"Twenty-Four Trick Training Routines Your
Parrot Can Master In Less Than A Week...

-- Like Riding Roller-skates, Dunkin' Basketballs And Putting Money In A Piggy Bank --

... Taught With Simple Step-By-Step Instructions That Work On Every Breed Of Bird"

From: Chet Womach
Tuesday, (a VERY early) 3:43 a.m.

Dear Parrot Lover,

If you've ever thought about how fun it would be to trick train your parrot -- training him to dunk basketballs... ride a home made bicycle ... or even rolling over on cue like a dog...

... Then this may be the most exciting letter you'll ever read.

Because on the following web page, I'm going to show you how ANYONE can have a perfectly trick trained parrot (that takes less than 10 minutes a day to train) -- even if you think you're parrot is too small, stupid or mean as hell!

Even better, if you ALREADY trained your parrot a few tricks...

I'll demonstrate my powerful techniques for training your parrot to learn 100%... 150%... even as much as 300% faster -- by following our simple but proven system that we've taught to over 12,073 clients who swear we've transformed their bird.

On this page, I'm also going to show you...

Twenty-one, simple to master, trick training routines you've never heard of before!
Specific trick training routines designed to cure your parrot's nasty biting hobbits!
Why trick training is the quickest way to grow deep, lasting, emotional bonds with your parrot -- even if he never let's you near him!
Why forcing your parrot to mess up a trick actually doubles his learning curve!
How food rewards can cripple your parrot's ability to learn prop based tricks -- and the special way to use treats you've never heard before!
Secrets for using trick training as a way to overcome your parrot's fear of objects like vacuums, dog's, people and other loud scary things!
Where to train your parrot so he'll love performing tricks in front of complete strangers... instead of being shy!

... plus tons more!

This is the SAME system I've taught to literally 1,000s of regular people -- with no special education or experience -- who have used it to "trick train" their parrots in record time, building a stronger BOND with their parrot than they ever dreamed possible...

And it's the SAME system our more "advanced students" (who just put in a bit more elbow grease) have used to become PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS in less than a few years...

Take A Peek At Some Of The
Awesome Tricks You'll Learn

Here's a short list of just some of the tricks your parrot will be able to perform after going through this parrot trick training system:

1. Drop the quarters in the piggy bank!
  You'll learn how to get your parrot to pick up coins, and actually learn how to put the coin in the slot in the top of a piggy bank!  Your parrot will learn how to feel for the coin slot, and drop them in EVERY time.
2. Roll over like a dog!
  Your friends will keel over in amazement as they watch you tell your parrot go from standing, to rolling over on his back, to back up onto his feet again -- just like you've seen dogs do a hundred times!
3. Climb a ladder and go down a slide!
  Watch as you place a toy slide (or any other slippery surface) in front of your parrot, see him climb to the top of it, and get a thrill out of 'surfing' down it on his feet -- without falling over!
4. Ride a bicycle... AND ride a scooter!
  These two routines show you how to use 'birdie sized' scooters & bicycles, get your bird to hop on them, and peddle, or scoot all over your house!
5. Loop colored rings over matching colored pegs!
  Step-by-step techniques for training your parrot to loop colored rings over their matching colored pegs -- and never get the wrong colored ring on a mismatched peg!
6. Be patriotic on the 4th of July (takes just 2 days to learn!)
  How to raise a flag, and wave it with his foot!
7. Roller skate!
  Stare in amazement as your parrot climbs onto his birdie roller-skates, and gets a kick out of skating around your house -- extremely entertaining!
8. The basketball super-star routine
  I'll show you where to get a miniature basketball hoop just for your parrot, no matter what size, and techniques for training him to dunk a mini basketball in his hoop every chance he gets!
9. Fly to me on cue!
  It's not just dogs that can be trained to come when they're called, now your parrot will find you wherever you are in your house, by simply calling his name!
10. Time for bed! Sleep like a baby...
  Get your parrot to fake like he's sleeping, by fluffing up, and burying his beak in his back feathers -- like he does when he's sleepy -- and do it on cue!
11. Give me a cuddle and a kiss!
  At your cue, have your parrot walk over to your chest, and roll his head into your chest, gazing up into your eyes.  The cutest trick you'll ever teach -- actually gets your bird to LIKE snuggling!
12. "It's a hold up! Stick `em up"!
  Train your parrot to throw up his wings in a "surrender" every time you tell him to 'stick 'em up'!

... and that's just a few of the 24 tricks detailed in this brand new trick training system! 

