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Parrot Training Guide:

A Guide for Parrot Training

Parrot training guides used to be long, drawn out, and boring!  Not any more! Here at BirdTricks we are dedicated to helping all bird owners be able to train their birds with minimal effort and expense. And hey, lets have some fun while we do it.

We are sure you would not mind finding a Parrot Training Guide that will catapult your bird from the juvenile delinquent it is now to a well mannered, behaved, funny, tame, and trained bird.

A Parrot Training Guide that Will:

  • Stop The Biting For Good
  • End the Loud Screaming
  • Teach Your Parrot To Love Everyone

Imagine all the hours of enjoyment you will have as you play with your bird and watch all the tricks he or she can do. And all it took was a few hours a day for a couple of weeks and presto, your bird is transformed into a wonderful family pet parrot.

Sign Up For Your Parrot Training Guide

We like to tell our clients that in order to do parrot training successfully you have to adhere to certain guidelines. The first one being that when your parrot follows your command correctly you reward him with treats and attention. The other side of this is also true.

Whenever your parrot does not follow your command, you must ignore the incorrect behavior. This way you are not reinforcing behaviors that you don’t want. In this way, the training becomes easier over time and more fun.

In our Parrot Training Guide we specialize in making training for you and your bird as easy as possible. We have put together some parrot training CD’s that will bring you the audio of actual training sessions. With these parrot training CD’s, you can be sure that you are following our system completely.

Remember, parrot training is about repetition and reward. Working with your parrot every day for a specified time period over a few short weeks, you will be amazed at how fast your bird changes. Joy and fun will be the main staples of your relationship with your bird once you have been able to tame and train with use of our Parrot Training Guide.

Our training package includes:

  • Taming Training Tricks DVD's
  • Two High Quality 60min Training Cd's
  • How To Get My Parrot To Love me E-book
  • How to Potty Train My Parrot E-book
  • A Parrot Training Device that will cut your time in half

Before you begin to train your parrot, come and visit Bird Tricks and sign up for the free parrot training guide to be delivered to you via e-mail. You will be delighted with the simplicity and ease of directions, as well as the fast results you will see in your bird almost overnight.