and chemicals they can't be exposed without risking their lives!

It's pretty darn unlikely that your average pet store owner is going to have a comprehensive understanding of what's poisonous or dangerous for your bird, and what's not.

When they're buying bird toys to sell in their stores, they're thinking... "Will I profit?"... and "Does this toy look attractive enough to sell?"

And that's about it.

But here's the REAL kicker...

Reading Toy Labels Is Not Good Enough...
Your Bird Could STILL Be At Risk!

This is important, so I'll repeat it again...

Reading the labels on each bird toy you purchase
simply isn't good enough!

Because even if a toy label says it's safe and approved by bird experts, it doesn't mean it's truly safe!

No manufacturer wants to get their butt sued for making untrue claims or promises.

So if their products contain dangerous chemicals or substances... Well, heck, they simply leave those important little details off their labels.

And that means, you have NO WAY of knowing whether or not a toy contains toxic chemicals unless you're willing to fork over hundreds of dollars to have your toys individually tested.

Practical? I don't think so! And yet...

You Can't Blindly Trust Your Local Pet Supplier To Do The Homework For You!

Poisons and toxins that have been commonly found in bird toys include...


Formaldehyde and Formalin... Most often found in leather made outside the USA, which can cause nasal tumors, rashes, inflammation and respiratory problems!

Zinc... Most commonly used to coat iron and steel used in bird toys to keep them from rusting! Common signs of zinc toxicity include feather plucking, excessive urine in droppings, weight loss, weakness, anemia, gastrointestinal problems, hyperglycemia, seizures and DEATH!
Lead... This is one of the most common poisoning in birds and it can cause nervous system disorders, usually seizures. Signs include lethargy, weight loss, regurgitation, loss of balance and staggering, head tilt, circling, blindness, head tremors, convulsions, and seizures.

Arsenic... Typically found in pressure treated woods used to make cheap bird toys -- and no big surprise, arsenic is poisonous to birds!

Woods that have been stained or varnished to add color can be highly toxic. And so are toys made with woods like cedar, red cherry, plywood, and oak!

... And of course, this is just a short list.

Signs Your Bird Is ALREADY In Trouble:

Please, please, please rush your bird to the vet immediately if he starts exhibiting any of the following symptoms, which are all common signs of toxicity and poisoning:

* Anemia

* Loss Of Balance

* Blindness

* No Appetite

* Bloody Feces

* Paralysis

* Bloody Urine

* Poor Breathing

* Circling

* Rashes

* Convulsions

* Regurgitation

* Depression

* Respiratory Problems

* Drinking Way More Water

* Seizures

* Feather Plucking

* Staggering

* Green Diarrhea

* Tremors

* Head Tilt

* Upset Stomach

* Head Tremors

* Vomiting

* Increased Urination

* Weakness

* Lethargy

* Weight Loss

... And keep in mind, symptoms of toxicity can range from mild to severe!

So while a mild case of toxicity might depress your bird's nervous system making him seem irritable and generally unhappy... more serious cases can cause degeneration of the kidney, pancreas, liver, and DEATH!

This is very, very serious!

And Don't Think Your Bird Is Safe
Just Because He's NOT Exhibiting
These Symptoms Today!

Just because your bird isn't showing symptoms of toxicity and poisoning today, doesn't mean your toys are "safe"...

In severe cases of toxicity (acute toxicity), where your bird ingests a large amount of the poison in one shot by swallowing flakes of paint or metallic objects, the symptoms may appear suddenly and severely...

... So you'll notice a change in your bird's health very quickly!

But in cases where your bird may be ingesting very small amounts of the toxins on a daily basis (chronic toxicity)... the symptoms may not be noticeable at all...

... Until it's too late for you to do anything about it!

That's why prevention is the very best way to deal with toxicity!

But Where Do You Find Toys That Are
SAFE For Your Parrot?

Of course, trying to find safe, natural, 100% organic bird toys that don't contain any of these dangerous toxins or chemicals can be VERY difficult!

