"Read letters and watch 'home movies'
from REAL PEOPLE who used my system to
transform their vicious, screaming birds...

... Into friendly, loving, trick-trained pets
-- often in less than 3 sessions!"

Below you'll find a small sample of the HUNDREDS of success stories I, Chet Womach have received over the years from bird owners just like you...

... Regular people, with NO prior bird training experience, who are desperate to transform their wild, vicious, biting, screaming birds into...

Friendly, happy, confident, trick-trained pets
that are welcome, loved members of their families!

And as you'll see, the birds my clients train with this system include African Greys... Amazons... Macaws... Cockatiels... Conures... Cockatoos... Senegals... Lovebirds... Congos... Budgies... Parakeets... and tons more breeds than I have room to list!

So clearly, it's not unreasonable for YOU to expect similar, spectacular results when YOU use my system to train YOUR bird..

"Desperate, we ALMOST gave our parrots away...

... But with your help, their BAD behavior was gone (almost instantly) and now our birds LOVE us!"

"Our first parrot was an Alexandrine hen with a LOT of attitude!

She screeched and tried to bite us -- and we couldn't figure out why!

We got her a mate to see if that would help, but that only made our problem worse as he joined her in screeching and biting!

We bought read several books, hoping to find the solution, but got nowhere.

We began to think we were just not "parrot people" and we were considering giving our birds away -- that's when I discovered Chet Womach's fantastic system.

Now we have parrots that love us, trust us, and want to interact with us! Their behaviors changed almost INSTANTLY when we began following your instructions.

We've now added four NEW birds to our aviary -- and we've achieved the same great results with all of them, too!

No more biting, screeching, and or bad attitudes.

We constantly recommend your DVDs to anyone who mentions negative issues with their birds. We say, "Buy it, you won't be sorry, and your bird will love you even more!"

Dee & James Brown
Proud owners of SIX Alexandrine Parrots
Cairns, Australia

"Before, my cockatiel was
like a naughty child...

... Now, he speaks, does tricks,
and loves to be with me!"

"My Cinnamon Cockatiel, 'Danny,' would not come out of his cage, no matter how hard we tried.

He was like a naughty child -- he turned his back on us!

Now, thanks to the help of your system, Danny LOVES to be out of his cage with us!

He is a much calmer, nicer bird... He even sits on my small typewriter while I work!

And in just 3 training sessions, I taught Danny to nod his head up and down when he talks! Plus, he says "Pretty Boy" and he gives a "wolf whistle" very clearly!

Before buying any bird, I highly recommend you purchase information from Chet and Birdtricks.com. And download his eBooks, too -- I found them very useful!!!

Lynette Hawke
Proud owner of "Danny"
Auckland, New Zealand

"Before I got my rescued Macaw, he'd been left
on a porch for 4 years WITHOUT human contact...

... With your system, in JUST 20 MINUTES
I could pet him anywhere!"

"My story is pretty unique I believe.

I bought a rescued Scarlet Macaw, probably about 5-6 years old back in January '06 and I named her "Peanut."

Well, Peanut had a rough background with her previous owner. The man contracted cancer and was unable to tend to his birds.

Instead of selling them to loving homes, he kept them (eight in total) on a screened-in back porch with NO human contact for 4 years!!!!

Peanut was the worst behaved of all of them, and the last one to be sold because of it.

You could not get within ten feet of her cage without her flapping, screaming, and lunging everywhere. She would try to kill you through the cage.

I brought her home and two weeks after, I found BirdTricks.com.

I ordered the starter kit, watched the DVD, listened to the CD, and got the courage to open the cage! After I finally got her on a perch, I began the stick training taught on the DVD.

Twenty minutes into the training, I could pet her anywhere! TWENTY MINUTES!!!

Now she is the BEST parrot ever! I even let her sit on my shoulder! She waves on command, shakes her head "no" on cue, and even talks now.

My advice to anyone with a bird...? Buy EVERYTHING that Chet Womach and Dave Womach produce. It's well worth the money -- I believe this system would work for ANYONE!

Chris Leach
Proud owner of "Peanut"
Easley, South Carolina

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer,
my doctor told me to get rid of my parrot...

...Thanks to your videos, we are KEEPING him!"

Last October, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my doctor wanted me to get rid of my African Grey parrot, "Loki," saying that the chemo treatments would make me reallly sick and I couldn't be around the bird while my immune system was down.

Well, there's no way I would do that!!!

The problem was, my husband (Chris) couldn't get NEAR Loki... Loki would fly away or bite him!

Now, since Chris has used your training videos, Loki is a different bird. He steps up and he gives kisses, he loves to wave and say hello. It is just crazy!

Without your videos, we might have had to get rid of Loki.

My husband and I thank you so much. I love my bird and cannot wait until I can play with him again and teach him some tricks of my own.

I highly recommend these videos!

Nicole Major
Proud owner of "Loki
Lincoln Park, Missouri

"My African Grey used to be wild and aggressive
... now he's talking and doing fun tricks!"

When we bought our African Grey, Ringo, at 3 months, he was VERY aggressive...

... He hated people, wouldn't come out of his cage, and liked to bite me.

I bought several books on parrot training, but they were all "generic."

I still couldn't get him out of his cage and he still bit my fingers.

Your bird training system changed everything, though...

The first thing I did was put Ringo on the special training diet you recommend. I swear it changed his whole attitude! Within just a few training sessions, Ringo was taking seeds from my hand without biting and coming to his perch on command.

And now (3 months later) he's saying phrases like "What are you doing?" and "Pretty bird." His best trick so far is dropping coins into a small bowl, which we think is GREAT!

