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"You Can Easily Tame And Train Your Parrot... Even A Wild, Biting, Out Of Control 'Juvenile Delinquent'... Into A Trick-Trained, Hand-Tamed And Fully Trusting 'Member Of The Family' -- Starting On Your Very First Day!"

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(Watch Video For Step-by-Step Parrot Biting Tips & Techniques)

"How To Safely and Lovingly Train Any
Vicious Bird To STOP Biting (Forever!)...

... So It 'Steps Up' and Enjoys Being Pet,
Often In As Little As 15 Minutes!"

Methods So Powerful Even David Copperfield Consulted Us On Training Two Of His Macaws

If you're even a little bit interested in quickly fixing your parrot's behavior problems, then you really need to watch the above video to learn how to get the same results with your parrot.

You'll discover the same powerful  techniques that convince celebrities like David Copperfield to have us train their parrots.

So you too, can finally...


Me Training David Copperfield's Macaws At his Warehouse In Las Vegas

Watch a LIVE video demo of me taming our wild, biting Macaw, "Tiko." (See how I handle "Tiko" as he lunges at me, screaming and biting -- and how I lovingly calm him down... until I can pet him with my BARE HANDS 5 minutes later!)
How to STOP your bird's screaming by teaching it to WAVE for your attention! You'll be amazed how quickly you can transform this annoying habit into a cute trick that will delight your friends!
Teach your parrot to 'step up' onto your hand (without biting) in as little as 3 minutes -- no longer than 3 days!
The #1 Most Critical Mistake almost EVERY bird owner makes when trying to break the "screaming cycle" -- and how to avoid it!
How to take a bird that's NEVER been handled and tame it until it ENJOYS being touched on every part of its body -- in as little as 15 minutes!
Does your bird SCREAM and THRASH wildly -- if you come within 5 feet of its cage? I'll show you how to quickly put an end to this bad (and dangerous) behavior... so your bird is happy and eager to see you!
The top 7 reasons birds BITE -- and how to ELIMINATE these triggers! Once you understand what your bird is thinking, it's easy to modify YOUR behavior -- and theirs -- to prevent future biting!
How to make sure your NEW baby bird doesn't start biting!
Dealing with "freakish" biting... If your parrot is friendly and cuddling, but then suddenly viciously bites you -- then you MUST watch this video! Your parrot isn't crazy... but you DO need to fix something!
Does your bird scream for 45 minutes or LONGER? No problem... I'll show you how a simple technique -- combined with a little patience -- will cure the screaming habit in 2 weeks (or less)!

... plus much more!

With my "Taming and Training System," you'll have all the tips, strategies, and "live" video demonstrations you need to quickly, easily, and SAFELY tame your bird, earn his love and trust, and stop the biting -- forever.   Just watch the video at the top of this page to see what I mean.

And it's not uncommon for my clients to get these kind of AMAZING results in as little as 15 minutes -- by the end of their FIRST training session!

Or, in more severe cases where the bird has been abused by previous owners, in as little as 30 days! (Click here now to read their stories...)

My 100% Money-back Guarantee:

"This Taming and Training System
Will Work For Absolutely ANY Bird...

... Any Size, Any Breed -- Even CHICKENS!"

I don't care what kind of bird you own...

Whether it's a small Parakeet, Cockatiel, Quaker, or Lovebird.... or a LARGE African Grey, Macaw, Cockatoo, Conure, Amazon, Quaker Parrot... my "Taming & Training System" is 100% guaranteed to work for absolutely any breed of hook-billed bird including...

>> African Greys

>> Cockatiels

>> Macaws

>> Budgies

>> Cockatoos

>> Quakers

>> Conures

>> Lovebirds

>> Amazons

>> Lorikeets

>> Quaker Parrots

>> Parrotlets

>> Parakeets

>> Senegal Parrots

>> Eclectus Parrots

>> Pionus Parrots

>> Indian Ring-Neck Parrots

>> Caiques

>> Neo-Tropicals

... plus tons more!

Yes, even chickens... ;-)

You see, the techniques you'll learn show you how to shape your bird's natural instincts -- they do NOT rely on the bird's intelligence.

That's why absolutely ANY breed of bird is capable of becoming a loving, hand-tamed, trick-trained member of your family using this comprehensive bird-training system. And that's why I confidently stand behind my system with a 180-day, NO RISK 100% money-back guarantee:

Try my "Taming and Training System" for the next 180-days risk-free!

If your relationship with your bird doesn't dramatically change for the better... If he doesn't become the hand-tamed, trick-trained, loving member of your family you desire... then I insist that you return the package within 180 days of your purchase date...

... And I'll issue you a prompt refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Plus, as my way of saying "thanks", you can KEEP the $671.98 worth of FREE Super Bonuses!

Here's How To Order
Right Now! (3 Ways)

Just Click The Red Bar Below And Order The Parrot Training Package That's Right For You*

The basic package gives you everything you need to stop your parrot from biting you, from screaming and many, many other unwanted behaviors. Plus you can train 7 amazing tricks in less than two weeks.

Here is what is included in our Parrot Training System:The best parrot training course, to help you with training all types of parrots.

  1. "Taming Training and Tricks Video" Volume 1 shipped anywhere in the world (just $9.97 extra).

  2. The Dual CD Eavesdropping Session Recorded Audio (you also get immediate access via the Internet).

  3. "How to Get My Parrot To Love Me" eBook, which you can download onto your computer as soon as you order. It's safe and easy to download, and you can start reading it instantly while waiting for your package to be delivered!

  4. "Taming and Training" Clicker to make your "Taming And Training" session fast, simple and easy.

  5. "How To Potty Train Your Parrot" eBook, which you can also safely and easily download, so you can read it immediately after you order.

Find Out How To Get 117 More Minutes Of Training Footage

(Details On The Order Page.)

Total is $97 only $47.77 for a limited time, plus $9.97 shipping (even foreign orders pay just $9.97 shipping).

The next move is up to you. I've shown you that this Parrot Training Package is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, you're seriously interested in Changing behaviors in your parrot. All that's left to do now is take action!

Option #1: To Pay By Credit Card Online Right Now...

Option #2:



Call toll-free at 1-877-314-7066 (10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific Time Zone) to get the discounted price with the free bonuses mentioned above. Please note that if you get sent to voicemail it's because we're very busy this time of year and I only have one staff member available to take your calls, so leave a message and we'll call you back. :-)

Option #3: To Order Via Mail...

Send check or money order with your email address to:

Womach Brother Productions
6848 N Government Way
Unit #114 PMB 32
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815-7799

And remember, everything is backed up by my iron-clad, 6-month, 100% risk-free "test drive" guarantee. If you don't like it, or if it doesn't work for you, just return it and I'll issue a prompt refund.

To your success with a happier parrot,
Chet Womach's signature
Chet Womach, Author
Bird Training And Taming Tricks


If you wait much longer than a day or 2, the few people I am allowing to get the 3 extra bonuses I mentioned in the video above will be filled up. Don't wait and miss out on those bonuses, they are truly too valuable to pass up, especially the consulting bonus. Click here to order right now.


You won't be able to access the kind of information contained in this video that's backed with the customer support I provide anywhere else. It is truly the best offer anywhere.

If you wanted to spend the money to know what I know, you would have to spend a bare minimum of $1293.10 just in research materials, let alone time and effort. And even then, you won't know if it works or not until you actually try them... And you might be disappointed!

Do you want to spend and risk that kind of money? Or would you like access to the same information that's proven and uses untrained birds, for just $47.77? Click here and let's get started, now.

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