I'll Even Walk You Through
The Tougher Tricks On Video...

 ... Letting You Eaves Drop On Training
Sessions With Parrots As They Learn The
Tricks For The First Time!

That's right!  You're going to receive 2 powerful DVD's with over two hours of 'shot live' training footage, showing me working with several different parrots, as I teach them new tricks for the very first time.

Since every bird is different, you'll see me try techniques on birds that DON'T end up cooperating, and watch first hand as I teach you how to overcome every obstacle that a bird could throw at me -- so you'll now how to react when your bird does the same thing to you!

This footage equips you with all the little tips and tricks you could ever possibly need to get your parrot to start performing amazing tricks in record time.

2 Of The Live Training Support DVD's You'll Receive!

Screen Shots Highlights From These DVD's

How To Put Quarters In A Piggy Bank

How To Raise The Flag

How To Put The Right Color
 Ring On The Right Color Peg

How To Peak Into The Slot On A Piggy Bank

... and if the thought of your little birdie mastering just a few of these tricks doesn't get you excited -- listen to how much fun our raving fans are having! 

Here are just a few of the hundreds of
letters I've received from people like you...

... People who started knowing nothing, and now own parrots that've mastered dozens of tricks -- even hundreds -- using this system:


"After just 2 days, I had a NEW bird...

... He plays peek-a-boo, waves hello,
and stopped screaming!"

"I was given a Blue & Gold Macaw that was two years old when his owner moved away.

After a couple of days, he finally let me hold him, but he wanted to bite my fingers...

... and I had a hard time getting him back into his cage.

I bought a couple of books but I did not get any results...

I had just about given up when I found YOUR course and video. What a blessing that was!

After just two days of reading your system, I had a totally new bird, friend, and companion!!!

Merlin is now on your healthy training diet, he has seen the Vet, and he's doing wonderful.

He waves hello with his foot and goodbye with his wing. He will play dead, and he loves to play peek-a-boo. And, with the help of your system, he is not a screamer.

Merlin even calls me "Momma" and tells me "Goodnight"!

I would tell everybody with a bird: "Do what Chet says, and your bird problems will be solved!"

Diana Colon
Proud owner of "Merlin"
Deltona, Florida


"Their African Grey's aggressive behavior and
feather plucking upset the entire family...

... But now, he's learned 15 great new tricks
speaks over 40 different phrases!"

Rico is an eight-year-old African Grey we purchased from a traveling sales person.

He was definitely used to being home alone, without much attention, and he'd started to pluck his feathers right before he came to our home.

The biggest challenge was getting him accustomed to human attention. He hid in his cage, bit us to no end, and generally was un-friendly. We tried to give him treats like peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. He took them, but he would screech afterwards.

We read two African Grey books that we bought from the local pet store -- but these didn't help much. We were saddened by the results.

After about a month of this behavior, I found your program on the Internet, and thought I would give it a shot.

Everything changed the first couple of days...

We followed your "training diet" tips and used your "dowel method" to get him accustomed to touch. After about a month, Rico became the best bird...

He lets us handle him in any position. He speaks about 40-50 different phrases at appropriate times (like today, he said "good morning" when I took the cover off his cage). And he can perform about 15 different tricks, from waving to "speak-on-command" tricks.

I highly recommend this course to ANY bird owner. If you follow the steps outlined, you will see immediate results.

Shoot, it probably would work with dogs, too!!! :-)

Steve McBride
Proud owner of "Rico"
Spokane, Washington

"My parrot used to be wild and aggressive
... now he's talking and doing fun tricks!"

When we bought our African Grey, Ringo, at 3 months, he was VERY aggressive...

... He hated people, wouldn't come out of his cage, and liked to bite me.

I bought several books on parrot training, but they were all "generic."

I still couldn't get him out of his cage and he still bit my fingers.

Your bird training system changed everything, though...

The first thing I did was put Ringo on the special training diet you recommend. I swear it changed his whole attitude! Within just a few training sessions, Ringo was taking seeds from my hand without biting and coming to his perch on command.

And now (3 months later) he's saying phrases like "What are you doing?" and "Pretty bird." His best trick so far is dropping coins into a small bowl, which we think is GREAT!

Ringo used to be "wild" -- and now he won't leave me alone! I would totally recommend your system to anyone!"

Monica Karr
Proud owner of "Ringo"
Vernon, British Columbia


"We rescued this baby Sun Conure... He'd never
been handled -- yet today, he's doing tricks!"

