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Pet Birds

Brining Home a Pet Bird

Most people are so excited about their new pet birds that they forget all about the supplies and organization work that is required before they bring him or her home. Here at Bird Tricks, we have put together information that will help you organize yourself and your new pet bird before you walk them through your front door. Here are a few tips we provide to our customers.

Pet Bird
  • Your new pet bird will need some supplies before you go and bring him or her home. First you will need the obvious, which is a cage. Make sure when you buy the cage that you ask your vet or breeder the dimensions you will need and then match them as close as possible with your new cage.
  • Next on the pet bird supply list is the accessories to the cage, the toys and the perch. Make sure you have ample room again to arrange all of these goodies where your new pet birds will find them.
  • Going forward with the live pet bird supply list is a time to set aside all of your food, treats, and supplements. The first few days you have your pet bird home with you the feeding will be trial and error. Be sure to ask your breeder for the feeding list and schedule and then follow it when you first arrive home. After a few days, you will notice your new pet bird has a unique routine and timing. You can then adjust the feedings to his behavior.
  • You should also keep the pet bird supply list handy so you can refer to it often and add to it as needed. And of course don’t forget the toys! That is a must for any bird.
  • Don’t be alarmed if your pet birds do not eat a lot the first few days. The trip home will have been a bit overwhelming for your new pet. Also, give him or her plenty of room and time to sleep so they can recoup after the ordeal of moving.
  • Putting together a separate closet or drawer for all the supplies will help you to always know where they are and to help you keep organized. You will be able to locate anything you might need in a moment’s notice.


The first few days your new bird will be listening to and watching everything. Make his adjustment calm and easy by having all your supplies handy, yet out of the way. When your new bird realizes you are prepared for his every need, he will relax and enjoy the new home.

My Pet Bird Playing With Me

Come visit us at Bird Tricks for more interesting tips and pet bird training videos online. We feature a variety of unique taming techniques and information that will help you bond with your new bird, while creating a disciplined and fun environment for them.

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