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From the desk of Chet Womach
Monday, 9:00 a.m.

Dear Parrot Enthusiast,

Just over two years ago, we hosted a parrot training seminar in Florida that was unlike ANYTHING the world had seen before...

It was our "Metamorphosis Total Parrot Transformation Seminar".

And since many of our loyal subscribers couldn't attend because they couldn't afford the travel expenses or time off work, we did the unexpected...

... And we hired a professional film crew to capture it all on video for you.

Then, we spent another 2 MONTHS carefully picking through over 36 hours of film...

... And choosing all the very best video highlights of our weekend to create this massive 15 DVD package, with more than 750 minutes of live training, demonstrations, examples, interviews, and MORE!

It cost me over $40,000 to produce, edit, and package. But it was worth it because:

It's absolutely everything you need to transform your bird from where he is today...

... Into a loving, easy-to-handle, highly trainable companion that you can proudly show-off to family and friends!

Something for EVERY Parrot Owner...

It doesn't matter where you're at with your bird today...

No matter whether your bird is unpredictable and nippy...
No matter if your bird doesn't have the training basics like "stepping up" yet...
No matter if you've got a new young parrot, starting fresh...
Or whether you've got an older bird that you're just not 100% confident handling!

... If you own parrots of ANY breed, at any stage of training, these training DVDs are for you.

Because we show you everything from:

The most basic bird training and handling fundamentals...

... Right through super-advanced bird training techniques and trick routines that you won't find published or talked about anywhere else!

And we'll do it in a way that's both FUN and highly entertaining!

Here's a look at everything we cover...

"Cure Your Parrot's Aggressive Behavior For Good... No More FEAR!"

DVD #1 (Length - 81 minutes)

In this groundbreaking DVD, we'll be exploring both the Psychology AND Physiology behind your parrot's aggression...

... So you'll FINALLY understand why your bird is behaving aggressively!

PLUS, we'll show you how to CURE your parrot's aggressive behavior (in as little as 48 hours) -- using some surprising modifications to your interactions and training rituals.

We'll be discussing:

Teaching your parrot to cheerfully 'step up' onto your hand (without begging, forcing or chasing your parrot around his cage) in as little as 3 minutes -- no longer than 3 days!

Prevent 95% of bites by recognizing the warning signals your bird gives you EVERY time he gets ready to bite you.

(Your bird may be giving you as many as 10 warning signals before he attacks… you’re just missing them!)

Putting your hand inside your parrot's cage without fear!

How to read your bird’s “Fear Feathers” to know in advance whether or not he’s getting ready to bite you!

Foods and toxins in your house that may be causing aggressive behavior!

Here's a picture of DVD #1,
"Causes & Cures of Aggression"

Build a relationship of trust with your bird that REDUCES bites and makes him MORE receptive to training!

The Secret of "Counterconditioning" -- teaching your bird to calmly tolerate situations that scare him like going to the vet or taking medication!

Plus much more!

"Getting Past Your Bird's Most
Deep Rooted Fears To Build A Loving Bond of Trust and Obedience!"

DVD #2 (Length - 2 hours, 23 minutes)

It's time to get rid of the limiting belief that your parrot's:

  1. Temperament
  2. Past experiences
  3. Or history of abuse (for adopted birds)

... Is keeping him from being a better bird!

These are all MYTHS!

It's YOUR lack of experience and training that's keeping him from being a better bird! And it's his fear and mistrust of YOU and his environment that's causing 90% of your bird's problems!

So in this exciting presentation, we'll be showing you how to truly overcome your bird's most deep rooted, ingrained fears and finally build a loving relationship of REAL trust with your bird!

We're going to train YOU to be a more effective parrot trainer, covering topics that include:

Our MOST ADVANCED taming secrets for birds who are extremely fearful or aggressive -- if you can't touch or get near your bird today, this is the training session you don't want to miss!
Why patience is NOT enough to overcome your bird's fears! (You need to under the psychology behind your bird's instinctive reactions if you want to overcome his most deep rooted fears!)

