Here's the only place where you get the FREE fun-to-watch videotape, and simple-to-read instruction manuals, that step by step finally show you exactly how...

"You Can Easily Tame And Train Your Parrot... Even A Wild, Biting, Out Of Control 'Juvenile Delinquent'... Into A Trick-Trained, Hand-Tamed And Fully Trusting 'Member Of The Family' -- Starting On Your Very First Day!"

"This offer is unlike anything you may have read about, heard about or seen. It's not just a book... Not just another entertainment oriented videotape of instructors training already tamed and trained birds...

"It's your chance to crawl inside the head of a 'Bird Whisperer' (highly skilled trainer) and understand, finally, bird behavior for yourself...

"He actually shows you, step by step all of his secret methods, by taming and training untamed and untrained birds — while you watch.

Play the recording above to hear the exact steps to parrot training mastery in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

"In fact, just by watching from the comfort of your couch, you'll know exactly how to train any parrot (or cockatiel) in less than 19 minutes a day over as little as 2 short weeks — even if you're a complete novice — and even if you've already tried everything else on the market and failed miserably."

By Chet Womach
Written Tuesday, 1:44 pm
Spokane, Washington

Imagine you were sitting at your computer just one week ago, reading this letter... Using the "Tame and Train" techniques on this fun-to-watch video... You could be spending time with your playful and happy bird, and laughing because of all the tricks he's starting to learn and perform for you...

  • Climbs right onto your hand without biting or fearing you
  • Shakes his head 'No' on a simple signal from you
  • Nods his head 'Yes' on your command
  • Plays fetch and bring objects to you (keys, toys...)
  • Lays on his back in your hands or on a table for a great 'sleeping baby' skit that will have you friends "Oohing" and "Ahing" completely impressed by your bird training mastery
  • Enthusiastically gives you the cutest one-legged wave whenever you come in the room, (or anytime you want on your hidden signal)

We have a "Tame and Train" system that does something that no other parrot training system on the market can do for you and your bird.

We start with completely untamed, untrained birds and, right in front of the camera, tame them and train them step-by-step for you, so you can train your bird, too. NO "pre-trained" birds. NO actors. NO complex techniques.

Don't take my word for it... Listen to exactly how well our system worked for a lady and her terrified, biting Macaw, who only started using our taming and training system a week ago.

"... Totally Intimidated Me — Bit Us, Drew Blood... [And] In 1 Week, [He Has]
Become The Best Pet In The World!"

"This is Gail and her Green Wing Macaw that She adopted. The poor bird had been abused by its previous owners, and started pulling its feathers and drawing blood when it bit.

"This picture was taken a week after trying our methods. The feathers are going to take longer to grow back, but listen to the message Gail left us about her bird's progress.

Click Below
To Listen

— Gail And
Her Bird Lester


I Make 17 Crucial Parrot Training Mistakes In This Video Course — And Why I'd Be A Total Inbreed To Edit Them Out

At first I was totally embarrassed when we got back our copies of this video course from the replicators, because I realized I hadn't edited out 17 Major mistakes that I made while directly dealing with our parrots in this video training course.

I thought our customers would think I was a total "Inbreed" for making these mistakes on video.  But I Was Wrong!

About a week after we released this course to the public, I started getting inundated with thank you mail, from people saying that they learned so much more, from watching me make those mistakes with our birds.

They said that without watching those training mistakes, and seeing how I worked through them, they would have made the exact same mistakes, and wouldn't have made half the progress with their birds.

They were so comforted watching how I reacted when my Macaw, would attack me after I did something wrong, that they were filled with more confidence about overcoming those same issues in their birds.

To be candid, there is truly no other product on the market that shows you exactly how to tackle and solve the really tough challenges using untamed, untrained birds with the cameras rolling.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let's face it, probably everything you have been told up to this point hasn't worked, so why should you trust me?

Let me give you 4 good reasons that back up what we claim about "Taming and Training" your bird:

Here Are 4 Reasons To
Believe What We Say...

  • Reason 1: We videotaped every "Taming and Training" session with our meanest (and very large) bird on camera. And we literally show you every stumbling block and every victory along the way.