"Our parrot is a young Sun Conure, about 18 months old, we call "Squawky-Dude"

When we picked up Squawky-Dude, he was 4 months old and had never been hand fed or cared for in a loving environment.

Our acquisition was more an act of rescue rather than adoption.

It was a tough beginning...

Squawky-Dude would not come out of his cage willingly and there was no way that he was going to step up or do anything that we wanted.

After only two sessions of following your directions, though, Squawky-Dude was stepping onto our hands and wanting to do more.

Now, after only a short while, he can retrieve objects, twirl for goodies, and even place coins in his own piggy bank.

He can place items into cups and is in the process of learning to recognize colors.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity... He is happy and so are we!!!"

Donn & Sabine Walter
Proud owners of "Squawky Dude"
Federal Way, Washington

Click below to watch a great home video
of "Squawky-Dude" doing his TRICKS:


"You helped me turn this VICIOUS 'rescue bird'
into a happy, loving member of our family...

... And you should see all the CRAZY tricks she can do!"

Goldie is a female Blue and Gold Macaw that came to me as a rescue.

She was my first macaw -- and holy cow! She bit till she drew blood, screamed, cussed and had every bad habit imaginable!

Her previous owners HATED her, and banished her to a bare cage (no toys) on the back porch.

I really did not think I could succeed with Goldie. I have worked with practically every species of cage bird, mammal, and reptile over my life, but Goldie was a really tough case.

I read everything before I tried anything, and I just knew that your methods would work if anything would... and I was right, they did!

Goldie has made a 210% turn for the better.

She no longer bites... She steps up, loves scritches and kisses.

She holds both wings over her head on command and says "Super Birdie"... She sings songs... calls all the other animals by name... greets you when you come in... says good bye when you leave... asks to have her foot rubbed... calls all the people by name... loves to play fetch... the list could go on forever!!!

The difference is, Goldie is now a functioning member of my family who knows her place in the daily household routine. I started out having to handle her with raptor gauntlet gloves... and now I can play with her tongue!!!

Thank you!!!!

Julie Hale
Proud owner of "Goldie"
Granbury, TX

"With your help, I've taught my African Grey to
Wave, Whistle, Bow, Party, and Hang like Bat!"

I have a Congo African Grey that's now about 11 months old. Her name is "Echo."

With your training program, I've already taught Echo five different tricks...

She now whistles... says "Hello Echo" and "Help"... and she can howl "Ooooo." She loves to whistle, and I was able to teach her to wave in less than 5 minutes.

She can also Bow, Party, and hang like a bat from the top of her cage.

I'm also teaching her to kick a wooden ball. In just a few training sessions, she already puts her foot ON the ball. Next, I'll teach her to kick it...

Your materials really work... My bird is still very young, but she's already learned a lot. One day, I'm sure she's going to start spewing the dictionary at me ;-)!

Peter Fuzessery
Proud owner of "Echo"
Toronto, Ontario

"Look! Today, my parrot's so TAME
I can turn her upside down!"

"My bird is an eleven-year-old Scarlet Macaw.

I got her from a friend who kept her in the cage all the time. She used to bite all the time, but since I've started using your training tips, she only nips when she's afraid.

Now, when I let her out of her cage, she comes straight to me.

She enjoys being out of her cage with me... and she LOVES playing with her cow bell.

She is calmer, better behaved, and she's starting to listen to me. She even lets me hang her upside down (see picture I've included)!

I'd tell anyone with a bird to give your program a try! It works...

Susan Gnapp
Proud owner of a "Scarlet Macaw"
Key West, Florida

"Wow, I'm a professional animal trainer... And
even I was super impressed by your videos!"

Glen is a professional animal trainer from Florida...

... So I have to confess, it felt pretty good to get his phone call.

He called to say he was SUPER impressed by our training videos.

And he asked when I'll be sending him MORE tapes! ;-)

Click the "play button" to the right and you can listen to Glen's phone message...


Click to hear Glen's story...

"My WILD parrot now runs like baby
across the house to reach me when I call!"

"I have a Green Cheek Conure named "Kohler" who was not tame when I purchased him from a pet store. After getting your system, my bird is completely tame.

He steps up every time, he cuddles, targets, plays with his toys, and he is totally excited to see me. He has mastered the card trick after just a few days of 10 minute sessions. He picks the card every time.

In fact, Kohler can now perform about 5 tricks. He does the ball in a cup, card trick, rings a bell, kicks a soccer ball, plays dead, and comes when called...