Ringo used to be "wild" -- and now he won't leave me alone! I would totally recommend your system to anyone!"

Monica Karr
Proud owner of "Ringo"
Vernon, British Columbia

"Thank you for the most fantastic training...

... My parrot is 20 years old -- yet it brought
a HUGE change in behavior for BOTH of us!"

- Diedra Gordon
Proud owner of "Percy"
London, England

Click the "play" button to hear Diedra's amazing story!

"After just 2 days, I had a NEW bird...

... He plays peek-a-boo, waves hello,
and stopped screaming!"

"I was given a Blue & Gold Macaw that was two years old when his owner moved away.

After a couple of days, he finally let me hold him, but he wanted to bite my fingers...

... and I had a hard time getting him back into his cage.

I bought a couple of books but I did not get any results...

I had just about given up when I found YOUR course and video. What a blessing that was!

After just two days of reading your system, I had a totally new bird, friend, and companion!!!

Merlin is now on your healthy training diet, he has seen the Vet, and he's doing wonderful.

He waves hello with his foot and goodbye with his wing. He will play dead, and he loves to play peek-a-boo. And, with the help of your system, he is not a screamer.

Merlin even calls me "Momma" and tells me "Goodnight"!

I would tell everybody with a bird: "Do what Chet says, and your bird problems will be solved!"

Diana Colon
Proud owner of "Merlin"

Deltona, Florida

"You helped me turn this VICIOUS 'rescue bird'
into a happy, loving member of our family...

... And you should see all the CRAZY tricks she can do!"

Goldie is a female Blue and Gold Macaw that came to me as a rescue.

She was my first macaw -- and holy cow! She bit till she drew blood, screamed, cussed and had every bad habit imaginable!

Her previous owners HATED her, and banished her to a bare cage (no toys) on the back porch.

I really did not think I could succeed with Goldie. I have worked with practically every species of cage bird, mammal, and reptile over my life, but Goldie was a really tough case.

I read everything before I tried anything, and I just knew that your methods would work if anything would... and I was right, they did!

Goldie has made a 210% turn for the better.

She no longer bites... She steps up, loves scritches and kisses.

She holds both wings over her head on command and says "Super Birdie"... She sings songs... calls all the other animals by name... greets you when you come in... says good bye when you leave... asks to have her foot rubbed... calls all the people by name... loves to play fetch... the list could go on forever!!!

The difference is, Goldie is now a functioning member of my family who knows her place in the daily household routine. I started out having to handle her with raptor gauntlet gloves... and now I can play with her tongue!!!

Thank you!!!!

Julie Hale
Proud owner of "Goldie"
Granbury, TX

"With your help, I've taught my African Grey to
Wave, Whistle, Bow, Party, and Hang like Bat!"

I have a Congo African Grey that's now about 11 months old. Her name is "Echo."

With your training program, I've already taught Echo five different tricks...

She now whistles... says "Hello Echo" and "Help"... and she can howl "Ooooo." She loves to whistle, and I was able to teach her to wave in less than 5 minutes.

She can also Bow, Party, and hang like a bat from the top of her cage.

I'm also teaching her to kick a wooden ball. In just a few training sessions, she already puts her foot ON the ball. Next, I'll teach her to kick it...

Your materials really work... My bird is still very young, but she's already learned a lot. One day, I'm sure she's going to start spewing the dictionary at me ;-)!

Peter Fuzessery
Proud owner of "Echo"
Toronto, Ontario

"Look! Today, my parrot's so TAME
I can turn her upside down!"

"My bird is an eleven-year-old Scarlet Macaw.

I got her from a friend who kept her in the cage all the time. She used to bite all the time, but since I've started using your training tips, she only nips when she's afraid.

Now, when I let her out of her cage, she comes straight to me.

She enjoys being out of her cage with me... and she LOVES playing with her cow bell.

She is calmer, better behaved, and she's starting to listen to me. She even lets me hang her upside down (see picture I've included)!

I'd tell anyone with a bird to give your program a try! It works...

Susan Gnapp
Proud owner of a "Scarlet Macaw"
Key West, Florida

"My wife CRIED when the rescue agency called...

... She refused to give this Cockatoo back!"

"Several years ago, I volunteered to help a parrot rescue organization... and my first project was an Umbrella/Mollucan cockatoo named "Mo."

Mo was turned over to the rescue group as being "unmanageable."

They didn't have room, so I got her temporarily. Mo was quite a handful, with a HUGE beak that intimidated my wife (quite understandably).

I had been working with birds for a long time, so Mo became my personal project.

At about that time, I came across your training programs and, on the theory that you can never learn too much, I ordered a copy.

Long story short, in three days, I had Mo sitting calmly on my hand and she let me handle her pretty much any way I wanted. I had her playing dead within two more days.

After 2 weeks, the rescue agency called to say they had room for Mo, so I could bring her back. But when I told my wife, she started to cry!

... So from that moment, Mo became a permanent member of our family.

I still can't believe it only took 2 days to bring her so far! Your materials really work!

Thanks Chet!

Cliff Hagberg
Proud owner of "Mo"
W. Barnstable, Ma

In just one week, this badly abused and VICIOUS bird has become the BEST PET in the world...

... I can hardly believe it, thank you!"

Before she got my program, Gail was SCARED of her big Macaw, "Lester"...

She'd rescued Lester from an abusive home -- he was vicious, biting, and drawing blood!

Amazingly, within just ONE WEEK of using my program, her entire family could touch him, scratch him, and play with him.

She calls him, "The best pet in the entire world."

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to Gail's phone message...