The Case Study of "Bean" -- my adopted African Gray, who'd been previously abused! See how I overcame his fears and aggressions including feather plucking, fear of toys, wouldn't step up, wouldn't allow petting, and more!

Change your bird's emotional response to the things he fears MOST -- take him from resistant fear and aggression to calm, friendly, and happy!
Teach your bird to initiate contact with YOU... in as little as 48 hours!
Here's a picture of DVD #2,
"The 3 Phases of Fear & Mistrust"
Why just LOVING your bird will stunt his growth -- and the secret of "Emotional Hijacking"!
See live "touch training" demos with REAL, untrained birds on our stage!

Plus much more!

"Teaching Your Bird House Manners
So He Can Be Out With Your Family
-- Not Locked Away In His Cage!"

DVD #3 (Length - 54 minutes)

The ideal parrot companion is one who lives "with" the family...

... Not locked away in a cage all day.

So this presentation has been created to help you shape your bird into a well-mannered, trustworthy, social companion who behaves nicely in everyday family situations!

It includes topics like...

The Top 7 Relationship Busters -- Bad behaviors you should NEVER tolerate from your bird... no more excuses!
Teaching your bird to "Leave It" -- keeping your bird safe from dangerous objects and preventing destructive behaviors!
Keeping your bird OFF favorite furniture...!
Stop destructive chewing around the house -- and teach your bird when it's OKAY to chew!
Train your bird to GREET all strangers in a friendly, social way!

Here's a picture of DVD #3, "Training House Manners"
When to consider putting BAD behaviors on cue -- and rewarding them!

Teaching your bird to "station" -- go away from you to a designated spot, and WAIT THERE FOR YOU!

Plus much more!

"FUN -- Train Your Bird To Fly Freestyle Indoors!"

Appears on DVD #1

Want to give your bird the ultimate gift?

Teach him to fly... safely, indoors.

Science has proven flighted birds are not only happier and more content...

... They're also easier to train, healthier, and SMARTER than their grounded buddies!

Teaching your parrot to fly gives him the opportunity to live a life that more closely resembles nature. Plus, if your bird ever DOES accidentally escape outdoors, he'll have the critical skills he needs to survive and get back to you.

(Warning: Did you know the #1 reason birds get LOST outside when they accidentally escape is because they don't know how to descend from flight?!

Teaching your bird to safely fly back to you and land could be CRITICAL to his survival!)

During this exciting presentation, we'll be showing you all the ins and outs of teaching your parrot to fly, including:

The Basics of Freestyle Indoor Flight (Level 1, 2, & 3) - how to get started training ANY bird to fly, no matter how old he is!

Teaching your bird to ascend and descend in a controlled environment!
Training your bird to fly directly to you -- and land on your hand!
Boomerang Flight Training -- teaches your bird to fly away from you and then return to your arm or hand!
Playing "Hide & Seek" with your parrot -- teaching him 'object permanence' so he knows to look for you when you're out of sight! (Critical skill in case he ever escapes outdoors!)

Plus much more!

"Before Purchasing Your NEXT BIRD,
You Need To Watch This Video!"

DVD #4 (Length - 68 minutes)

Chances are, if you own a bird that you love today, you're going to get another one sometime in the future...

So this presentation will teach you everything you need to know about safely hand-raising baby birds, straight from the breeder.

We cover all of the essential feeding, bonding, and training topics like:

How transition a hand fed baby from the breeder to you!
Using "The Gypsy Experience" to train ANY baby bird to be affectionate, social, and confident in ANY situation.
A complete guide to hand feeding baby birds! We cover all the steps, from weighing, to mixing food, to correctly feeding the baby without burning or aspirating them.
Use our advanced training secret called "The Speed of Evolution" to get even the most resistant baby bird to try NEW foods!
Case Study: How we weaned Cressi, our African Gray at 5 months! (She didn't lose ANY weight; amazing because it's typical for birds to lose 10% of their body weight during weaning. We'll show you how...)
The secret to traveling with your birds! (Hint: You need to start when they're young! We've been to over 20 countries with our birds, so we can give you all the insider tips on how it's done.)