I mean he will literally run across the house to get to me. He is like a baby now.

While I have been training Kohler, my son's cockatiel hears and watches what we do, and he has started talking and whistling just by listening. He watched your cockatiel on the video whistle "Winnie The Pooh" and now has about 1/2 of it down pat.

I am so glad that I purchased your program.

I have read every book I could find on Conures, but none of them explained the training like you. You program is just so easy to understand!

Thank you!!!!

Judy Mendes
Proud owner of "Kohler"
Corcoran, Ca

"Our Senegal parrot now waves, plays fetch,
whistles, and does your card trick!!!"

"We have a one-year-old Senegal who is a complete delight for our entire family, particularly since we started training him using your system a few months ago.

He now waves hello on cue, fetches and places the item in a bowl or our hand, and he is well on the way to learning the card trick with the black dot.

When he wants to do a trick to get an almond flake (his favorite treat) he finds the clicker, walks over, and drops it into our hand to let us know that it is time for tricks!

He is even whistling whole phrases of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" based on my training... and he often sits on the window sill, practicing the tune to himself.

It is absolutely delightful to watch and listen while he does this.

Thanks for sharing your techniques that have made our relationship with our Senegal so delightful and positive."

Phil Kucharsky
Proud owner of "Roo"
Toronto, Ontario

"Our family Cockatoo came from a pet store
scared and awkward with people...

... Today, she's potty trained and
LOVES our daily training sessions!"

"Our Goffin Cockatoo, "Shmoo," was purchased from a pet store at 16 months old.

When we brought her home she was scared, awkward, and unbalanced when being held since most of her life was spent in a small cage.

I have worked in pet stores in my youth, as well as grooming dogs throughout my life. I thought I knew what it took to create the behavior I wanted in pets.

But it was obvious after watching your DVD I only knew some of what I needed to know. Your video helped my family better understand how our parrot's mind works, enabling us to manipulate her behavior for a better overall relationship.

Shmoo is now one of the family. It was amazing how fast she learned so many tricks!!!

Her first trick was potty training. Our friends can't believe that we can simply place her in her cage and say "Go poo poo" and she does it.

She also says "Hello" and does what we call the "Monkey Laugh."

We taught her "The Wave," which she LOVES to do... She knows the "Key Trick"... And now we're teaching her to fetch dice and place them in our hands!

She does these tricks with great excitement and enthusiasm. And they all took such little time to teach... at the most, two sessions of 15 minutes or less.

I greatly recommend your tips and strategies. You can't go wrong with this training system!"

Shirley Gott
Proud owner of "Schmoo"
Brentwood, California

"Within JUST one training session, he was waving!"

I have a male Electus called Cuda that's now 11 months old.

When I bought Cuda, he was really shy and wouldn't leave his cage much.

When he did, he was always looking for it, because that's where he felt safest.

I am a member of many Australian parrot societies and although their magazines are good, they don't go into detail with companion parrots.

Other books I read were confusing and required you to spend 24/7 with your bird to get any results. After watching your "Training Tricks" DVD, though, my Cuda changed immediately.

He is keen and eager to come out of his cage.

And within one training session Cuda was waving, I had his whole attention, and he no longer cared where the cage was.

Cuda now waves with both feet, he shakes hands with anyone that asks, he loves to be scratched on his head, and he wags his tail.

If you want a relationship with your bird, you are CRAZY not to try this system!"

Kim Corliss
Proud owner of "Cuda"
Muswellbrook, Australia


"Within 30 minutes of training (just 2 sessions)
... my African Grey could wave and shake his head "no"!

"I have a 5 month old African Grey named Artemus.

After reading your eBook, listening to your CDs, and watching your DVD, within 30 minutes of training (just 2 sessions!) Artemus knew how to wave and shake his head "no."

I was absolutely amazed by how fast he picked up the tricks!

Within just minutes, Artemus figured out the clicker you provided, and responded very well to the treats. Now, he seems to look forward to our training time, and he can't wait to come out to his perch and learn new things.

Right now, he can perform 2 tricks learned from your video and one he learned himself -- he can make the sound of the clicker and usually beats me to it when doing tricks! :-)

Thanks Chet... Your training system and customer support are second to none!

Craig Reardon
Proud owner of "Artemus"
Squamish, BC

"The Most Complete Parrot Trick Training
System You'll Find -- Anywhere"

There are a few sites on the internet that claim they can teach your parrot how to perform tricks.  Some have a couple cool pictures, and some have even trained their parrots to do a few of the tricks, but nobody can match the massive system we've put together which includes our 188+ page manual, and over 121 minutes of extra bonus DVD footage, with step-by-step instructions on what to do when your bird won't cooperate -- which will happen!