Click to hear Gail's amazing story!

"Wow, I'm a professional animal trainer... And
even I was super impressed by your videos!"

Glen is a professional animal trainer from Florida...

... So I have to confess, it felt pretty good to get his phone call.

He called to say he was SUPER impressed by our training videos.

And he asked when I'll be sending him MORE tapes! ;-)

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to Glen's phone message...


Click to hear Glen's story...

"I love that your videos show GOOF UPS!...

... It was soooo helpful training MY bird!"

"My parrot, Mr. Max, is a seven-year-old African Grey. I got him just 3 months ago and he would bite me if I tried to touch him.

I bought your training course at the same time I got the bird. Your tapes are the greatest!

I used all the methods you suggest to end the biting and they worked like a charm.

Now I can hold him -- and best of all I have been able to do some training.

I have taught him to wave with his foot.

And now I have him barking on command! In fact, sometimes he commands himself by saying "bark, bark" and then making the barking sound!!!

I really like that your videos show "goof ups" during your training sessions -- it showed me what to expect, and I now know it's just part of the training process.

I also appreciate all your "extra emails" with bonus training tips. Your enthusiasm is a great encouragement!

Thank you so much for your training course."

Betty Roff
Proud owner of "Mr. Max"
Lake Worth, Florida

"We rescued this baby Sun Conure... He'd never
been handled -- yet today, he's doing tricks!"

"Our parrot is a young Sun Conure, about 18 months old, we call "Squawky-Dude"

When we picked up Squawky-Dude, he was 4 months old and had never been hand fed or cared for in a loving environment.

Our acquisition was more an act of rescue rather than adoption.

It was a tough beginning...

Squawky-Dude would not come out of his cage willingly and there was no way that he was going to step up or do anything that we wanted.

After only two sessions of following your directions, though, Squawky-Dude was stepping onto our hands and wanting to do more.

Now, after only a short while, he can retrieve objects, twirl for goodies, and even place coins in his own piggy bank.

He can place items into cups and is in the process of learning to recognize colors.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity... He is happy and so are we!!!"

Donn & Sabine Walter
Proud owners of "Squawky Dude"
Federal Way, Washington

Click below to watch a great home video
of "Squawky-Dude" doing his TRICKS:

"I used to be scared to clean my bird's cage...

... Now, even people who are
SCARED of birds will hold him!"

"I have a four-year-old Eclectus Male who used to BITE anyone who came near him...

... And he'd scream at anyone who came near his cage.

So it was challenging for me to clean his cage -- or even give him food and water!

I bought several books before trying your system, but they all left me hanging.

Now, my guy lives to give kisses... not just to me, but to everyone! He won't eat his breakfast now unless he gets a kiss from me first. ;-)

And he'll lay upside down on his own little couch, wave at you, and play basketball.

He is a joy. Even people who are scared of birds will hold him. I have been asked to put him into an animal therapy group. He is that sweet now.

And thanks to your diet recommendations, he is a lot prettier now.

Thanks Chet... Your techniques are really down to earth and easy to follow!"

Dana Arambula
Proud owner of an "Eclectus Male"
Piqua, Ohio

"In just 3 sessions, my parrot learned to RUN
across the table and drop my keys in a dish!"

- Louise Gensemer
Proud owner of "Fester"
Pottstown, Pa

Click the "play" button to hear Louise's amazing story!

"My parrot used to scream, bite, and draw blood...

... Thanks to your training, today, he's doing tricks, saying words, and he's a MUCH happier bird!"

"My one-year-old Blue Fronted Amazon, "Jack," would scream all the time. And if I tried to take him out of his cage, he would bite me so hard he would draw blood.

I did tons of research before AND after I got Jack, but nothing prepared me for the challenges of living with a parrot. Then I got your system...

... I saw results from the very first session!

Three months later, Jack is doing tricks and saying words on command... and he's still learning!

He's MUCH happier bird thanks to all the training, and his screaming has almost totally stopped now... At most, he'll scream for 10 minutes and give up -- which is a BIG improvement over screaming all day!

I think using your system is the ONLY way to get results with your bird... because none of the other reading and research I did helped at all!

I really think your system can work for ANYONE!"

Andy McCarter
Proud owner of "Jack"
Craigavon, County Armagh (United Kingdom)

"I cried when my boyfriend insisted
I give away my vicious, biting parrot...

... Fortunately, your fabulous training system
saved both ME and MY BIRD!"

I have a five-year-old African Grey, "Ulu."

Long story short, Ulu started biting about four months ago. I mean deep gashes in my arm and wrist.

I was very confused and my boyfriend was very concerned. He said that we would not keep a dog that bites, why keep a bird that bites?

After many books and magazines, and four really bad bites, we were at our wits end.

I would break down in tears
every time we discussed giving Ulu to a good home, but my boyfriend didn't want to see me get hurt.

Click below to hear Mary tell her story!

That's when I found Chet and www.birdtricks.com.

I have been using Chet's system for just a couple of weeks -- and I've already noticed good changes in Ulu (and me)! I found out that most of Ulu's problems were MINE!

She has now stopped biting, and he's become more "chatty" -- instead of screaming!

And as corny as this sounds, tonight she actually waved back at me when I said "Hello Ulu" -- without the clicker, a treat, or anything. I just showed her the trick last night!!!!

Even though I have only had the training information for a couple of weeks, it has been worth EVERY dime I paid. Honestly.

I could not ever think of giving Ulu away, she is part of my family. And now, thanks to Chet's fabulous training system, I don't have to.