Especially since you can't rely on labels or even local pet store owners for help! And you likely don't have the time or money to invest in toxin testing for every new toy you decide to buy on a whim.

That's why, I've decided to tackle this problem myself, do the research FOR YOU, and help you find toys that are truly safe for your parrots...

... Toys that I'm personally THRILLED to let my birds play with because they've met my strict safety guidelines, including...

checkmark Made using vegetable tanned leather (NOT formaldehyde!)
checkmark Made with stainless steel or iron -- with NO zinc coating!

Made ONLY with "approved" woods, dyed with vegetables that are 100% safe for your bird!

checkmark Use links and chains made of stainless steel to attach toys to the cage -- not dangerous galvanized metals!
checkmark Do NOT use glues, adhesives, lacquers or paints!

Plus, you should also know, I'm insisting on recommending toys that:


Do NOT use flavoring... I know that flavored wood toys are becoming popular, but the problem is, the bird's don't just play with them... They actually EAT them, which is not safe!

Chunks of wood can block their digestive tract, or even cut their crop or intestines with sharp edges!


Are the correct size for YOUR species of bird... Chain toys and rope toys that are the wrong size can trap your bird's neck, legs, or feet and the bird panics!

They can literally become nooses for your bird, and a panicking bird will even chew off its own toes to free itself... imagine this happening while you're away at work!


Do NOT use split rings or key rings... These can be VERY dangerous because birds get their beaks, toes, and tongues caught in them!

checkmark Do NOT include bells that can snag your bird's beak.

... And that's just the beginning.

Because every parrot toy you'll receive as a member of "Parrot Toys By Mail" will be personally approved by me -- and "fun tested" by my own flock of goofballs!

Every Month, I'll Send You THREE New Toys ... All 100% Safe, Natural, and Organic!

These days, finding ONE safe, toxin-free toy for your bird can be challenging...

And the fact is, you need a minimum of three new toys for your bird every month. Not only because many birds play rough with their toys and destroy them...

... But because your parrot gets bored easily!

And when a parrot gets bored, serious behavior problems can develop like biting, screaming, and feather plucking!

In the wild, a parrot might fly 50+ miles per day foraging for food. So to keep your bird mentally active, stimulated, and challenged, it's *extremely* important that you rotate new toys into his cage regularly!

That's why, I've decided to create my very own "Parrot Toys By Mail Club" .

It took many long hours of brutal phone calls, research, a whopping investment of over $5,000 testing toys from nearly 24 different toy manufacturers. But I'm excited to tell you that all my hard work and efforts paid off.

Because I've *finally* found a supplier I can trust...

All of their toys are 100% natural, organic, and SAFE!

Completely toxin free!!!!!

... Unfortunately, their toys are NOT readily available in local pet stores. However, I'm excited to tell you that I've managed to strike a deal with them, so I can now deliver their toys to you by mail every month!

Your bird will enjoy toys like...

parrot toy

The Bamboo Man... This toy cracks me up. And my birds love it. It's jam-packed with shreddable fun for your bird. The bamboo body is filled with coconut fiber, corn cob, veggie leather, oyster shells, cuttle bone... all strung on 100% natural, handmade sisal cord and some colorful straw!

parrots toy

The Shredding Butterfly... My Blue & Gold Macaw, "Tiko", is a really big fan of this fun looking toy. It's filled with all kinds of shreddable goodies including corn cobs, natural coconut wings, and oyster shells!

bird toy

The Giddy-Up Horse... Don't be surprised to find your birds swinging or hanging from this toy. Shaped like a horse, it will keep your feathered buddy occupied for hours with its coconut shell, husk, bamboo, veggie leather, cuttlebone, and oyster shell!

