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This "Trick Training Mastery" course is for people who realize that trick trained birds learn to speak two times faster than normal parrots.

In this course you'll discover 11 power packed lessons designed to teach your parrot advanced tricks like:

  • How To Ride A Bicycle

  • The 'Roll Over'

  • How To Fly To Your Hand On Cue

  • Picking up the Telephone and saying "Hello"

  • Riding scooters, and roller skates

  • How to slide down slides

  • and much, much, more...

These tricks are spelled out for you step by step, with lessons specifically designed to teach your parrot how to accomplish tricks on his own free will -- causing your bird to recognize training sessions and actively seek out what you're wanting him to do.

This results in your parrots speech training sessions going MUCH quicker as your parrot discovers how to identify when you're trying to teach him a new word, and actively experiment with his sounds, until he gets it right.

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