Thank you,

Mary L. Rosales
Proud owner of "Ulu"
Roscoe, Illinois

"Thanks to your training system, my bird is now
a loving pet -- NOT just a bird in a cage!"

My parrot is a Lilac Crowned Amazon...

He's five years old now, and I'm his third (and last!) owner.

When I first got him, he was biting me terribly and squawked every time I came near his cage.

I was afraid to go near him at all!

Your tapes were instrumental in allowing me to touch Gismo and get him from his cage.

I followed your training diet suggestions, and within 3 weeks, I was able to take him out of his cage... amazing considering how bad he was in the beginning!

He now showers with me every morning and I have perches all over the house -- Gismo truly love being with me. He's really done a 180 degree turn for the better!

I am very grateful for your tapes... Now Gismo is my a pet -- not just a bird in a cage.

Barb Byers
Proud owner of "Gismo"
Kingman, Arizona

"Their African Grey's aggressive behavior and
feather plucking upset the entire family...

... But now, he's learned 15 great new tricks
and speaks over 40 different phrases!"

Rico is an eight-year-old African Grey we purchased from a traveling sales person.

He was definitely used to being home alone, without much attention, and he'd started to pluck his feathers right before he came to our home.

The biggest challenge was getting him accustomed to human attention. He hid in his cage, bit us to no end, and generally was un-friendly. We tried to give him treats like peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. He took them, but he would screech afterwards.

We read two African Grey books that we bought from the local pet store -- but these didn't help much. We were saddened by the results.

After about a month of this behavior, I found your program on the Internet, and thought I would give it a shot.

Everything changed the first couple of days...

We followed your "training diet" tips and used your "dowel method" to get him accustomed to touch. After about a month, Rico became the best bird...

He lets us handle him in any position. He speaks about 40-50 different phrases at appropriate times (like today, he said "good morning" when I took the cover off his cage). And he can perform about 15 different tricks, from waving to "speak-on-command" tricks.

I highly recommend this course to ANY bird owner. If you follow the steps outlined, you will see immediate results.

Shoot, it probably would work with dogs, too!!! :-)

Steve McBride
Proud owner of "Rico"
Spokane, Washington

"My African Grey used to bite to PUNISH ME
for speaking to other people...

... I started using your training system,
and there was an INSTANT change!"

"Before I got your training system, my African Grey had become a nightmare.

He'd attack anyone who spoke to me... and bite me for speaking to them!!!

Getting him into his cage became a chasing and dive bomb game with a lot of biting.

Like most people, I took advice from the breeder and other parrot owners, but nothing was working. The older he got, the more worried I got. Would he be condemned to a cage for the rest of his life?

From the moment I started using your training system, there was an instant change. And you were RIGHT... your training diet is key!!!!

You opened a window of communication between us -- he was waving "hi" in the first lesson!

He will shake hands... He will shake his head "no" and nod for "yes".... He can even "pick a color"! (I'll ask him to show me "green" or "yellow" or "blue" or "red" using my four-color ring. Amazing!)

I've already recommended your program to friends in Norway. The system can work for anyone -- with ANY bird! My nephew is even using your program on a parakeet!

Vincent Houlihan
Proud owner of an African Grey
Dublin, Ireland

"Watch my home video...!

... I taped this to PROVE I trained this
vicious bird in just one session!"

- Patricia Nelson
Proud owner of "Moppet"
Wappingers Falls, NY

Click the "play" button to hear Patricia's amazing story!

"My WILD parrot now runs like baby
across the house to reach me when I call!"

"I have a Green Cheek Conure named "Kohler" who was not tame when I purchased him from a pet store. After getting your system, my bird is completely tame.

He steps up every time, he cuddles, targets, plays with his toys, and he is totally excited to see me. He has mastered the card trick after just a few days of 10 minute sessions. He picks the card every time.

In fact, Kohler can now perform about 5 tricks. He does the ball in a cup, card trick, rings a bell, kicks a soccer ball, plays dead, and comes when called...

I mean he will literally run across the house to get to me. He is like a baby now.

While I have been training Kohler, my son's cockatiel hears and watches what we do, and he has started talking and whistling just by listening. He watched your cockatiel on the video whistle "Winnie The Pooh" and now has about 1/2 of it down pat.

I am so glad that I purchased your program.

I have read every book I could find on Conures, but none of them explained the training like you. You program is just so easy to understand!

Thank you!!!!

Judy Mendes
Proud owner of "Kohler"
Corcoran, Ca

"Amazing! My parrot let this blind child
play with her for 2 solid hours...

... And NEVER once tried to bite him!"

My four-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw female, "Charo," was passed through four owners in the military before she was 2 years old.

She loved biting to get a reaction...

I took her into my home, loved her, and used your videos. Instinctively, I knew you were right -- birds are like children... they use BAD behavior to get attention!

Recently, I was able to take Charo to a local marina where there was a blind five-year-old little boy who LOVES birds.

My Charo stayed on my arm while this little boy touched her from head to tail!

The boy would get excited, stop touching her, and jump up and down, but Charo never once tried to bite or strike out at him.

I am so proud of my girl! She made me proud in front of at least 100 people and after the petting, she sat and talked to the little boy for two hours!!!!

I know that your training works... I have told everyone I know to order you videos!

I have had birds all my life and when I found you on the `Net several years ago, I knew that you understood their wild behavior.

Thank you!

Mary Carter
Proud owner of "Charo"
Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

"Watching you train WILD birds
'live' on video was a BIG help!

... You made training my cockatoo FUN and EASY!"

"When my Eleanora Cockatoo turned one year old, he was shy and underweight. He wouldn't talk and had bad separation anxiety.