The Climbing Wall... This one is a favorite of my Military Macaw, "Cash." It's made from colorful bamboo rings that are hung together and make it fun to climb and chew, all at once! The rings are strung together using natural sisal and coconut fiber with knots in the center for even more beak-pleasing fun!

large parrot toy

The Giant Bamboozler... This tower of shapes and textures will keep your bird busy for HOURS! It's packed with interesting materials like coconut shell, husk, bamboo, veggie, leather, cuttlebone, and oyster shell!

shreddable parrot toy

The Party Piñata... All of my small and medium-sized birds are nuts for the pinatas! Your birds will spend hours and hours chewing and tearing apart this carefully wound bundle of palm leaves and natural tropical plants! And you'll be shocked at how long it lasts!

bird toys

The Ultimate Stacker... This tower of stacked shapes and materials will entertain your birds for days, with its bamboo base, coconut fiber, corn cob, veggie leather, oyster shells, cuttle bone, and more!

parakeet toys

Bird In The Bush... Many birds love to snuggle and hide around and under this wonderful palm leaf toy. Others enjoy shredding it! Either way, it should be a big hit with your birds!

african grey toys
Blast Off Space Ship... Here's another toy, filled with all kinds of shreddable goodies for your bird. The bamboo body is filled with coconut fibre, corn cob, veggie leather, oyster shells, cuttle bone... all strung on 100% natural, handmade sisal cord and some colorful straw!

... And I'm just getting started here!

There will be many, MANY more exciting toys coming... Plus...

Each Toy Is Guaranteed To Have Received My Personal Stamp Of Approval!

I can personally assure you that each of these toys has received my personal stamp of approval...

... And my birds have all given them an enthusiastic two-wings up, too!

So each month, you'll not only enjoy the surprise of opening a fresh box of three exciting new toys for your birds, you can also be assured that every toy...

checkmark Is made of 100% natural materials including coconut shell, corn cobs, husk, bamboo, veggie leather, cuttle bone, and oyster shells!
checkmark Every toy is designed to be shreddable and destroyable for your bird's pleasure!
checkmark Each one includes endless shapes and textures to keep your bird mentally stimulated!
checkmark All toys have been colored using natural vegetable dyes!
checkmark Every toy is made of renewable, recyclable materials!
checkmark They only use 100% natural handmade sisal cord.
checkmark Many toys include oyster shells that are an excellent source of calcium! (We'll make sure you get a regular shipment of these!)
checkmark All toys are manufactured, packaged, and shipped in a clean, smoke-free, bird-free environment.

... Plus each toy comes with either a wooden link for attaching it to your bird's cage, or a stainless steel quick link!

Forget those cheap, zinc coated metal links that are a health hazard for your buddy.

These stainless steel quick links alone are a $3.99 to $4.99 value each but they'll be included FREE with monthly packages!

(And they're completely reusable with other toys!)

You Get My Very Best Offer...

Purchasing toys at a local pet shop is a hassle.

You've got to drive to the store every month, sort through the 100+ toys available at that particular store, find the right-sized toy for YOUR species of bird...

... And now that you're aware of toxicity hazards, you'll be reading the labels and talking to the store owners, still unsure if you're making a wise purchasing decision.

Because you won't know, will you?

Unless you're prepared to call the manufacture, interview them, and test their toys like I did.

In case you're wondering why I'm so passionate about this, I should tell you
... My military macaw "Cash"
almost DIED from metal toxicity.


Here's an x-ray of his stomach
-- see all those tiny metal chunks?
If we hadn't got him to the vet,
he would have DIED in 24hrs.

And do you REALLY want that hassle?

What's the cost if you don't take these preventative steps?

For example, did you know the cost of treatment for zinc poisoning alone is roughly $400... sometimes more. And that's assuming your bird is "curable" when you recognize the symptoms and get him to the vet.

The cost can be much greater.

Because let's face it... We're talking about your bird's life here.

You can't take all his toys away from him. He'll be bored stiff and develop behavior and health issues related to the boredom like feather plucking and screaming. He needs the toys. But he needs SAFE toys.

Toys that are guaranteed to be toxin free.

So let me make it easy for you: I would like to invite you to...

Become A Club Member Today
... Without Risking A Dime!