    Your birds probably aren't this wild, but letting you watch our struggles and how we work through them gives you exact, step-by-step answers to your individual training situation, so you get fast results with your bird — even if it's a Cockatiel, Quaker, or other small bird.

  • Reason 2: I promise to personally pull out my check book, and pay for you to be coached by a private parrot behavior consultant, if you get stuck applying any of our methods to your bird. Again, this is 'just in case'.

  • Reason 3: Our taming and training methods work with you bird's natural instincts, not their intelligence. This is the reason why we can teach even cockatiels, Quakers, lovebirds and other small birds how to do almost any trick all the larger birds can do.

  • Reason 4: We actually prove to you before you ever start using our program that it works by emailing you a private video of me tutoring a clients bird I had never met in my life.  I'll send it to you when you sign up for our free 3 Day E-Course further down on this webpage.

You get this FREE training video showing you exactly how we took a bird we had never met and taught him a trick within 43 minutes of beginning the session. You get to see us in action so you can see how effectively these methods work for you with your own bird.


Take this actual voice message Pat Lebeau left us...

"... Hear Why Even Professional Animal Trainers Who Have Trained Everything From Macaws To Killer Whales Love This Course"

"I received your tapes a few months ago, and just wanted to say "Kudos" and good job ..."

"I hope you guys are coming out with more tapes in the near future"


"... Helped Me Tremendously... Amazing...
[My] Cockatiel Learned How To Wave
In The Very First Session!"

Listen to the awesome results Patrick got with his cockatiel. Click "play" to listen...

"This is the probably the best money I have ever spent on my birds. My cockatiel learned to wave in his very 1st session"

— Pat Lebeau


Here Are 19 Key Benefits You'll Get, Simply
By Watching Your "Tame And Train" Video

  • Key Benefit #1. Tame And Train ANY Size Bird — Even Cockatiels, Quakers And Lovebirds

    You'll train your smaller birds by "shaping" natural instincts and not by relying on your bird's intelligence. This is why all birds are capable of becoming great performers!

  • Key Benefit #2. Stop Any Kind Of Bird From Biting You, Even If It Wildly Thrashes And Charges At You When You're 5 Feet Away From The Cage!

    You'll get over 3 hours of heavily researched audio CD's, diving into dozens of different methods you can use to stop your parrot from biting and get him to willingly come to you on command.

  • Key Benefit #3. 3 Step Formula Mrs. "X" (A Top Parrot Behavior Consultant) Revealed To Me During A Private Consultation That Cures Even The Meanest Parrot's Fear Of You - In 3 Days!

    I interviewed over 5 behavior consultants before I found Mrs. "X", a parrot behavior consultant who's methods get results for her clients — fast. I begged Mrs. "X" to let me interview her over the phone and reveal her methods to you, and with some arm twisting, she finally agreed.

    Mrs. "X" would have charged you $179.99 in consultation fees, to reveal this 3 step system, so the value is awesome.

  • Key Benefit #4. Can't Get Your Parrot To 'Step Up' Nicely?

    Brain dead simple solution will have your parrot stepping up in as little as 3 easy minutes, and never longer than 3 days.  Once you get good at this technique, you can walk into any parrot store, and have the meanest parrot begging you to pick him up and play with him.- (see 5:53 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #5. How To Find Reflex Points In Your Parrot And Safely Use Them To Train Advanced Behaviors

    We'll show you how most parrots have secret reflexes, that when you touch, blow, wet, or excite, will provoke hilarious behaviors you've never seen before.  Plus how to put them on cue, so your bird will do a repeat performance whenever you wish. (see 22:31 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #6. How To Train Your Parrot To Answer "Yes" or "No" To Any Question You Ask With 100% Accuracy (And how tiny hidden cues make this possible)

    Woo your loved ones when you ask your parrot if it loves them and it nods for you. (And they think you've put all that time and effort in training your parrot to do just that for them!- see 27:22 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #7. Retrieve or Play Fetch