I read some books for bird owners, but they're weren't as helpful as your program.

While I liked some of the tips, they didn't offer a support system like you do.

Just knowing the personal help is available is really nice!

Also, I really liked "seeing" you demonstrate the training tricks on your videos -- instead of just reading about them. And nobody else mentioned clicker training like you!

Today, my cockatoo is fatter, healthier, and happier. He whistles in the shower with me... and he talks more (my favorite is "Hi, how you doing?).

Thank you so much! Your insight was fantastic..."

Amanda Williamson
Proud owner of an "Eleanora Cockatoo"
Hulbert Field, Florida

"Our Senegal parrot now waves, plays fetch,
whistles, and does your card trick!!!"

"We have a one-year-old Senegal who is a complete delight for our entire family, particularly since we started training him using your system a few months ago.

He now waves hello on cue, fetches and places the item in a bowl or our hand, and he is well on the way to learning the card trick with the black dot.

When he wants to do a trick to get an almond flake (his favorite treat) he finds the clicker, walks over, and drops it into our hand to let us know that it is time for tricks!

He is even whistling whole phrases of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" based on my training... and he often sits on the window sill, practicing the tune to himself.

It is absolutely delightful to watch and listen while he does this.

Thanks for sharing your techniques that have made our relationship with our Senegal so delightful and positive."

Phil Kucharsky
Proud owner of "Roo"
Toronto, Ontario

"She rescued 9 cockatiels from homes
damaged by Hurricane Katrina...

... And she's using this program to rehabilitate them!"

"I have a Yellow Naped Amazon that was given to me because he's EXTREMELY aggressive...

He does things like charging the cage when people walk by and he has bitten many people... he even put my sister in the Emergency Room at Christmas!

I bought other books, but I like your interactive videos and the simplicity of your training courses. You seem to really care about our birds and our success -- and that comes through in your email postcards, videos, and follow-up letters!

Well, I've just started using your program... But I can already tell you that after Sam's first day on the training diet, I took him out of his cage (on a perch) and he let me pet him on his back WITHOUT biting, after which I rewarded him with fresh green beans (which he loves).

He let me do this 3 times... again, without trying to bite me!

I have ALREADY seen positive results in that little bit of training and I am so excited to continue with new tricks and potty training.

Your program is an absolute must!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently rescued 9 cockatiels from homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and I plan to spend my summer training them using YOUR program.

I'm looking forward to putting on a bird trick show for my entire family in the early Fall!

Cathy Christian
Proud owner of "Sam"
Covington, Louisiana

"Your video is helping me socialize
my different breeds of parrots!"

"I just listened to your video on socializing different species of parrots.

I enjoyed it and feel it is going to help me tremendously once my Baby Grey comes home to meet my Cockatiel.

I know they may never be allowed to be alone together -- but with your help, they may at least be docile towards each other.

I especially liked the format you used for this video! I could pause and rewind and listen to a particular segment I needed repeated.

Thank you again. I enjoy hearing from you. Keep up the good work."

Nancy Groves
Richmond, Tx

"You guys are AWESOME...!!!

This information is extremely valuable and
will save bird owners a TON of headaches!"

"I can only say that you guys are AWESOME!!!

I've ordered just about everything you've got, and I have been able to bring my frightened little Congo out of her shell by using your training methods.

In the course of a week, I've got her and her older sister shaking their heads "no", AND waving! In one week!!!

Your thorough instructions, ease of manner, and wealth of information are invaluable.

What you guys teach can save a LOT of headaches for owners, and a LOT of heartache for birds, because if they learn to behave, they get to stay in a loving home, instead of being put in a shelter.

I could go on and on, but let me finish by saying COOL! ;-)

Tracy Pearsall
Proud owner of "
P.J." and "Louie"
Walton Beach, Florida

"Nobody wanted this biting parrot...

... But thanks to your training system,
she now has a happy home!"

"Your training system has been so helpful.

My African Grey (I call her "Bird") had been passed around from house to house for nearly a year until I got her.

When I first got her, I had my doubts... But thanks to your help, she's gone from biting me to stepping onto my bare hand from a perch.

That might not sound like a big deal for ya'll but let me tell you, it was exciting for me!

I can't thank you enough!!!!"

Mike Steinmetz
Proud owner of "Bird"
North Little Rock, Arizona

"The 'other' books and videos I bought
were a BIG waste of money...

I couldn't have done it without you!"

"My Macaw is two years old, and when I first got him, he would scream if you came close to his cage... and he would bite if your hand came near.

Now that I'm using your training system, he is saying a few words, and I can get him to set up on a stick and touch me without biting!

He's happier, he's quit plucking his feathers, and he'll happily follow me around the house. He really wants to be with me now!

I tried several other videos and books before I used your system -- and I have to say, they're not worth the paper they're printed on!

Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you!"

Rosalind Bellah
Proud owner of "NAME"
Patton Street Hot Springs, Arkansas

"My parrot used to bite, scream,
and climb the blinds...

... Now, all my friends ask to see his great tricks!"

"I was having BIG problems with parrot biting me, climbing the blinds, and screaming.

It got to the point where I locked him in his cage and wouldn't let him out -- but I knew that wasn't good for him, so I started looking for a solution...

... That's when I found your DVD training system!

That helped me so much! In less than 2 weeks, he stopped screaming, and now he's the most loving bird I've seen.

I've even taught him how to wave and shake hands.

And it only took me 10 minutes to teach him to wave!!!! I was so excited, I called all my friends and family to brag.

Now, everyone who comes over wants to see his tricks!

Your DVDs really work, and I would purchase them again... I just love them!!!!

