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Sun Conures

Training Your Sun Conure

If you're reading this page wondering how you can either keep your sweet little Sun Conure from ever biting you, or you already have Sun Conures, and he's they're you like crazy... then you've come to the right place.

The Sun Conure can be trained to perform amazing tricks, and be extremely obedient... however if left untrained... Sun Conures can be known for their excessive annoying screeching, and stubbornness.

And unlike most people would want to believe, the only difference between owning  well behaved Sun Conures, or a screaming, biting, type of Sun Conure, is YOU!

Sun Conure Picture

That's right, it's not the bird's fault.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the bird will react the way you train him to react... which could be good news for you, or bad news for you.  I'd like to think it's good news, because it means you're in the drivers seat when it comes to shaping your Sun Conures behavior, and training him to be well mannered, and fun loving.

What typically happens with Sun Conures is they are very sweet active playful parrot's for the first few years of their life... and then comes puberty!

And this is where the owner of  Sun Conures will usually say something like "Gosh, he used to be soooo sweet and now all he does is bite me every time I try to touch him"

This is also the same person who didn't take the time to ever train their Sun Conure to perform tasks on command.  The bird has no idea how to follow commands like come, stay, go back to your cage, or perform tricks.

And because these things have not been taught, Sun Conures enters into a period in his life much like a human teenager, where it becomes hormonal, and disobedient. 

Think about it... what happens to a teenager who's parents never discipline their child, never teach him or her things about life, and aren't there for guidance?  The kid's got a great chance of being screwed up don't they?

Well it's the same thing with your parrot... if you take the time to train them things, when they get hormonal, which every breed of parrot does, you'll always have that foundation of training and understanding to fall back on.

So Here's How To Start Training Your Sun Conure  -- No Matter How Old:

First you'll want to click on this link and sign up for my free Sun Conure Training videos where you'll learn how I took one of my clients parrots, that I'd never met, seen, or trained, and taught him how to do his first trick in three 15 minute training sessions! And how me training that parrot, transformed it's behavior!

The reason that you want to train your Sun Conure to do tricks is simple, and I liken it to the story of Helen Keller; the woman who was born blind, deaf, and mute, and had no idea how to communicate to her family and friends, what was on her mind.

Your Sun Conure is like Helen Keller, in the sense that it has no idea how to communicate with you it's needs, wants, and desires.  But if you would spend some time teaching your Sun Conures how to learn behaviors ie. tricks...

... then teaching him other things, like to not bite you, step up nicely, or to stop screaming, become a MUCH easier part of your Sun Conures Training, and learning process.

All in all he'll be much less frustrated with you, and when he gets frustrated in the future with you, on a behavior that you haven't taught him to do yet, he'll be more likely to willingly have you show him how to appropriately do the behavior, versus just biting you out of frustration.

For more Tips on Training Sun Conures you'll want to sign up for my free NEWSLETTER which is a $47 value!