    There is nothing like having your parrot bring your keys for you or play a game of fetch with his favorite ball. (In fact, "Fetch" is much easier to train than you might think! - 42:31 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #8. How Teaching My 'Pissed-Off' Blue And Gold Macaw To Lay On His Back Stopped His Biting (And How You Can Do The Same Even If Your Deathly Afraid Of Your Bird)

    You'll see how to handle even the meanest bird... And after just 2 short weeks, you'll get them to trust you enough to lay over on its back, in your hands or on a table. You'll be amazed! (see 14:43 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #9. Magical Card Trick — You're Spouse Will Be More Baffled Then Watching David Copperfield Disappear

    Imagine having your friend pick a card out of a deck. You hide the card back in the deck and spread the cards out on a table. Your parrot then goes over and picks out the exact same card every single time!  More on how I pulled this off below — How I did it will shock you! (see 30:13 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #10. Overcome Biting Without Getting Bitten (In Fact, We Show You How To Overcome ALL Biting Challenges)

    Use our blueprint to eliminate biting, and never worry about stocking up on band aids again, there is virtually no way to get bitten. And we prove it to you, right on camera with a bird that bites, and bites HARD. (see 10:59 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #11. How to Stop His Screaming

    Remember what it was like when your home was quiet? Our method to stop your bird from screaming is so simple, you'll be mad you didn't think of it a long time ago. (see 46:20 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #12. No More Feather Plucking

    If your bird plucks its feathers, then its needs aren't being met, and it needs more mental stimulation. Well, trick training gives your bird a unique learning experience every time you train, and can actually have your bird running over to his cage door for you to teach him something new, instead of running away and cowering in the corner of his cage.

  • Key Benefit #13. How A 12 Year Old Girl Terminated Her Parrot's  Screaming By Getting Him To Wave For Her Attention Instead Of Screaming His Head Off —Their Home Is Finally Quiet

    We teach you how to get a chuckle out of your friends and family as your parrot gives each family member an enthusiastic wave when they enter the room, and how to further use this trick to stop screaming. (see 20:46 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #14. How You Can Use A Secret Device To Tame Your Parrot Up To 217% Faster — And Yes That Is A Real Percentage

    If you'll let me, I want to show you an amazing way to tame your bird using a small secret device. (Even if your bird resembles a Tasmanian Devil!) I promise, you have NEVER heard of using this common item like this before.

  • Key Benefit #15. How To Cure the "One Person Bird" From Attacking Your Loved Ones

    Almost every bird out there develops a strong bond with only one member of the family. However, even though your bird may love you, he acts like he hates everybody else, including YOUR loved ones and especially new people you introduce into his environment.

    I have to tell you that the technique I teach you in our system that stops your parrots from being a "one-person bird" is more effective than anything else you may have tried.

  • Key Benefit #16. Email Access To Parrot Training Specialists

    If at any time after studying our video you seem to be in a jam with training your parrot, I am available. Never hesitate to send us an email with any questions about your bird. I will get back to you quickly to answer questions and you'll be back to training in no time.

  • Key Benefit #17. Forum Support

    Sometimes, even faster than e-mail is the support you'll find on our forum. I visit every day and you'll find some of the nicest, most helpful bird lovers anywhere — ready, willing and able to answer your questions or just talk about their favorite subject... Birds!

  • Key Benefit #18. 3 Common Mistakes You're Probably Making That Spell Doom For Ever Hoping To Tame Your Parrot

    This will be like the light bulb finally turning on, as you understand why you've never made any progress with your parrot. (see 5:10 on video 1)

  • Key Benefit #19. Watch Me Make A Huge Training Mistake That Petrifies My Bird And See How I Calm Him Down

    Knowing this will allow you to avoid the 2 steps forward 1 step back, parrot training trap, by learning how to help your parrot get over traumatic situations. (see 12:55 on video 1)

  • And Much, Much More. Including 21 Additional Training Secrets, Shortcuts And Methods Scattered Throughout This Awesome Video Course


Grab Your 3-Day E-Course Right Now, "Breakthrough Training Methods," Delivered Straight To Your E-Mail Inbox For FREE!

PLUS, If you let me, I will send you one of my breakthrough parrot training videos a $14.95 value for free! (I will never sell, rent or share your private information with anyone)

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We Take A Different Approach...

