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Umbrella Cockatoo Pictures

Great Umbrella
Cockatoo Pictures

Have you ever seen Umbrella Cockatoo pictures? These birds are incredibly beautiful and have an almost “unreal” look to them. Their crest is absolutely magnificent and the coloring varies.

The umbrella cockatoo is one of the most popular species among the cockatoos. The Umbrella cockatoo comes from the islands of Micronesia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. The sight of these birds flying freely is breathtaking to put it lightly.

The Umbrella cockatoo is a large cockatoo from the cacatuidae family, and stands somewhere between 17 and 18 inches high. These gorgeous birds are white, and tinged in the underside of the wings,  and also on the tail feathers, with touches of yellow.

two umbrella cockatoos
Umbrella Cockatoo Picture The feathers on the top of the heads of the umbrella cockatoos are white, and form a very impressive and wide crest, that contrast with the coloring of their legs, feet, and their beaks, which are all ebony toned

Around the eyes of the umbrella cockatoo is a bluish-white ring. Determining the sex of most birds is a difficult task and very often requires Deoxyribonucleic acid (a long and hard name to say DNA) testing.

In the case of the umbrella cockatoos, the task is made easier, because the female Umbrella cockatoos have brown or reddish-brown eyes, and the males have much deeper brown coloring or ebony colored eyes.


Like many other birds, the umbrella cockatoo can be hand raised and makes a wonderful family pet. If this is your case umbrella cockatoo pictures are easy to come by. These big, lovely birds have strong beaks and can cause some damage, but are usually very gentle.

If left unattended, they can become bored and very destructive. The damage they can do is quite alarming and have been known to chew on just about anything. There is much danger in a bird doing a lot of chewing. You can find more info on common umbrella cockatoo behavior problems here.

Umbrella Cockatoo Photo
picture of an umbrella cockatoo

Not only is your fine furniture at risk, but some items may be choking hazards, or extremely dangerous and life threatening. Don’t put it past your umbrella cockatoo, parrot, or any variety of bird, especially those with a powerful bite, to try to chew on some wire it has just perched on

Wires are a grave danger, as well as certain plants. Your umbrella cockatoo will want to try it all, and if he’s bored and has been left with no toys to keep him occupied, chances are he actually will try it all!

Umbrella Cockatoo care is very important so make sure you have the safest possible environment for your feathered friend so you are guaranteed many umbrella cockatoo pictures.  If you are searching for umbrella cockatoos photos, you will find many online or in several books.

This bird is very photogenic and many wonderful shots have been taken and are available for all to see with a simple search on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

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