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You'll get 14 complete lessons that will show you how to teach your parrot to perform routines... not just one-off tricks!

Trick "routines" you'll learn as part of this package include...

1. Drop the quarters in the piggy bank!
2. Roll over like a dog!
3. Climb a ladder and go down a slide!
4. Ride a bicycle... AND ride a scooter!
5. Loop colored rings over matching colored pegs!
6. Be patriotic on the 4th of July (takes just 2 days to learn!)
7. Roller skate!
8. The basketball super-star routine
9. Tell me -- what color is this? Red, blue, green, or yellow?
10. Fly to me on cue!
11. Time for bed! Sleep like a baby...
12. Give me a cuddle and a kiss!
13. Do your "eagle" impression!
14. "It's a hold up! Stick `em up"!

... plus many more tricks that will have your friends and family laughing with amazement and delight!

And none of these routines will take long to teach, because I will also show you how to use a "clicker" to train your parrot 300% faster.

You'll keep BOTH videos and the guidebook for 30 days, and train your bird as many tricks as you like.

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