Brandy Pruitt
Proud owner of an "Indian Red Neck Parrot"
St. Lemoore, California

"Our family Cockatoo came from a pet store
scared and awkward with people...

... Today, she's potty trained and
LOVES our daily training sessions!"

"Our Goffin Cockatoo, "Shmoo," was purchased from a pet store at 16 months old.

When we brought her home she was scared, awkward, and unbalanced when being held since most of her life was spent in a small cage.

I have worked in pet stores in my youth, as well as grooming dogs throughout my life. I thought I knew what it took to create the behavior I wanted in pets.

But it was obvious after watching your DVD I only knew some of what I needed to know. Your video helped my family better understand how our parrot's mind works, enabling us to manipulate her behavior for a better overall relationship.

Shmoo is now one of the family. It was amazing how fast she learned so many tricks!!!

Her first trick was potty training. Our friends can't believe that we can simply place her in her cage and say "Go poo poo" and she does it.

She also says "Hello" and does what we call the "Monkey Laugh."

We taught her "The Wave," which she LOVES to do... She knows the "Key Trick"... And now we're teaching her to fetch dice and place them in our hands!

She does these tricks with great excitement and enthusiasm. And they all took such little time to teach... at the most, two sessions of 15 minutes or less.

I greatly recommend your tips and strategies. You can't go wrong with this training system!"

Shirley Gott
Proud owner of "Schmoo"
Brentwood, California

"She was the MEANEST (and prettiest)
bird at the pet store...

... Now, she's the SWEETEST bird I own!"

"When I first got my Cockatiel, "Mango," she was the meanest bird at the pet store...

... I bought her because she was absolutely beautiful (which was probably stupid ;-).

When I first brought her home, I tried to work on taming her, but she wouldn't get out of the cage and when she DID get out, it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get her back in!

I tried working with her while she was IN her cage -- but that's when I learned Mango can bite VERY hard.

I got bitten a lot, and my hands are actually scarred in a few places from her.

I tried joining bird groups who claimed that their methods could tame the worst bird, but it didn't work on Mango, and I was still getting bitten. It was extremely frustrating.

Mango wasn't happy and I wasn't happy. That's when I found BirdTricks.com...

Now Mango is the sweetest bird I own. She no longer bites, it's easy to get her to come out of the cage and put her back in, and she knows five tricks.

Best of all, I started noticing progress after the first session!!!!

This program is definitely bird-friendly AND people-friendly -- all of your instructions were easy to understand and apply!

Thank you!

Marlain Beaudette
Proud owner of "Mango"
Fitchburg, MA

"She's trained a lovebird... finches... and a
WILD parrot abandoned at her vet's office!"

I used your system to train my lovebird, Zuli, and got such great results that even my vet noticed when we came in for Zuli's annual check up -- no biting the doctor!

The vet asked me what I'd done, and I told her about your training system.

Well, that's when she asked if I'd foster a 15-year-old wild Panamanian Amazon, who was caught in the wild, placed into adoption twice, then abandoned at the vet's office!

I decided to take the challenge..

... and PJ is now the sweetest bird!

He loves mangoes, so to gain his trust, I started offering him little pieces as you suggested. In 2 weeks, this completely WILD bird was taking fruit from my hands.

Then, in another week, I trained him to "step up" just as you suggest.

Now, two months later, he is finally comfortable with me. He steps up, likes to be scratched, sits in my lap, waves hello, and sings!

Even better, he's starting to trust other people, too...

This program was the best investment... If you have parrots with behavior problems, don't waste your time and money on anything else. This system really works!

It even worked for my finches!!!

Jacque Larrainza
Proud owner of "PJ" and "Zuli"

"In just 30 minutes, I trained my African Grey
to step onto my arm... plus 2 more tricks!"

"Rufus is my four-year-old African Grey...

He used to think he was "King of the House" and would let you know when he wanted to be pet... and by who!

Thanks to your training system, though, in just 30 minutes, I trained Rufus to step up, shake hands, and shake his head "no"!

Oh, and I was using that great clicker you provide, plus a few sunflower seeds. :-)

Now, Rufus does tricks and commands on MY terms -- not his! He's easier to handle and he enjoys interacting with the family more.

This program is definitely worth the money. It's fast and it works!

Thank you. I look forward to the rest of you training tips."

Frances Brady
Proud owner of "Rufus"

"Now my parrot tells ME to be quiet! ;-)"

I have a Double Yellow Amazon parrot named "Crystal" who liked to scream.

I tried spraying water on her, but she LIKED that! I also tried "time out" with a blanket over her cage... but that didn't work either.

After watching your DVD, I realized that Crystal probably wanted attention... So I used your techniques and would tell her to "whisper, whisper, be very, very quiet."

She has learned that so well, that now when I play my rock music, she yells "whisper, whisper, very quiet"! So not only does she "get it" -- she knows when to apply it!

I've already recommended your program to my friend in Alberta.

Thank you!!!!

Julie Sutherland
Proud owner of "Crystal"
White Rock, BC

"I'm already getting GREAT results training
my baby parrots with this system!"

"My name is Levon Green and I have two baby African Greys...

I wanted to start them off right so, I ordered your parrot training kit. They're only 3 months old, and they ALREADY "step up" and I'm working on potty training them.

I saw results in less than a day!

These videos are a great idea for anyone. The principles are sound and they work."

Levon Green
Proud owner of "African Greys"
Harvest, Alabama

"With your help, I've potty-trained my Cockatoo!"

Olive is a beautiful 7-year-old Mullocan Cockatoo. He is smart and very lovable.