The result is my brand spankin' new Parrot Trick Training Mastery System which includes:

The Parrot Trick Training Mastery Manual -- Covering over 188 pages of never before heard of trick training routines!
Taming, Training & Tricks Vol. 2 --  Reveals the simple to teach tricks that cure your parrots bad behavior, and teach him how exciting trick training can be
Trick Training Mastery DVD #3 -- This DVD lets you watch as I use a brand new training technique that triples how fast a person can train their birds new tricks.

... and that's just for starters!

Here's what the package will look like when it arrives 5-7 days from now via priority mail:

(My Playful Macaw Refused To Be Left Out Of This Picture)

Now I need to confess... I have people from all over the world offer to fly me into their 5 star resorts, pay all my expenses and cut me checks for as much as $6,500 to produce trained bird shows to entertain their guests...  So I could easily feel comfortable with charging as much as $600-$700 for this system that reveals all my trick training secrets.

But as long as you don't go telling those people who've already paid me with VERY large checks, that I'm offering to teach you the same tricks I taught their birds for a MUCH lower price tag, I'd be willing to offer you my "Platinum Trick Training Mastery System" at an introductory price of $299.95 $197 for a limited time!

Why $197? Because the normal price Will Be $299.95. And I know $300 is a little steep for some people. But after our initial introductory phase (probably in a few weeks or so), I'm going to raise it back to $299.95. So you better hurry!

You Can't Lose With Our 6-Month,
Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My Promise To You That This Course Will Help You With Training Parrots

Hell... I'll even extend it to 12 months!

You heard me right... I'm so confident that your parrot will be performing tricks within days of receiving this system, and that you'll be thrilled with the new found bond between you and your parrot, that I'll even extend your money back guarantee to 12 full months!

If for any reason you feel like you want your money back, just send the system back to the same address posted lower on this page and I'll refund every penny. After all, if I can't make you happy... I don't think you should have to pay me a dime!



Two Ways To Get Your Hands On My
Parrot Trick Training Mastery System

I've designed two special packages for you.  The first is the complete system I've described on this page.  It includes, the "Parrot Trick Training Mastery Manual", along with 2 DVD's that I packaged together and will ship to your front doorstep via priority mail.

I spent months putting this package together, and there's simply no better way to climb into the head of a professional parrot trainer... and all my secrets can be yours for a small $197 investment.

Just decide whether you'd like to invest the $197 right now, or if you'd like me to break that up into three equal monthly installments of $65.67.
Yes!  I want to invest in your "Parrot Training Mastery System" for a one time installment of only $197

Please break up my investment into three equal monthly installments of $65.67

Still A Little Too Much? Why Not Get
The "Downloadable" Package, Then, For Less?

If both of the above options are simply out of your budgets range, I have a third option for you...

I'll slim down the system by taking my Parrot Trick Training Mastery Manual -- the real MEAT of my system -- and turn it into a downloadable file that will be instantly available for you to download the second you complete your order.

Obviously I can't give you the DVD's to download, so my two dvd's will be taken out of this option.  But you'll still get the exact same manual that covers 12 tricks, including, roller-skating, bicycle riding, and sliding down slides! 

If you'd like to invest in downloadable version of my Parrot Training Mastery Manual, then click the red button below for a one time investment of only $47.

Whatever option you choose the course will show up on your doorstep within 5-7 business days.

You can be trick training your parrot in just a few days!

Happy Parrot Training!

Chet Womach's signature

Chet Womach
Professional Parrot Trainer

P.S.  Let me WARN you about what happens if you don't invest in this system.  It's plain and simple...you'll never develop a strong bond with your parrot.  Trick training can create that bond for you.  Trick training your parrot teaches parrots that there is a language they can learn that allows them to actually tell you what they're feeling.

Trick training is mentally stimulating, and massively decreases behavior problems in companion parrots... it's a fact!

Not teaching your parrot to perform tricks, is like not teaching your 2 year old child to talk.  He'll just whine, fuss, and cry (ie. bite, scream and attack) whenever he wants something.

So don't be cruel!  You invested a lot of money to own your parrot, invest a few more dollars to enrich your relationship with him.  Your parrot is begging you to teach him things and be a more integrated part of your family -- don't take that away from him and invest in my trick training system today!

To have your copy shipped *immediately*,
please click here now