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Pet Parrots

Pet Parrot Training

Looking for someone to help you train your pet parrot? Well you have come to the right place. Pet Parrots can now be trained in 19 minutes a day over 2 short weeks. Before you know it you will have a wonderful, playful member of the family, and you'll be thankful you stumbled upon this great Pet Parrot Training.

Our “Tame and Train” techniques here at Bird Tricks are the best around. You will spend your time laughing at the tricks your pet parrot will be learning, instead of being frustrated by a juvenile delinquent parrot.

Pet Parrots are very loving, enjoyable birds once they are tamed and trained! Here is a small list of some of the tricks your pet parrot will learn.

  • How to Climb into your hand without biting
  • Shakes his head no
  • Nods his head yes
  • Plays fetch
  • Lays on his back in your hands
  • Enthusiastically gives you the cutest one leg wave every time you come into the room

Pet Parrots Training Sytem

To help insure that you will have great training results, we take untrained and untamed birds and train and tame them right on video tape for you. This way you see exactly what it is like so you can then train your bird at home.

We even left the goof ups on the video tape so everyone can see what it took for the birds to be trained from the bottom rung up. Now you will know what to do when your bird acts up and does not follow the script.

Pet Parrot Training

Parrots are easily trainable using our exclusive Taming & Training videos. Smaller birds are, as well. So no matter what kind of bird you own you can have a much happier, trained bird after using our exclusive videos.

On the videos you will see that we make mistakes with the bird -- and we have left this for you to see on purpose. In seeing how another pet parrot misbehaves and the techniques we use to get the bird to settle down and begin to trust us and become tame is far more influential on tape than it could have ever been if we had simply written a book.

If you need more information about our Pet Parrot Training, please visit us here at Bird Tricks and we will do our best to answer your questions and give you all the guidance you need to get your pet parrots started in the right direction toward becoming a loving, enjoyable member of your family.