Let me explain.

Tiko was running the house.

The problem was that Tiko is a large, 15 year old bird. We had been told that older birds were more set in their ways and nearly impossible to tame and train. But we had nothing to lose, so we decided to video tape ourselves using our "Taming and Training" techniques on our 15 year old bird.

It WORKED! And we caught all of it on video for you to see, so you can easily tame and train your birds, too.

We caught all the great progress Tiko made, but more important than that, we caught all the goof-ups as well. These goof-ups not only make the video even more fun-to-watch, but you'll know exactly what to do when your birds don't "follow the script".

Here is an actual shot of our first training session with us taming Tiko.

Notice how he puts up a fight at first and then starts to actually like getting petted — on his head (as you see in the lower photo). These shots are after only 15 minutes of Tiko's first "Taming and Training" session.

Here he is trying to bite me.

Here he is trying to get away.

And look at how his mood completely changed
only 15 minutes into his first training session!

Above are screenshots from an actual training session recorded "live."

NO tricks, NO actors, NO previous training!

We wanted you to see everything our bird did wrong, because we wanted you to know how to easily overcome any challenge standing between you and complete success with you bird.

On one of our very first videoshots, we try to get Tiko to let us pet him. You'll laugh as he practically flies off his perch. He screams his beak off letting us know that he didn't want anything to do with being trained.

The bottom photo above is Tiko, the same bird, after only 15 minutes. You'll see, by his 4th session, Tiko begging us to scratch the back of his head.

We go on to show you 'how-to' segments from the training sessions of every single trick. So by the time we're through each session, you can duplicate our success with confidence.

Tell me...

... Who Else Offers This Kind Of Visual,
Step-By-Step, Effective Coaching For You?

Take for example the "card trick" that you train your parrot to do...

Have a friend pick any card out of a regular deck of cards. Show it to your audience. You place the card back in the deck and spread all the cards over the table and tell your parrot to find the card. Talk about a reaction!

The trick is that you actually train your bird to recognize a teeny dot on the back of the playing card, no larger than a pin head!

There are 3 specific hurdles to overcome while training this trick to your bird. We clearly show you how to easily handle each one like a professional parrot trainer.

In fact, after they see you and your bird do this trick, don't be surprised if your friends ask you to train their bird.

It's important you know, that the parrots in our videos are NOT exceptional. They have NEVER been trained before the video was made. All of them are OLDER birds. They are nothing special!

(Well, they're pretty special to us, but you know what I mean.)

Trust me, you'll know your stuff far better by watching a "Taming and Training" session using an untamed, untrained bird.

So that is what we provide for you. Just a simple step-by-step process taking an average bird like Tiko, who had some behavioral problems, and turn him into a performing star — right before your eyes.

But Don't Take My Word For It...
Listen To What Our Customers Say.

"If It Wasn't For Your Help, This Bird
Would Have Been Out The Window!"

This is an example of a lady who's parrot had more serious problems than our video covered. Here is her response at how personally getting in contact with her helped her Amazon, "Sonny," to stop biting her. Now, this is our customer service at work!

Click on this link to hear the actual voice message he left us. Click "play" to listen...

"The instruction were all new to me and new to Sonny (Elisa's Amazon) also, and surprisingly they worked very well. Now Sonny is not biting me... If it were not for your help and your videotape, this bird would be out the window."

— Elisa from Philadelphia

Update! Since she left her voice message, Elisa contacted me several more times, and reported a complete transformation in her Amazon.

This is testimonial from a teenager from New York, who trained his blue and gold macaw how to wave, in just a couple of days. A feat which got him hired to perform with his parrot, in front of "American Eagle" at a mall in New York.

Click on this link to hear the actual voice message he left us. Click "play" to listen...

"It's a very, very well produced video... After about two or three days, I had my bird waving hello on command!"

— Wade from New York,

You'll love this one. This message is actually a tape recording of a conversation I was having with one of my clients. He got his 2 parrots from the zoo, and they were off the charts mean until he got my kit.

Click on this link to hear the actual phone call between us. Click "play" to listen...

