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Teaching Parrots To Talk

How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk
Using This Quick Tip

Talking On Cue

Everyone in the world wants their parrot to be able to talk. That's one of the cool things that separates birds from other pets is their ability to speak right? 

Well more often than I'd like to count people ask me if just playing a cd of a word over and over again will help teach their parrot to talk.  The answer is no and quite frankly your bird is probably going to start hating that word. Imagine if you had to listen to the same thing being said over and over for hours at a time!

We created a system that will help you teach your parrot to talk much quicker.  In addition to using the technique that I talked about in the video above we also are the only ones in the world to use other birds talking in order to teach your parrot to talk.

It makes sense right?  Parrots learn to talk much faster when they listen to other birds speaking. We have personally experienced this within our own flock. We had one small cockatoo who we took in and we could not get him to say much at all. Of course he said the hello's, good byes, and I love you's but that was about it.

Then after about a month of hanging around our flock all day every day he started mimicking a wide variety of other words that our birds were saying. This was a major "Ah Ha!" moment for us and we ran with it.

What Our Train Your Parrot To Talk Course Covers:

  • The right time of day to take advantage of his natural instincts to talk, making your job effortless...

  • How to use audio tapes and CDs that develop your champion into a "public speaker" (yes, there is a proper way)...

  • Discover the exact length of time you should let your parrot listen to recordings (too much can be counterproductive)...

  • Tell within seconds which words your parrot will always resist saying — crucial for saving your time by picking the words he wants to say! (Not too many bird trainers know this)...

So check out this amazing course if you are interested in how to Teach Your Parrot To Talk