100% Natural, Parrot Food

Natural Parrot Food
Natural Parrot Food Program - Guaranteed Or We Buy It Back!
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If You're Feeding Your Parrot A Diet Containing Seeds and Nuts, Then You Are:

  • Causing Premature Organ Failure
  • Forcing Your Parrot to Eat An Unrealistic Amount Of Fat
  • Making Your Parrot Prone To Feather Plucking
  • Contributing To An Overgrown Beak
  • Potentially Contributing To Blindness
  • Increasing The Odds of Epileptic Seizures
  • Decreasing Your Parrots Immune System

  • Why Use 100% Natural Pellet Food?

    "If you take a bird like a parakeet, and feed him nothing but a 100% seed based diet, he'll live to be 3-5 years old, and then normally die of fatty liver disease or organ kidney failure.

    But you can take that same bird, and feed him a healthy diet, with the base of it being a natural pellet, he'll then live to be 10-15 years old. That's a trippling of his life span doing nothing but feeding him a better diet."

    Robin Deutch, author of "The Healthy Bird Cook Book ... A Life Saving Nutritional Guide" speaking about our natural Pellets.

    100% Natural Fresh Pellet Food Designed Specifically For Parrots.
    Energize Your Parrot The RIGHT Way, And Not From FAT, CARBS, or SUGAR!
    Reduce The Risk Of Organ Failure, Heart Disease and Pre-Mature Death.
    Natural Food Is What Parrots Eat In The Wild And They Love The Taste and Benefits!
    A Consistent, Healthy Diet Every Day Promotes Better Absorption and Healthier Plumage.
    EASY Monthly Program! We Ship Right To Your Door Every Month On The Day You Choose.
    The Perfect Amount of Fresh Food Delivered On A Schedule You Decide That Your Bird Will Love You For!
    No Contracts, No Long Term Commitment, You Choose When To Start And Stop Deliveries.
    The Perfect Balance Of Greens, Proteins, Fiber and Minerals In A Fresh, Delicious Pellet That Parrots Love.

    "I am thrilled with your new natural pellet food for parrots- or I should say all my parrots are delighted. I have had parrots for over 25 years, and this is the first food that all my birds immediately liked.

    Over the years I have tried many natural pelleted food- and with all new food it would take at least 3 to 4 days for the birds to gradually accept the new food.

    This was not the case with your parrot food- when I opened your parrot food it smelled sweet and very fresh- but the biggest surprise was that ALL my birds loved it. I did not have to gradually introduce the new food to them. I am absolutely thrilled with your new parrot food.

    It is a pleasure ordering from you - your knowledge of birds and friendliness can't be beat.

    Thank you again!"

    -- Elaine Kosty
    League City, Texas:

    Here's What You Need To Do:

  • Tell Us Where To Ship Your Parrot's Food.
  • Tell Us The Interval To Ship; Either every 2 weeks, 3,4 5, etc Up to 12 Week Intervals by simply emailing me at support@birdtricks.com
  • Place Your Bird On The Pellets Right Away! Some birds may need to ease into their new diet, but it should not take long before they are devouring their new, Healthy parrot food!

  • This Is Pretty Simple...

    If You Don't See Results or If Your Bird Is Not Enjoying Our 100% Natural Parrot Food Please just send the bag back to me within 90 days of purchase, and I'll refund the entire cost. EVEN IF YOUR BIRD HAS EATEN THE ENTIRE BAG! Just Send The Empty Bag Back For A Full, NO Questions Asked Refund!

    **At This Time We Only Can Ship Food to US Customers**