Warning! Do NOT Buy Any Parrot Training Videos Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria

There is a lot of confusion in our field.

I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must search for in your in any training material you choose:

  1. Completely tames as well as trains your bird...

  2. Works for any parrot — even smaller birds — cockatiels, parakeets, quakers — any size bird...

  3. The video must show you how to eliminate biting with step-by-step examples using untamed and untrained parrots...

  4. The video should cover all the bases and show the part of parrot training that doesn't go as planned, and how you can overcome each hurdle, and catch it all on video so you can do it, too...

  5. You should be supported with expert advice on how to overcome challenges in the training that you are unable to figure out. And if necessary, you should have phone support available to you to help walk you through your training problems...

  6. You should be able to access and ask people who have already seen the video what they think. That's why we recorded some of our happy customer's voice along with their written testimonials above.

We Spent Over $1,293.10 In Books, Videos & Consulting Fees — So You Wouldn't Have To

Let's face it.  You have already spent a lot of money on your parrot, including $100.00 - $2,000.00 just to buy your bird, $500.00 minimum for his cage, and $35 in toys every month to keep him entertained.  And that doesn't even begin to account for food or veterinary expenses. 

But the sad thing is most parrot owners aren't willing to pay a fraction of that to make sure their parrot has a loving relationship with them.  And if that's you, it's Not Your Fault!

Up until now, it cost the average parrot owner $1293.10 to pay for the much needed video courses, the half a dozen books, magazine subscriptions and Parrot Behavior Consulting fees to get access to training information that will actually work for their parrot.

How do I know it costs $1,293.10? 

Because that's what I willingly paid out of my own pocket to know what the experts know.  Below is a list of all the training information I had to purchase to transform, my ugly nasty parrots into well adjusted angels.

  • 13 Books, or manuals - Totaling $194.35 (that's before sales tax)

  • 3 Parrot Trick Training Videos $49.95 each -Totaling $149.85

  • 2 Parrot Behavior Videos - Totaling $99.90

  • 1 Parrot Training "How-To-Course" (This course sold for $299)

And because I had a few other tough parrot issues I had to work through, I had to pay $175.00 for a 4 hour consultation with one of the worlds top parrot behavior specialists, plus her $50.00 an hour fee for follow up support.  Totaling $275.00 (and that didn't include my long distance phone bill)

But think about what it is going to cost you if you aren't willing to fork out up to $1,293 to fix your parrot's problems.  You will probably come back to this same website a year from now and realize that you still own a nasty, annoying, screaming, biting parrot that you hate, and that hates you. 

Plus, you're going to feel like a moron, for dumping all that money into caring for a bird you hate.  Wouldn't you rather dump money into a bird that loves you?

You might even have to worry about liability issues with your parrot lashing out violently at you, your spouse or children.  This can result in unexpected costs to the emergency room, or even having to replace an eye. (And yes, this almost did happen to a child in my home, before I fixed my parrot's behavior problems)

So believe me when I say, I understand why you haven't been able to afford all the training materials that could guide you and your parrot towards a better relationship.  But I am happy to announce, that you no longer have any excuses because ...

I have made available an A-Z, Step-by-step parrot training system at a fraction of what it would have cost you to learn what it takes to be the owner of a happy, well adjusted parrot.

In summary, here's what you get:

You Get The Same Parrot Training Secrets I Had To Spend $1293.10 To Discover In This "Taming And Training" Package

As I mentioned above, I spent a lot of money to get the "Right" answers when it comes to parrot training.  But it only made sense to bundle all of my knowledge into a much more affordable package.

And I think you'll agree when you look at the $585.00 worth of materials contained in this my package.

In summary, here's what you get:

15 Point Evaluation Of Your Parrot Training Needs ($272.00 value)

The number one, most important thing you're getting with this package is personal access to my private Parrot Behavior Consultant at no cost!

There is nobody else out there offering to whip out there wallet and pay for you to talk with top dollar parrot behavior specialists to help you change your bird's behavior around.

The only way to receive this kind of coaching, guidance and mentorship is to pay several hundred dollars to a behavior consultant you find on your own

Here's the deal.  Even though my training system is extremely thorough, you might need some expert help, for getting around one of your parrot's tougher issues.