I would love to take him out in the evenings but he would poop a lot.

After reading your tips on potty training, I knew what to do and had no more problems.

I just put some newspapers down before I take Oliver out of the cage, and about every 17-20 minutes I hold him over the paper and tell him "bulls eye"!

My parrot is also behaving a lot nicer by following your "get him out of the cage" method.

Now he wants to come out, and he even gives us an occasional wave.

Your videos and courses are great!

Vinnie Schuette
Proud owner of "Olive"
San Jacinto, California

"In just 3 weeks, my baby parrot is TAME!"

"I have a baby parrot that is 5 months old now.

When I first got her from the breeder, she hadn't been handled much and it was challenging to get near her.

Sticking my hand in the cage to feed her was a traumatic experience, with her flying around. I tried being pushy with her, but I got bit in the process.

That's when I found your wonderful website. Today, my baby parrot is MUCH tamer!

She will gladly step up on our hands. She chirps happily when we come home. When we walk past her cage, she looks eagerly at us, hoping we are going to get her out.

We can hand feed her, pet her, look at her wings, and we are training her to "play dead."

... And we've made all this progress in just 3 short weeks!

I'm really impressed by your videos and I've already told other bird owners about them!

Thanks Chet!

Rachel Work
Vermilion, Ohio

"I would recommend this program to everyone!"

"My one-year-old Sun Conure, called "Napoleon," used to poo everywhere and scream. I tried ignoring him while he screamed, but that didn't work.

With your videos, now Napoleon enjoys learning tricks and he's house trained. He can wave, he nods "yes," and he's learning the key trick.

I would recommend this program to everyone... even parents with young kids ;-)"

Briony Ann Bradford
Proud owner of "Napoleon"
St. Russell, New Zealand

"Within JUST one training session, he was waving!"

I have a male Electus called Cuda that's now 11 months old.

When I bought Cuda, he was really shy and wouldn't leave his cage much.

When he did, he was always looking for it, because that's where he felt safest.

I am a member of many Australian parrot societies and although their magazines are good, they don't go into detail with companion parrots.

Other books I read were confusing and required you to spend 24/7 with your bird to get any results. After watching your "Training Tricks" DVD, though, my Cuda changed immediately.

He is keen and eager to come out of his cage.

And within one training session Cuda was waving, I had his whole attention, and he no longer cared where the cage was.

Cuda now waves with both feet, he shakes hands with anyone that asks, he loves to be scratched on his head, and he wags his tail.

If you want a relationship with your bird, you are CRAZY not to try this system!"

Kim Corliss
Proud owner of "Cuda"
Muswellbrook, Australia

"If it wasn't for YOUR help, this cranky bird
would have been OUT the window! ;-)"

Poor Elisa was having BIG problems with her parrot, "Sonny"...

... The issues she faced were FAR MORE serious than what our program covered.

So I got on the phone with her, and I personally talked her step by step through exactly what she needed to do.

This is just ONE small example of the personal support I'm willing to provide...

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to her phone message...




Click to hear Elisa's story...

"Within 30 minutes of training (just 2 sessions)
... my African Grey could wave and shake his head "no"!

"I have a 5 month old African Grey named Artemus.

After reading your eBook, listening to your CDs, and watching your DVD, within 30 minutes of training (just 2 sessions!) Artemus knew how to wave and shake his head "no."

I was absolutely amazed by how fast he picked up the tricks!

Within just minutes, Artemus figured out the clicker you provided, and responded very well to the treats. Now, he seems to look forward to our training time, and he can't wait to come out to his perch and learn new things.

Right now, he can perform 2 tricks learned from your video and one he learned himself -- he can make the sound of the clicker and usually beats me to it when doing tricks! :-)

Thanks Chet... Your training system and customer support are second to none!

Craig Reardon
Proud owner of "Artemus"
Squamish, BC

"Before, I was afraid of this HUGE biting parrot...

... Now, we're best friends, and he loves my kids!"

When I first got my two-year-old Ecletus parrot, Jade, I was afraid of this big bird -- and he was scared of me, too.

It was hard to get him out of his cage because he would bite... he screeched a LOT... he picked his feathers under his wing... and he scratched the feathers off his neck.

I did a lot of reading on the Internet -- but it was your training course that finally helped me.

Now Jade and I are best buddies and he's GREAT with my kids, too!

He loves to come out of his cage... and he rarely screeches! He loves the daily showers you recommended, and I'm excited to see his feathers starting to grow back.

I've trained him to wave hello with his left foot and "shake hands" with his right foot. And he can already say "what are you doing?" and "I love you!"

I would recommend this program to anyone with a bird.

No one likes a dog that jumps up on you -- and no one likes a mean screeching parrot!

Jean Sloss
Proud owner of "Jade"
Redomond, Oregon

"For 15 years, my birds were mishandled...

Now, less than 1 week after starting your program, they're ENJOYING being scratched and held! "

This Guy bought his two parrots from a zoo... and they were off the charts MEAN!

For 15 years, they saw nothing but kids yelling and screaming by their cages -- they even had marks in the beaks from lunging and biting at the bars!

Within just ONE week of using this program, though, he was amazed that he could scratch and touch his birds.

Click the audio link to your right to hear a recording of the exciting phone call I got...




Click to hear His story...

"Now, he loves to be held by
ALL people... not just me!"

"I have a Severe Macaw that is now 11 months old.

When I got him, he'd been socialized a bit, but he was still biting a LOT!

I bought your videos right away, and now he has learned that for good behavior he gets rewards (like his favorite nuts!) and for bad behavior he is left alone.

