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Training Macaws

Macaw Biting Solved!

My name’s Chet Womach and about 4 1/2 years ago I was the owner of a terrible, no good, very bad macaw that loved to bite and scream every chance he got… Sound familiar? Macaw biting is not uncommon but the good news is you have an option.

I got so fed up with my macaws biting and screaming that I decided to figure out what training macaws not to bite, and be loving friends for life was all about.

I grabbed my video camera and literally videotaped hundreds of hours of me trying different training techniques on my macaws… and in that process came across a step-by-step proven formula for macaw training that taught them to behave like little angels.

So if you’ve got a biter or a screamer and want to pursue macaw training watch the free video below and sign up for our e-mail course to ensure you are never bitten by your macaw again.

And the greatest part is that I’ve made these videos available for you to watch and learn from. So that you can simply watch footage of how I trained my macaw, learn from my mistakes, and copy my methods that worked!

Training macaws has never been taught before I released these special videos over 3 1/2 years ago, and since that time over 10,500 parrot owners have successfully followed my methods and trained their macaws too! Macaw biting is no longer a problem for them!

Let’s Show How Simple Training Macaws Really Is…

First you’ll want to watch this video where you can get a sneak preview at one of my most effective techniques to overcome macaw biting. Tiko my blue and gold macaw did not like my wife Sally would be aggressive towards her when she came near. The resulting is what cured this behavior!

The reason that you want to train your Macaw is simple. It’s very much like the story of Helen Keller; the woman who was born blind, deaf, and mute, and had no idea how to communicate to her family and friends, what was on her mind.

Your Macaw is like Helen Keller, in the sense that it has no idea how to communicate with you it’s needs, wants, and desires. But if you would spend some time teaching your Macaw how to learn behaviors ie. tricks…

… then teaching him other things, like to not bite you, step up nicely, or to stop your macaws screaming, becomes a MUCH easier part of your Macaw Training, and learning process.

All in all he’ll be much less frustrated with you, and when he gets frustrated in the future with you, on a behavior that you haven’t taught him to do yet, he’ll be more likely to willingly have you teach him a new behavior, versus just biting you out of frustration.

If Macaw biting and screaming is a problem for you sign up for our free e-mail course above and we’ll send you tons of free tips and special offers for our courses! See macaw pictures hereS!