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Pictures of Cockatiels
In The Wild

Have you ever seen pictures of cockatiels in the wild? What an incredible sight it is! Any animal in the wild is a true joy to see when they are happy and healthy and roaming freely as nature intended them to be. Of course our cockatiels are happy at home with us, but if given the chance; if they weren’t domesticated; if we didn’t make them social with humans; and, if we didn’t love them as much as we do…

The cockatiel is a medium sized bird originally from Australia. It is from the parrot family and has an erect crest similar to that of the cockatoo, but of course a lot smaller and in proportion with the cockatiel’s smaller build. The cockatiel has been captive bred for over one hundred years and a favorite of many. Most bird lovers would agree that a cockatiel is a great place to start if you are interested in starting a “family of birds”, not necessarily breeding, but bringing pet birds into your home.

The cockatiel in the wild is gray, however in captivity it is found in a variety of colors, and even more colors are being “developed” as we speak. The color variations are: cinnamon (a soft cocoa mix tone), gray, lutino, pearl, whiteface, pied, silver, fallow, albino, and a combination of these. They have yellows and orange tones, as well as soft peach tones. The female has less prominent cheek coloring, although next to a whiteface, this difference is negligible and may may your female look almost male.

The female is less of a talker and more of a whistler, but even so, she is fairly quiet. It is a lot easier to get away with having a cockatiel in an apartment, than it is to have a parrot, for instance. Cockatiels are generally quiet, although the male cockatiel can be quite the chatterbox and has a fairly rich vocabulary.

These birds are very social, especially if they are raised in a home and socialized with their human companions, but even in the wild, these birds will flock together and it is rare to get a glimpse of a single cockatiel, unless something is really amiss. Cockatiels will generally flock in groups of twelve or so cockatiels. They are beautiful birds and if you have ever had the opportunity to see them in the wild, or in flight, or maybe even in pictures of cockatiels in the wild, consider yourself fortunate to have witnessed true beauty in its natural form.

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