And I think it's important for you to know how important I think having access to this expert advice is for you and your parrot.  It is so important, that I went to one of the top Parrot Consultants and pre paid your consulting fee, at Full price!

That's right.  I didn't even get a discount for buying up blocks of this Parrot Experts time.  Because I realize that in life, you get what you pay for.  So that's why you can rest assured, that I personally paid top dollar, just so you can have access to this valuable resource.

3 High Quality Easy-To-Use Training Guides ($180.00 Value)

We include 3 of the highest quality, fun-to-use training guides you have ever seen. They offer the following training tricks you can apply right away!

  • 11 Ways To Stop Painful Biting
  • How To Train 7 Amazing Tricks
  • How To Nod "Yes" or "No" To Your Questions
  • How To Train Waving "Hello" Enthusiastically
  • How To Play Fetch — Just Plain Cute
  • How To Perform a Magic Card Trick Amazing
  • How To Lay on His Back (Sleeping Baby) — A Powerful Trick That Stops Biting
  • How To Step up onto Your Hand Without Fear
2 Additional Audio Training Guides ($85.00 Value)

Eavesdrop on 2 professional parrot trainers for over 70 minutes as they talk about every parrot problem they have ever run into and how they solved.

We added these 2 additional training guides to the package without adding a dime to the cost. (Keep reading to find out how to get yours.)

This is an audio series that my brother and I put together that is the best thing we have ever done. Quite frankly, I should be selling this product separately for at least $85.00, and it would sell like hotcakes!

It is so good in fact that we are considering promoting it to the big pet store chains, because people would love to hear the answers we're giving to you on these audios — FREE.

These audios cover my brother and I hashing out all the questions we have ever been asked about fixing parrot problems.  Questions like:

How Training Your Parrot Just 1 Trick Will Make Him Bite Less (see 2:33 on chapter 1)

Secret Devise That Triples Training Speed (see 4:14 on chapter 1)

How A Little Known Rat Training Technique Could Help Tame Your Parrot (see 15seconds chapter 2)

4-Step Action Plan That Trains Your Parrot To Do Anything You Wish - Even If He's Blind (see 3:10 chapter 2)

Why Forcing Your Parrot To Make Training Mistakes Speeds Up His Learning Curve (see 5:58 on chapter 2)

When You Should Add A Food Reword To Your Parrot's Training (see :34 on chapter 4)

How To Get Your Parrot To Willingly Go Back Into His Cage— Without Chasing Him Around Your House (see :24 on chapter 5)

5 Additional Methods For Getting Your Parrot To Willingly Step-Up Onto Your Hand — Without Puting Up A Fight (see 4:30 on chapter 5)

12 Inch Household Item That Cures 2 Out Of 3 Parrot's Fear Of Your Hands — Plus We'll Show You What To Do For The Other 3rd (see :22 on chapter 6)

3 Requirements You Must Have In Any Room You Train Your Parrot In (see 7:05 on chapter 6)

I know you would be willing to pay for this $85 audio course just to discover 1 or 2 of it's secrets.  Let's face it, if you're already taking good care of your parrot, you spend $30-$100 per month on food and toys.  Don't you think you should also invest a little to make sure your parrot's happy?

This series is available via web audio, so you can start using these valuable tips right away instead of waiting for your package.

"How Can I Get My Bird To Love Me" eBook ($47.77 Value)

This ebook tackles the toughest of your birds behavior problems. It guides you through how to get to the root of your birds issues, and solve them with step by step 'Getting-Started' guidelines, and advice.

Also contains detailed descriptions of "Perching," the most successful method ever used to stop your birds biting problems.

This book takes you by the hand and walks you through 99% of the problems that will come up during every part of your bird's behavior training.

Here's just some of what I cover in the first 11 pages of  this 23 page "Getting Started" ebook...

Step-By-Step Cures For Screaming!

How Using Sunlight Fixes Behavior Problems... Exactly how many hours of sunlight should your parrot get every day? Giving it more than the recommended number of hours of sunlight can make your parrot start screaming! And "NO" light through a window doesn't count, we'll show you what to do (See Page 6)...