Here's a picture of DVD #4, "Raising Baby Birds Right!"

Get an inside peek at our indoor and outdoor aviary set ups -- to get ideas for setting up your own bird aviary at home!

Plus much more!

"Get Paid $2500 Per Week to Take Cruises With Your Parrots!"

DVD #5 (Length - 59 minutes)

Want to transform your passion for parrots into some extra income?

In this presentation, my brother Dave will show you how he earned $500 to $700 per day doing live bird trick shows in local elementary schools...

... Earning $14,000 per year when he was just 15-years-old.

He'll show you how to begin earning $1500+ per show at local theatres, corporate parties, as wedding entertainment, at kids parties, in hotels, and more!

AND -- he'll show you how to get PAID $2500 to take cruises with your birds. (That's $2500 per week for working just a few short hours each day... the rest is free time for relaxing!)

You'll discover...

How to easily book paying gigs with local elementary schools, corporate parties, weddings, hotels, local fairs, and more!

The secret to negotiating top fees ... don't sell yourself short!
Dave's winning show format -- the opener, middle, and close. (You can literally "steal" his entire presentation, and customize it with your own tricks.)
Why your bird doesn't need to know a LOT of tricks to get started! (Hint: guest lecturers who know a lot about parrots get paid, too!)
Here's a picture of DVD #5, "Raising Baby Birds Right!"
Get sample copies of Dave's contracts that you can tweak for your own business!
Where to get HUNDREDS of targeted show leads and then advertise to them all for less than $80.00!

... Plus much more!

This is the first time ever that Dave will be revealing the secrets behind his extremely lucrative bird training and magic business.

"Meet The Mysterious Mr. X
-- A World-Class Trainer From
A FAMOUS Animal Park!"

DVD #6 (Length - 68 minutes)

Next, you'll have a front row seat as a world-class professional trainer from one of the most famous animal parks in the world takes the stage...

... And he's going to be revealing how he uses "Scientific Learning Theory" to get everything from birds to porpoises to exotic porcupines to perform outrageous tricks for audiences of thousands!

For reasons of confidentiality, I'm not actually allowed to disclose his name OR the park's name here.

So for now, we'll just have to call him the mysterious "Mr. X."

But let's just say, when you meet this guy, you're going to be blown away by his ability to bring out the best in ANY animal!

Want PROOF The Training Secrets Revealed In This Package Work For Real People and Their Birds At Home?

Click here to watch Video Testimonials and Read Success Stories from clients who attended this event!

Hear first-hand why they're raving about what they learned... And see the REAL RESULTS they're getting with their birds since they returned home!

* 4 Bonus Gifts With EVERY Purchase*

It's An Additional $389.00 Value - Yours FREE!

Bonus Gift #1:

Our 100% NEW Training Program:

Win The Affection and Trust of
Your Bird Through Touch Training!

The foundation of any training program is trust.

  1. Your bird needs to trust you enough to accept your touch...

  2. And then also trust you enough to follow your direction to touch other objects and people!

So in this brand-new audio series, I'll be sharing valuable training secrets that will show you step-by-step how to build a strong foundation of trust with your bird...

... And then translate this relationship of trust into new behaviors, commands, and even tricks -- including overcoming fears of people and objects, as well as stopping problem behaviors like screaming or nipping.

You get ALL 8 of the
Bonus Audio CDs
seen here - FREE!

A $149 value, yours FREE!

Bonus Gift #2:

The Science of Teaching Your Birds To
Have REAL Conversations With You!

Don’t underestimate your bird’s speech capabilities. Many people believe parrots are just excellent mimics.

But the scientific community has proven that birds are capable of actually understanding speech

... AND -- they're also capable of using language themselves to have REAL conversations with their owners and trainers!

In this groundbreaking report, we’ll give you a digestible overview of the science behind how parrot’s comprehended and use speech.

And we’ll reveal how you can apply these theories in a practical way, teaching YOUR bird to have real conversations with you.

A $29 value, yours FREE!

Bonus Gift #3:

Stop Your Parrot's Annoying Vocals...
Without Stress, Yelling Or Punishment!