Needless to say, his attitude towards everyone has changed for the good. He is eager to please and happily comes out of his cage when offered your hand.

He also rarely bites anymore and is eager to go to other people -- not just me!

As for tricks, he waves, turns on command, flips upside down in your arms, and says "Are you okay?" (because that's what I say when my klutzy bird falls off his perch ;-).

Your videos are wonderful... I think they'd work with ANY breed of bird as long as the owner was willing to practice with them.

Now, I'm re-watching your videos to get NEW training ideas!


Mary Barrow
Proud owner of "Skipper" a "Severe Macaw"
Redding, California


"My cockatiel used to HATE being touched
... now, she goes camping with my family!"

"Tinkers is a one-year-old Cockatiel. I got her when she had just popped out of the nest so she was a wee bit scared and out of her comfort zone.

Tinkers would always bite (HARD!) when I came close, she refused to be touched, and she was a uneasy about the whole 'stepping up' thing.

It didn't worry me so much that she didn't want to be touched, that's fine. But I wanted to be able to look after her properly and it's hard to do that when she's trying to escape.

When I found your program, I hadn't tried anything else... I was flying by the seat of my pants, mostly using persistence and praise.

Now, Tinkers bites less, she'll "step up" on command, and you could spend all day scratching her neck and face.

A cute little trick she does is whistle "pop goes the weasel" when you point a finger at her. I even take her camping with me and my family!!! :-)

Your videos are good because they actually SHOW everything with step-by-step instructions -- including what to do when training doesn't go "as planned"!


Louise Hoggett
Proud owner of "Tinkers"
Brisbane, Australia

"In just 2 days, he was eating from my hand...

... No screaming, and NO biting!"

"I have different kinds of birds, but I ordered your program because of my Sun Conure, Pancho. He's nine months old.

When I got Pancho, he was a sweetheart. But then my daughter became sick and I had to move him outside. Suddenly, Pancho wouldn't let me touch him and screamed whenever I got close to his cage.

Thanks to your program, in just 2 days, I was able to win back his trust. He lets me touch him and he's eating from my hand.

Your course is GREAT because it teaches you to deal with many different training situations. It feels like you're right here with me, helping me through it...

I truly believe your program could work for ANY bird."

Carmen Garcia
Proud owner of "Pancho"
Mayaguez, Puerta Rico

"I was skeptical... But your program was
the BEST MONEY I've ever spent on my birds!"

When Pat first purchased my program to train his Cockatiel and Quaker, he was skeptical...

... Would it work for his SMALL birds?

Within just ONE training session, his cockatiel was stepping up...

And Pat called me to say this was "the best money he's ever spent on his birds!"

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to Pat's phone message...



Click to hear Pat Lebeau's story...

"This teenager was HIRED to perform with
his parrot in front of "American Eagle" in New York...

... After just a few short training sessions!"

Wade is a buddy of mine who didn't believe it would be so EASY to train his bird.

So I mailed him a free copy of the video, just to prove my point.

Well, not only did Wade eat his words after watching just 15 minutes of my video...

... After just a FEW short training sessions, he was hired to perform with his parrot in front of "American Eagle" in New York!

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to Wade's story...

Click to hear Wade's story...

"In the beginning, the noise was HORRIFIC!

... 8 weeks later, they were 'waving' to me!"

"We purchased a pair of five-year-old African Greys which were not captive bred.

Their previous owner had done nothing with them at all...

...They were just left in a breeding cage.

Needless to say they had not bred and the owner got fed up with them.

When we first brought the birds home, they were totally wild and would disappear into the nest box at the slightest sound. It was crazy to begin with and the noise was horrific.

We couldn't go NEAR the cage and it was difficult to even change food and water without them going wild.

Today, March 6th, after approx 8 weeks later, I now have these birds taking sunflower seeds from my hand as a reward for "waving" to me.

They step onto my hands easily -- and let me stroke them all over, even under their wings.

I know that this story will appear to be too good to be true but I can assure you that I have spent no more than 30 mins on any day training these birds.

Thank you once again!

Ian Jones
Proud owner of two African Greys
Barrow in Furness, United Kingdom

"Both my birds no longer SCREAM,
and my neighbors are very thankful!"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your messages and all of the materials that you sent to me.

I have a Yellow Nabbed Amazon that is 20 years old and an African Gray that is 10 years old.

Since I have been listening to your tapes and learning more about my birds, my relationship with them has completely changed!

They are both warm and loving whereas before that were squawky and biting me.

It is amazing the huge change in the birds in such a short period of time.

Click to hear Stuart's story...!

My neighbors also send a thank you as they hate screaming parrots. The birds are now calm and sweet and really fun to play with and be around.

Stuart L. Rusnak
Proud owner of an African Gray and Yellow Nabbed Amazon
Honolulu, Hawaii

"In just 3 days, he's learned how to step up,
receive tickles, and play Big Bird!"

"I received your entire package a couple of weeks before my 4-month-old baby African Grey joined our family.

In 3 days, he has already learned how to step up and down, how to receive tickles, how to play Big Bird (your Eagle)...

... AND -- how to go Weeeeeeee (swinging him from left to right in a big swoop)!

He has even learned how to take toys and drop them in a plastic cup on command.

We are so happy with your trick-training package that we've ALREADY ordered the speech training package today.

Thanks for everything!"

Jacky Menhennet
Proud owner of an African Grey
Mqabba, Malta

... And these are just a small handful of the stories I could tell you!

(If you'd like YOUR bird's picture and success story featured on this page, please be sure to email me at success@birdtircks.com -- I *love* to hear stories from my students. It's what keeps me motivated to continue teaching...!)

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