Becoming a member of my "Parrot Toys By Mail Club" is easy.

Simply fill out the form provided at the end of this letter, letting me know how many birds you'd like to sign up, and what species they are.

As soon as I've received your membership application, I'll process it, and get your FIRST toy package on its way to you by postal mail.

I'll custom-pack the order especially for YOUR species and size of bird.

Whether you own a single large species like an African Gray, or multiple parrots of various species, you'll get exactly the right size toys, for exactly YOUR species!

All for just $19.95 per month for small species, $39.95 per month of medium species, and $59.95 per month for large species. (You can click here now to see what size of toys I recommend for YOUR species.)

Very reasonable... especially when you consider they're all guaranteed to be 100% natural, organic, and toxin free!

Plus, there's no long-term commitment.

And no money risk.

As long as you're a member, I'll send you a fresh package of new toys each month...

But if at any time you don't feel you're getting your money's worth, you're welcome to cancel... and return unused, unopened toys to me within 30 days for a full 100% refund!

You'll Also Enjoy This Special Bonus Gift...

Like I mentioned above, there's absolutely no money risk.

Your protection as a member of my "Parrot Toys By Mail Club" will continue for as long as you remain enrolled.

But you MUST respond within the next 24 hours to guarantee enjoyment of these two limited-time bonus gifts...

I'll Send You This Special Report...

To make sure your bird is truly safe in your home, I'd also like to send you this very special bonus report...

"Keeping Your Birds SAFE From
The 100 Most Common Household Toxins!"

parrot toys reportLike I mentioned earlier, there's a mile long list of common household plants and products that are deadly for your bird.

So I've put together this careful report, to make certain you know exactly how to keep your bird away from the hidden dangers in his home environment...

... Including many surprising items that you wouldn't THINK are hazards!

You'll automatically receive this report (a $19.95 value, yours FREE!) within the next 5 minutes by email, as part of your membership sign-up package.

Sign-Up Immediately To Guarantee
Your Spot In Our Toy Rewards Program..

Now is the very best time to join my brand-new "Parrot Toys By Mail Club."

We're celebrating the release of this brand-new program, so those who join in the next 24 hours will be guaranteed benefits that include...

checkmark Absolutely NO enrollment or sign-up fee, just the regular low monthly dues.
checkmark Your choice of toy packages for small, medium, and large species birds!
checkmark The Special Bonus Report... "Keeping Your Birds SAFE From The 100 Most Common Household Toxins!"
checkmark A 100% money back guarantee for unused toys returned within 30 days as part of a membership cancellation
checkmark And of course, the satisfaction of knowing your bird is playing with SAFE toys that are 100% toxin free!

Remember that local pet stores don't typically carry the 100% natural toys I'm offering.

You've got absolutely NO MONEY RISK at all because you're protected by my 100% money back guarantee. And your enrollment in my "Toy Rewards Program" is guaranteed if you sign up in the next 5 minutes...

Click Here Now To Become A Member...

* WARNING... Please note, no toy can be 100% for EVERY bird! *

You know your birds best, so be prepared to supervise your birds' play with new toys or certain toys you know they're particularly rough with.

No toy is 100% safe, and there will always be birds who find ways to hurt themselves. You need to be smart, remove toys that are worn out, watch for loose threads, and remove non-food items that can be swallowed.

Check your toys daily and use common sense to keep your bird safe!

To your success with a healthy, happy parrot!

Chet Womach, Author
Bird Training And Taming Tricks

P.S. This might sound a bit harsh, but I ask you to consider, just for a moment...

If you don't become a member of "Parrot Toys By Mail" today, how WILL you make sure your birds' toys are toxin-free, poison-free, and safe?

I've already shown you that reading labels and speaking with pet store owners often isn't good enough. So are you really willing to risk the long-term health -- even the LIFE -- of your parrot by continuing to buy just any old toys?

Especially when you know that I've already done the hard work of testing, and researching 100% natural toys FOR YOU?

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