Tricks For Stopping Screaming Or are you afraid that your parrot might start screaming in the future? Find out more about a brilliant new technique to prevent your parrot from screaming. You will also read about a real-life case study in which a parrot that used to regularly scream upwards of 45 minutes at a stretch every day was trained to stop screaming altogether! (See Page 6)

What To Never Do When Your Parrot Screams... see the most common mistakes most parrot owners make that only make this worse! (see Page 7)

Step-By-Step Cures For Biting!

How to Get Rid Of Your Parrot's Reason For Biting You (See Pages 8-10)...

Usually your parrot bites because he wants you to go away, and biting is his only way to do that.  Our scientific process trains your parrot to use less aggressive techniques for letting you know he doesn't want you nearby.

Pages 8-10 of this book will give you a step-by-step scientifically proven process by which you can determine why your parrot bites you.

How to permanently stop your parrot from biting, once you have figured out why it bites... (See Pages 8-13)...

If you have a baby parrot, you could be rightly worried that it may start biting when it grows older, even though you spend a lot of time with it. We'll show you what you should never do to a baby parrot that causes him to bite you later on in his life (See Page 8)

Powerful real-life parrot biting case study...The famous real-life story and case study of how I got an extremely aggressive Macaw parrot who used to fiercely bite anyone who came near it to not only stop biting altogether but also to actually lie on its back to be cuddled by humans and enjoy being pet on its tummy!

If your parrot bites you, you can implement the same secret and closely guarded techniques to not only stop it from biting, but also to actually WANT to be pet by you! No parrot owner who cares even a bit about his/her parrot can afford to miss this famous case study! (See Page 9)...

Important tips to help you recognize biting tendencies coming from natural breeding desires, and how you should handle your parrot when it is in breeding mode. (See Page 9)...

How To Make Sure You Never Get Bit Again Learn a break-through technique called "perching" to stop your parrot from biting... developed by the Me that is hands down the BEST method and even allows you to tame your parrot without ever being bitten! (See Page 11)...

Important tips on what should be in your parrots training environment, to make sure you get the best results possible (See Page 11)...

How To Use Appliances To Train Your Parrot...

How This House Hold Appliance Gets Rid of Feather Plucking in 23% of Parrots ... We'll show you how to use it, and how often for maximum results (See Page 3 to find out the correct answer)...

3 Very Important Benefits And Tips To Consider While Bathing Your Parrot... (See Page 3)...

With this 'so-simple-you'll-be-delighted' ebook, you'll cure those problems for good. The best part is that you'll have it as soon as you order, because you can download it right onto your computer safely and easily. Plus we'll ship your video right away.

If you respond right away, your investment in the entire package is not $700.00, not $400.00, not even $100.00... You pay only $97 $47.77!

"Good Golly, Polly — Even More"

Be Among The Next 53 People To Act
And Receive The Following BIG Bonuses

Why only 53 more people? Because I am trying to bribe the next 53 people who reserve a copy of my course, in return for a favor...

You see I got pretty pissed-off the other day, when I got an email from some loser who hadn't even bought my course, saying how he thought all the testimonials I had on my site were a bunch of crap!  And he didn't believe a word of them.

Now, I assure you, every testimonial, is completely un-edited, and totally genuine, In fact I get them every day.  But this bastard pissed me off so much that I realized the one way I could make him eat his words was to start collecting video testimonials from my customers.  And flaunt them in front of his face.

That way you could see "Live and in Living Color" what my customers really think of my program.  Including the expressions on their faces and all their enthusiasm.

And that's where the bribe comes in.  I am offering these 2 extra big bonuses as extra incentive for you to pick up a copy of my kit, as long as you'll promise me something ...

You'll have to "Pinky-Swear" that you'll share your success story with me after my training system delivers on every promise I've made on this entire website.  (You have the option of sending your success story on a video - in any format, or a written letter)

And if by some freak reason you don't get the results I promise, you don't have to send me anything

This is totally on the honor system, but I am faithful that you'll hold up your end of the bargain, so I can finally prove that  these 'Nay-Sayers' don't know what they're talking about.