Tired of your bird screaming for attention?

Have you tried EVERYTHING, including cramming his cage full of fun toys and giving him even MORE attention...

... Only to have all your efforts FAIL miserably?

With the "Secrets to Stopping Screaming" DVDs and instructional CD, you'll discover new training techniques that can finally train your parrot to entertain himself quietly...

We'll cover topics like:

Here's the DVDs & CD
you'll be getting... FREE!

Why your bird HATES it when you talk on the phone... or anyone besides him... and how I fixed this problem with my own Macaw in less than 5 days!
Cures for the "Spoiled" bird, who CRAVES constant attention... and how to Un-Spoil him... even if a previous owner created his spoiled behavior.
FINALLY... the cure for birds who scream the second they hear that garage door open when you come home from work... works even if your bird's home alone ALL day.
The "72 hour theory"... what it reveals... and why you can't stop screaming without it.
How to stop "Walking on Eggshells" because you're afraid your parrot will hear you get up in the morning, and start screaming for attention.

It's absolutely everything you need to stop your bird's unwanted screaming.

And it's all jam-packed onto 2 instructional DVDs plus an additional Audio CD with even more professional trainer tips on bird behavior and screaming.

A $97 value, yours FREE!

Bonus Gift #4:

Don't Worry About Taking Notes - We've Done All That FOR YOU!

Each DVD Comes With A Detailed Guidebook
To Fast-Track Your Training Success!

Obviously this package of training DVDs is *massive* -- it's more complete than anything I've offered, EVER BEFORE!

And it's certainly more advanced and more comprehensive than any parrot training materials I've seen offered by other so-called experts.

So I want to make sure you don't feel intimidated...

... And I want to make sure you get results FAST!

That's why I'm including these FIVE detailed guidebooks -- so you can easily follow along without worrying about taking notes that you have to "translate" later.

Here's a picture of all 5 DVD Guidebooks you'll be receiving!

A $114 value, yours FREE!

That's Right! You Get Everything
You See Here:

PLUS -- All of 5 Bonus Gifts Listed Above!

It's A Total Package Value
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Yours Today For An Incredibly FAIR Investment:

If you're one of my loyal BirdTricks.com subscribers, you know:

This is the most comprehensive parrot training package I've EVER offered my clients.

And it's certainly the most ADVANCED parrot training series you'll find offered anywhere, by anybody.

Because we've literally pulled out all the stops here.

People paid $1,000s in travel costs to attend our seminar in Florida, so we made darn sure the information, live demonstrations, and speakers who hit the stage that weekend were second to none.

Then, we had the 36+ hours of video footage professionally edited and packaged, for a cost of more than $40,000, eating away at my own personal savings to complete.

It's a total package value of more than $700 ...

... But I'm not going to charge you $700 for this... or even $497 for this -- which, while steep, you have to admit would actually still be a fair investment, considering the $1,000s others have already paid to gain access to this SAME information.

No, to make sure this entire package is accessible to EVERY parrot owner, I've decided to make a special, DIGITAL download version, of this entire DVD set, for the one-time low investment of just $97

And Just Like You'd Expect, It All Comes
With A 100% Money Back Guarantee...

... Keep and Evaluate It For A FULL 90 Days!

Please be assured, there's absolutely no risk in claiming a copy of our "Metamorphosis Total Parrot Transformation Package"...

Because this entire program is backed by our 100% money back guarantee:

Keep and evaluate it for a full 90 days. If you're not completely flabbergasted by the sheer volume and quality of parrot training secrets, insights, and tools we send you, then I *insist* you ship it back for a 100% refund of monies paid.

No questions asked.

So now it's up to you to decide:

If you're ready to transform your relationship with your parrot using the most advanced, most cutting-edge training advice, tools, and information EVER RELEASED to public, then click the button below to order:

You can also order by phone. Just call 1-877-314-7066
(toll free, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific Time Zone).

And remember, everything is backed by my 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like it, or your bird doesn't start adoring you, just return it and I'll issue a prompt refund.

To your success with a happier parrot,

Chet Womach, Author
Bird Training And Taming Tricks