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Quaker Parrot

A Quaker Parrot is generally quite average in appearance and sound. However, they have an ability to learn to speak our human language at an incredibly early age. There have been reports that sometimes a Quaker Parrot will begin to speak their first words when only six weeks old.

Quaker Parrot

Due to this early speaking ability, the Quaker Parrot is overtaking the cockatiel as the favorite bird to teach to talk. Another asset is that this bird has a much more reasonable life span and price than the African grey’s or the yellow naped Amazon’s.

Some birds, regardless of their species, do not choose to talk or will talk very little. In order to help this situation you should help your bird feel safe in its home environment. You can do this by raising its cage and repositioning its perch. Many times this type of adjustment will help your Parrot Quaker to begin talking.

You new Parrot Quaker is known for being very territorial and therefore will need some special training and care to help it become more socialized. He must be taught good behavior and limitations by the time he becomes mature or he very well could become an out of control bird.

It is best to start to train your pet to be cooperative just after it stops weaning. This will ensure that they learn this disciplined behavior before they are too old. When your parrot is between 9 and 18 months old, it is time to be teaching it less aggressive behaviors that are acceptable.

Now what that aggressive behavior actually is, is a group of habits that are repeated over and over again. By teaching your bird how to cooperate, you will have less trouble with your bird wanting to dominate humans. This cooperation can best be taught by playing games called the step up and the towel game. Be sure you begin these lessons in neutral territory.

This is where we come in. Here at Bird Tricks we specialize in the taming and training of your bird. And even though your Parrot Quaker is territorial, we have designed and produced a Taming and Training Video system that will literally change your bird’s behavior overnight.

You will be able to watch this training video in the comfort of your own home. After watching how we manage the untrained and untamed bird in the video, you will automatically be able to start practicing the techniques yourself.

Though very friendly, you must respect your pet’s natural instincts and learn to work around them in a calm and confident manner. We invite you to come and visit Bird Tricks online today.