So act today because these next 53 customers who take me up on this bribe are going to give me way more success stories than I will need for a long time!  And once I have all the success stories I need, I won't continue to give away these 2 bonuses!

So act today before I get flooded with success stories, and no longer need to bribe my customers with these 2 Amazing Extra Bonuses. It's worth the price of the entire package!


Big Bonus #1: Clicker Training For Very Aggressive And Scared Parrots Audio CD ($67.00 Value)

This audio CD reveals the most powerful way known on this earth to get a parrot to want to play with you: "the training clicker."

I don't care if your parrot freaks out and when you are 5 feet away from his cage, this CD tells you everything to cure the problem much quicker and easier than you would think is possible.

If your bird attacks you, this CD will fix that problem too. This bonus reveals techniques you have never heard of that tame even the most fearful, and aggressive parrot in an handful of days.

Here are problems this CD will help you solve just by using a clicker:

  1. Even a wild parrot calms down and makes friends with you...

  2. How to get your parrot to not only step up but also enjoy stepping up on your hand without fearing or biting you...

  3. Trying to get your bird out of its cage? How to stop chasing your parrot around his cage and get him to come out when you signal...

  4. How to command that your parrot goes back into his cage and stop chasing him around your house trying to put him away.

  5. How to totally cure your bird of his fear of you...

  6. How to get your parrot to like you touching him.

  7. You'll love seeing your parrot play with toys — and if you're like a lot of people who grabbed my package, it maybe the first time...

  8. This can break your heart — but not anymore! How to get your parrot to stop feather plucking (a very common problem)...

  9. How to get your parrot to stop screaming...

  10. And much, much more!

Big Bonus #2: How To Potty Train Your Parrot in 2 Weeks eBook ($18.95 Value)

You no longer have to worry about always having to wear your cruddy clothes around your parrot, because now you can teach him how to NEVER poop on you again! Let me walk you through teaching your bird to understand that doing his business on you is no longer allowed.

From now on he will be trained to relieve himself in places like kitty litter boxes, only over garbage cans, or only in one corner of his cage.

And Yes! This really does work.

You Can't Lose With Our 6-Month,
Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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The basic package gives you everything you need to stop your parrot from biting you, from screaming and many, many other unwanted behaviors. Plus you can train 7 amazing tricks in less than two weeks.

Here is what is included in the basic package:

  1. "Taming Training and Tricks Video" Volume 1 shipped anywhere in the world (just $8.00 extra).

  2. The Dual CD Eavesdropping Session Recorded Audio (you also get immediate access via the Internet).

  3. "How to Get My Parrot To Love Me" eBook, which you can download onto your computer as soon as you order. It's safe and easy to download, and you can start reading it instantly while waiting for your package to be delivered!

  4. "Taming and Training" Clicker to make your "Taming And Training" session fast, simple and easy.

  5. "How To Potty Train Your Parrot" eBook, which you can also safely and easily download, so you can read it immediately after you order.

  6. And, as always, e-mail support to answer your questions.

  7. Complete support from our live forum where you can meet other bird lovers, happy to answer your questions — I visit every day and answer questions, too. But you get to rub shoulders with other students who have "been there, done that," and learn from them, as well!

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Total is $97 only $47.77 for a limited time, plus $8.00 shipping (even foreign orders pay just $8.00 shipping).

The next move is up to you.  I've shown you that this Parrot Training Package is as risk-free as an offer can come.  You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, you're seriously interested in Changing behaviors in your parrot.  All that's left to do now is take action!

Option #1: To Pay By Credit Card Online Right Now...

Option #2: To Order Via Mail...

Send check payable to:

Womach Brother Productions
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And remember, everything is backed up by my iron-clad, 6-month, 100% risk-free "test drive" guarantee. If you don't like it, or if it doesn't work for you, just return it and I'll issue a prompt refund.

To your success with a happier parrot,
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If you wanted to spend the money to know what I know, you would have to spend a bare minimum of $585.00 just in research materials, let alone time and effort. And even then, you won't know if it works or not until you actually try them... And you might be disappointed!

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