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"100% Natural, Monthly Toy Program

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    Learn why 100% Natural, Toys are the BEST Way To Keep Your Bird Safe, Healthy, and Mentally Stimulated Just Like In The Wild! ...
    (Be Assured, There Are Toxic, Hidden Dangers In Those Innocent-Looking Bird Toys You're Purchasing From Your Local Pet Stores)

    Would you trust a MAJOR RETAILER to do the homework for you for something SO SPECIALIZED as parrot health?

    Poisons and toxins that have been commonly found in RETAIL bird toys include...

  • Formaldehyde and Formalin... Most often found in leather made outside the USA, which can cause nasal tumors, rashes, inflammation and respiratory problems!
  • Zinc... Most commonly used to coat iron and steel used in bird toys to keep them from rusting! Common signs of zinc toxicity include feather plucking, excessive urine in droppings, weight loss, weakness, anemia, gastrointestinal problems, hyperglycemia, seizures and DEATH!
  • Lead... This is one of the most common poisoning in birds and it can cause nervous system disorders, usually seizures. Signs include lethargy, weight loss, regurgitation, loss of balance and staggering, head tilt, circling, blindness, head tremors, convulsions, and seizures.
  • Arsenic... Typically found in pressure treated woods used to make cheap bird toys -- and no big surprise, arsenic is poisonous to birds!
  • Woods that have been stained or varnished to add color can be highly toxic. And so are toys made with woods like cedar, red cherry, plywood, and oak!

Of course, trying to find safe, natural, 100% bird toys that don't contain any of these dangerous toxins or chemicals can be VERY difficult, especially since you can't rely on labels from Major Retailers!

That's why, I've decided to tackle this problem myself, do the research FOR YOU, and help you find toys that are truly safe for your parrots...

Toys that I'm personally THRILLED to let my birds play with because they've met my strict safety guidelines, including...

Product Highlights:

Made ONLY with "approved" woods, dyed with vegetables that are 100% safe for your bird!
Do NOT use glues, adhesives, lacquers or paints!
Do NOT use flavoring... I know that flavored wood toys are becoming popular, but the problem is, the bird's don't just play with them... They actually EAT them, which is not safe!
Are the correct size for YOUR breed of bird... Chain toys and rope toys that are the wrong size can trap your bird's neck, legs, or feet and the bird panics! They can literally become nooses for your bird
Is made of 100% natural materials including coconut shell, corn cobs, husk, bamboo, veggie leather, cuttle bone, and oyster shells!
Every toy is designed to be shreddable and destroyable for your bird's pleasure!
Every toy is made of renewable, recyclable materials!
Many toys include oyster shells that are an excellent source of calcium! (We'll make sure you get a regular shipment of these!)
All toys are manufactured, packaged, and shipped in a clean, smoke-free, bird-free environment.
And Much Much More! Our toys are packed with safety features, and safe, wholesome materials that your bird will love for hours!

Each Month you'll get everything you need to keep your bird entertained and mentally stimulated for hours. We'll send you 3, 100% natural toys every month right to your door, and they'll be the correct size for your particular bird to maximize play time and toy longevity!

You'll Get All Of This:

  • 3 Amazing, 100% Natural Toys Delivered Every Month!
  • Special Bonus Report, "Keeping Your Birds SAFE From The 100 Most Common Household Toxins!"
  • A 100% money back guarantee for unused toys returned within 30 days as part of a membership cancellation
  • And of course, the satisfaction of knowing your bird is playing with SAFE toys that are 100% toxin free!
  • Absolutely NO enrollment or sign-up fee, just the regular low monthly dues.

* WARNING... Please note, no toy can be 100% for EVERY bird! *

You know your birds best, so be prepared to supervise your bird as they play with new toys or certain toys you know they're particularly rough with.

No toy is 100% safe, and there will always be birds who find ways to hurt themselves. You need to be smart, remove toys that are worn out, watch for loose threads, and remove non-food items that can be swallowed.

Check your toys daily and use common sense to keep your bird safe!

Lrg Toy Subscription
Med Toy Subscription
Sml Toy Subscription