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When Parrots Are For Sale--
3 Red Flag's To Watch For

As I spend more and more time consulting, researching and coming up with solutions to help people fix their parrotís behavior problems, Iíve come to realize that several problems could have been avoided by simply making a better buying decision when originally purchasing their parrot.

So I thought Iíd share 3 warning signs, or ďRed FlagsĒ to keep an eye out for, if those "Parrot For Sale" signs and ads in your town, are starting to catch your eye.

Red Flag #1 Ė What type of diet is the breeder or store owner fixing for their parrots?

If the person trying to sell you a parrot is feeding their bird NOTHING but an all seed based diet, they donít know what theyíre doing, or donít care about the long term health of your bird. 

Instead, donít make an impulse purchase.  Come back to the store several times over a few weeks.  And always come back at different times of the day.  Look to see if the store puts out fresh fruits and veggies, or cooks them something nutritious. 

Also make sure to take note of if they leave that food in all day, or if they take it out after itís starts to spoil.

If a store owner or breeder isnít providing fresh fruits, veggies or produce, then I suggest you never spend another dime with that shop owner ever again.

They just donít have their parrotís best interest in mind.

Red Flag #2 Ė  Are there toys in the birdís cages, and are they being changed regularly?

It is very common for pet shops to take the least expensive road, and not put a variety of toys into their parrotís cages.

So make sure you check to see thereís a good variety of toys, and that those toys are actually being played with.  You can tell if a toyís being enjoyed by a bird if itís being chewed on regularly.  There are usually pieces of that toy in the bottom of his cage.

But BEWARE, some birdís just donít like certain toys, and wonít play with them, and this is just as bad as not having any toys at all.  So make sure that the toys are being played with, or new ones are constantly being rotated in and out, to provide their parrots with stimulating toys to keep them from getting bored and developing other problems.

Red Flag #3 Ė  Does the pet shop spend time coaching you on how to raise your bird?

A good technique that I often use when trying to figure out whether a pet shop is knowledgeableÖ is to play dumb.  Thatís right, pretend you donít know anything about birds and act interested in buying one.  Then sit back, listen to the what they say.

Are they just telling you what you want to hear?  Or are they worried that you donít know what you might be getting yourself into.  A good pet shop will be worried about the well being of their bird, and wonít want to sell it to you without spending time coaching you. 

So if they donít offer to help you at all, theyíre not doing a responsible job as a pet store.

This is becoming a HUGE problem, especially with people wanting to purchase the very popular African Grey parrots, with hopes theyíll talk up a storm.  But store owners do such a terrible job of coaching people on what it takes to raise a happy African Grey, that thousands of Greys end up developing severe phobias.

Itís such a common problem, that I wrote a special article just on what it takes to raise an African Grey, that you can find at

I suggest you read that article even if you donít own an African Grey, because it serves as a guideline of the types of guidance you should be getting from the next pet store owner you try to buy a bird from.  


Copyright © 2006 Womach Brother Productions - Parrots For Sale

This article was co-authored by Chet Womach & Kim Bear.  Kim Bear runs a parrot behavior counseling service and can be reached for consultation at this number 850-683-9696.

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